Business idea - production of automobile awnings

A win-win option for organizing your own business is the production of goods for cars or trucks. For example, an entrepreneur may start production of polyvinyl chloride tents.

It’s easy enough to sell such products. A businessman will be able to organize cooperation with car dealers who will offer protective tents to their customers. If desired, the entrepreneur can open his own online store, which will allow him to sell large quantities of goods.

However, in order to find buyers, it is necessary to responsibly approach the issue of product quality. An entrepreneur needs not only to control the technological process, but also to think through the design of future awnings. Modern motorists can not be attracted by the same type of proposals. That is why it is necessary to produce awnings, which will differ in affordable cost in combination with original external characteristics.

To implement such a project, an impressive investment capital of at least 5 million rubles will be required. These funds are needed to purchase a production area of ​​at least 600 square meters. It must necessarily have good ventilation, since the source material will be heated in the workshop, which involves the release of harmful substances.

An equally costly part of organizing such a business is the acquisition of a set of equipment necessary to start the production of awnings. The entrepreneur will need to buy a furnace for heating the source material, a press, a powerful saw, cranes, a transport system, etc. The total cost of the purchase of such equipment will be at least 2.3 million rubles.

To service the workshop for the production of automobile awnings, it will be necessary to employ at least 60 people (provided that the enterprise will work in 4 shifts). Each shift should have an electrician, electronic engineer, stove-maker, distributor, workers of the output line, craftsmen, employees who check the quality of products. In addition, the entrepreneur should hire a manager for the sale of finished products and the conclusion of contracts with buyers.

The profitability of such a business is determined by the production capacity of the purchased equipment. If the company will produce at least 40 tents per hour, then the monthly profit from the sale of products may well reach 1 million rubles.

The only drawback of such a business is the high entry bar. However, this problem is solved very simply - it is enough for an entrepreneur to find investors who are ready to invest in such a project.


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