Austerities for women - what is it? What austerities should a woman perform in order to get married?

Asceticism is the voluntary acceptance of physical or psychological discomfort, as well as the efforts and efforts that we make to this. It is important to understand that at the same time, humility and lightness will guarantee success. That is, if you are doing something for show, constantly complaining about your difficult fate, then this is no longer asceticism.

Interpretation of the concept

It came to us from ancient Hellas. It was formed from the Greek word asketes, which in translation into Russian means - one who exercises. The concept in antiquity meant the preparation of Olympic athletes for competition. They went on a strict diet, trained to sweat, to achieve a good result. Athletes deprived themselves of comfortable living conditions, because the desire to be the first was much stronger. Subsequently, the concept received a broader interpretation: it meant the pursuit of a decent life, the fight against vices.

austerities for women
There are male and female austerities. For the stronger sex, they are invariably associated with hardship. A man is obliged to work hard, play sports actively, wake up early, pour cold water, limit his diet and so on. Austerities for women are aimed at the formation of character. The girl must be kind, flexible, humble, she must do all household chores with love and joy.

The main types of austerities

Regardless of gender, they are divided into three main groups:

  1. Austerities of the body. These include proper nutrition, moderate physical activity, control of passions, clean clothes, body care, pilgrimage. You need to make them so that in no case do you harm the body. Self-torture has nothing to do with austerity, which implies a natural state that brings joy and satisfaction.
  2. Austerities of speech. This is truthfulness, honesty, objectivity of judgments. You can not criticize, slander, lie, interrupt, scream and so on. A person should be able to listen and take into account the opinions of other people.
  3. Austerities of the mind. It implies control of emotions and feelings, reflection, self-education, reading scriptures, introspection, respect for elders, pacification of pride.

austerity for women
As already mentioned, the fair sex usually observe spiritual austerities. For women, the main thing is to achieve harmony of the inner world. But if a girl wants to adhere to bodily austerities, this is only welcome.

What can be achieved?

Any austerity for a woman should be effective. That is, its implementation must bear fruit, and certainly positive. Buddhists say that if you do everything right, from a pure heart, without selfish thoughts, you can achieve:

  • Burning negative karma.
  • Processing brute energy into subtle, whose effect is beneficial. Thanks to this, the human potential increases, the stock of vitality increases.
  • Receive spiritual or material benefits: power, money, marriage proposal, blessings of the gods.

The sages say that if we give something back, then according to the laws of the Universe, we must receive compensation. Performing austerities, depriving ourselves of the usual benefits for some time, we not only cleanse the body and soul of energy waste, but also dare to hope for a reward of heaven in the form of a happy lottery ticket or an occasional profitable acquaintance. Moreover, the value of the “prize” in many respects depends on the level and depth of the performed penance.

Asceticism helping to get married

To receive a material reward, of course, is nice. But the dream of most women is not aimed at wealth - girls usually just want to successfully marry their only and beloved. Therefore, the eastern sages developed special austerities for women. What are these tips? First of all, they relate to the behavior and character of the young lady. For example, Buddhists are sure that communicating with married girls, being in the atmosphere of family and children, she several times increases her chances of becoming a wife.

what austerities should a woman perform
This process is similar to when we, being in the middle of a fragrant field of lavender, ourselves are gradually saturated with this wonderful smell. The same thing happens with the subtle body of a person - it is saturated with the emotions and energy of people with whom it communicates closely. And therefore, when such a girl walks along the street, potential candidates for a hand and heart at the subconscious level capture the aroma of an aura that smells of a cozy home. Therefore, the main austerity for a woman is to spend the maximum amount of time in the circle of happy married ladies.


What does it mean: a woman needs to carry out some austerity? Interpretation is quite simple: a girl is obliged to follow a number of rules, while not forcing herself, but doing it of her own free will. Therefore, before you begin, think carefully, accept this fact in order to get used to it and then not to suffer. Although female austerities cannot be called difficult - this is a model of behavior of a normal, respectable person. For example, helping others. The usual thing, which many do every day several times, really helps to get married.

what does a woman need to carry out some sort of penance
In the world there are many homeless, poor, deprived and hungry. These are not only old people and children, but also animals. Having fed a mutt on the street, having bought medicine for a child, or having brought products from the market to a disabled neighbor, the young lady learns to be compassionate. She becomes merciful, thus purifying karma from impurities that prevent her from gaining personal happiness. As a result, a woman receives the blessing of the Most High for a long and harmonious marriage.


Asceticism for women to get married is sometimes still quite difficult to accomplish. Today, it is almost impossible to maintain chastity before the wedding: modern girls begin to think about their family no earlier than 25 years old. Sometimes they decide to take such a step only after a career has been successfully built, and this usually happens in 30–35 years. It is doubtful that until this time one can ignore the joys of intimacy. In addition, it will negatively affect the health of women.

Although if the lady was lucky to perform this penance, she will be rewarded a hundredfold. The strength of her attractiveness in the eyes of a man will increase: he will definitely want to marry a clean and modest young lady. When it was not possible to maintain chastity, the girl must cleanse her subtle body with the help of prayers, meditations, and special techniques for cutting off former attachments. You can write letters to ex-guys in which you need to let go of feelings, blessing men for a new relationship, sincerely wishing them happiness and thanking for past joys.

Harmonious Ties

Like all other austerities for women, this one also involves a change in behavior in relation to one’s surroundings. The girl should establish harmonious communication with family and friends, colleagues and neighbors. All previously broken connections must be restored. You need to start with your parents. Know: if relations with mom are good, and there are constant conflicts with father, it will be difficult to get married. Therefore, if dad is alive, immediately go to him, ask for forgiveness and try to revive the old warm feelings and build a new family model. In the parent you need to see a noble and reasonable man, accept him and love him wholeheartedly.

austerities for women survive anger
When a young lady takes offense at her mother, she has no chance of becoming a good wife. Therefore, in this case, reconciliation is necessary as air. Know, these are very important penances for women. Surviving anger, suppressing aggression and anger is sometimes difficult. But, having done this, you are cleansed from within, open your energy channels. Feeling karmic impulses, men will be drawn into your society.


Buddhists believe that by performing this ritual, a girl is able to attract the attention of any chosen one. Since marriage is connected with Venus, flowers must be worn every Friday in the temple. This day of the week is under the auspices of the planet. The number of weeks depends on age plus one more year. For example, you are 20 years old: 20 + 1 = 21 - exactly as many Fridays in a row you have to conduct a bouquet ritual. It is desirable to offer flowers to a female deity: in Christian churches this is the Virgin Mary.

austerities for women to get married
Sacrificial austerities for women are also associated with cows, which are under the care of Venus. Animals need to be fed or periodically allocated money to buy tasty food for them. Also, refuse to eat their meat, because the Vedas say: "Good and noble is the one who protects the cows." Therefore, God himself will help such people. Girls who want to get married are recommended to hang pictures of the animal around the house or buy a lot of “cow” soft toys.


What austerities should a woman perform? You can resort to prayer. Turning to higher powers, the girl sincerely asks them to give her luck in her personal life. It is better to carry out the ritual in the morning during sunrise. It is during this period that it is also recommended that you do yoga and auto-training - all these exercises together will not only charge you with positive energy for the whole day, but also sow a grain of confidence that you will meet a soul mate.

austerities for women what is it
Be sure to ask the Almighty for strength and patience to love even the most hated things for you: washing, cleaning, ironing. When you convince yourself that doing household chores is easy, and even fun and enjoyable, men will begin to feel it. Since each of them seeks to find an excellent hostess for his family nest, the choice will clearly be in your favor. Take care of yourself: visit a beautician, exercise, do not spare money for beautiful clothes. Love yourself - and men will carry you in their arms.


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