All you need to know about cooking horns

The manufacturing technology for different types of pasta is different. The main difference is the use of different types of flour in the manufacture of pasta . It is the type of flour that affects the cooking time of pasta. The average cooking time is from seven to fifteen minutes.

How to cook horns so that porridge does not turn out:

• For cooking pasta, it is better to choose a large pan (at the rate of 50 grams of pasta per half - a liter of water). If the pan has about two liters of water, then you will need one tablespoon of salt.
• When the water begins to boil, dip the pasta into it and mix. Then cook the pasta until half-ready. It is not necessary to close the pan with a lid.
• To prevent the pasta from sticking together, add one tablespoon of vegetable oil to the water during cooking.
• If you still did not see it and the pasta was digested, rinse it with water.

How to cook horns of different manufacturers

Just note that even exactly the same pasta from different manufacturers may vary slightly in cooking time. Therefore, first of all, read the manufacturer's recommendations, which always indicates on the packaging how long it takes to cook pasta.

If you bought pasta by weight and do not know the time of their preparation, then you can focus on the following average indicators:
• noodles will be ready in three to five minutes;
• noodles will be ready in five to seven minutes;
• thin spaghetti boil for seven to nine minutes;
• tubes (such as foam) are welded in nine to ten minutes;
• horns are boiled for the longest time - as much as fifteen minutes.

But do not just wait for this time, because, we recall that the numbers are average. You can look at the cooking time, but you can also try the pasta for preparedness.

And now we will tell you how to cook horns so that they are not an ordinary everyday dish, but become a real culinary masterpiece, but at the same time they did not take away all your energy for cooking.

Horns with mussels

To prepare this dish you will need:
• two hundred grams of pasta horns;
• two hundred grams of boiled-frozen mussels (already peeled);
• cream with a fat content of 20-22 percent - 150 milligrams;
• one hundred milligrams of olive oil;
• about one teaspoon of lemon juice;
• salt to taste:
• a little pepper.

To prepare the sauce for the horns:
• a little parsley;
• two cloves of garlic:
• basil;
• two tablespoons of nuts (pine or walnut);
• fifteen grams of Parmesan cheese (shabby).

And now let's go directly to how to cook horns with mussels.

Stages of preparation:
1. First you need to pour mussels over boiling water and let them thaw a little. Next, wash them under cold running water. Already washed mussels pour olive oil, add lemon juice, pepper and salt. Leave the mussels for ten minutes.
2. While the mussels are pickled, we recall how to cook horns so that porridge does not turn out.
3. While the horns are boiling, you can prepare the sauce for our pasta. To do this, grind all the above ingredients for the sauce in a blender. Shredded ingredients are transferred to the pan, add cream to them and bring to a boil. Until the sauce boils, you need to stir it constantly.
4. After boiling in the sauce, spread the mussels and warm for two to three minutes. Then add ready-made horns (boiled and washed) to the pan. Still warm up and serve. In order for your horns to look presentable and very appetizing, you need to beautifully lay them on a plate (preferably white) and decorate with greens.

Bon Appetit!

We hope that now you will not have problems with how to cook horns. And a variety of pasta dishes will become your favorite family dishes. Moreover, delicious pasta recipes are apparently invisible.


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