Mortgage (Raiffeisenbank): reviews, conditions, rate, repayment, refinancing

With the development of the socio-economic sphere, the need of the population for lending increases. Making a loan in financial institutions makes it possible to make a bargain, find the right amount at the right time, or buy a property using a mortgage. Many attractive offers can be found among Raiffeisenbank's loan programs .

What is a mortgage?

Mortgage means a pledge of real estate. It can be used to buy a home on credit. It is allowed to apply for a loan with one or several agreements (credit, mortgage). They regulate the status of participants (the bank is the creditor, the borrower is the debtor) and the conditions for repayment of the debt. The bank's client is obliged to repay the debt according to the schedule of payments, taking into account interest in the presence of debt. Some organizations require a mortgagor under a mortgage agreement that will provide their housing as collateral. A mortgage is necessarily registered in the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions therewith.

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How to choose a mortgage loan?

Before choosing a mortgage, the client must conduct a thorough comparative analysis of the offers of different banks. Such a loan is always issued for a long period, so you need to consider all the important nuances:

  • the possibility of currency fluctuations in the process of debt repayment;
  • the presence of additional fees for servicing a loan;
  • the amount of associated costs (for example, an assessment of the market value of mortgaged housing, insurance services, state duties).

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It is also very important to objectively assess your solvency and options for repaying a loan in case of unforeseen difficulties, such as job loss or the need for treatment. It is necessary to have the necessary amount of the down payment, to adequately analyze your possibilities for regular payments on the loan, to choose the most profitable and convenient way to repay the loan. The client must independently study the mortgage agreement before signing, and clearly understand for himself the full cost of the loan, the amount of the total overpayment. If in doubt, you should consult a lawyer. But in most cases, the best option for all categories of customers is a mortgage (Raiffeisenbank). Feedback on the organization’s work is mostly positive.

Mortgage at Raiffeisenbank: conditions for obtaining

Raiffeisenbank offers favorable conditions for obtaining a mortgage. Such a loan will allow to expand housing, to buy new housing at a good interest rate and without issuing unnecessary documents. To open a mortgage agreement at Raiffeisenbank, you need to prepare a package of documents and prove your solvency.

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Benefits of a Loan Offer

Raiffeisenbank has developed optimal conditions for mortgage registration. The client can choose the most advantageous option for himself, taking advantage of all the advantages of mortgage programs from a financial institution:

  1. A favorable offer from Raiffeisenbank JSC - the mortgage rate starts at 11%.
  2. Minimum package of documents and reduced rates for special categories of customers.
  3. Organization of shares with partners and developers to form the most favorable housing prices.
  4. An application for mortgage lending is considered only 2-5 days.
  5. A guarantee is not always a prerequisite.
  6. When considering an application for a mortgage, the income of the spouses is summed up.
  7. The insurance contract may include only one section - regarding the risk of damage, loss of real estate.
  8. There are no additional commissions for early repayment of a mortgage . This is practiced by Raiffeisenbank (St. Petersburg). Mortgages greatly expand the capabilities of the client.
  9. Internet banking for convenient payments.

In addition, the bank has special offers for salary clients. For this category of borrowers, the list of required documents has been reduced (only a passport and SNILS will be needed). But there are additional requirements: experience at the last place of work for at least 3 months, and total - at least 1 year, lack of own business, wages are transferred as part of the salary project and are considered as the only source of income.

A package of documents for obtaining a real estate loan

The speed of the mortgage is also dependent on the client's compliance with the conditions and the submission of a full package of documents. As a rule, it includes:

  • application form;
  • personal documents (passport, compulsory pension insurance certificate, consent to the processing of personal data, marriage certificate);
  • information on employment (work book or agreement from the place of work, lawyer's certificate);
  • income documents - 2-NDFL, 3-NDFL, bank account statement with a breakdown of the purpose of regular payments, a statement of income in free form, extract from the USRN;
  • information on the subject of pledge (Raiffeisenbank, St. Petersburg). Mortgage does not always provide for this item.

The set of documents is standard, their collection does not cause special difficulties. One of the most profitable options is a mortgage (Raiffeisenbank). Customer reviews are almost always positive.

Interest rate and repayment of mortgages at Raiffeisenbank

The interest rate on the mortgage depends on the selected loan program and its conditions. Before making the final choice, you should carefully study its points. In some situations, interest rates and interest may increase.

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You can make indicative calculations on the loan using a special online service. Such a proposal makes the program "Raiffeisenbank" - Mortgage. A calculator with which you can calculate your loan can be found by clicking on the "Individuals - Mortgage" tab. If necessary, you should use the services of real estate partner companies. You can get acquainted with their list in the "Mortgage - Partners" section.

Types of mortgage programs from Raiffeisenbank

A financial institution offers several types of mortgage programs. Different conditions and interest rates on them are offered by Raiffeisenbank. Mortgage for secondary housing has more favorable conditions for customers. All available programs are presented in the table:

Mortgage Program NameAnnual interest rateLoan termsMaximum loan amount in rublesAn initial fee
Secondary market apartment11.5%1-25 years26 million rublesfrom 15%
Apartment in a new buildingfrom 11%1-25 years26 million rublesfrom 10%
Real estate secured by real housing11.5%1-25 years26 million rubles
Maternity Mortgagefrom 11%1-25 years26 million rubles with down payment0%
Cottage in the secondary marketfrom 12.75%1-25 years26 million rubles with down paymentfrom 40%
Inappropriate loan secured by housingfrom 17.25%1-15 years old9 million rubles
Refinancing a loan at another bankfrom 11.5%1-25 years26 million rubles
Currency Mortgage Refinancing10.5% –12% depending on customer statusConditions are individualConditions are individual

The first step is to apply for a mortgage. Raiffeisenbank makes it possible to arrange it by receiving a personal consultation online or by contacting a bank branch. It is important to remember that registration of an insurance contract is mandatory when opening a mortgage. Its conditions are different and depend on the type of loan program. They may include insurance against the risk of death of the borrower, the mortgagor, permanent disability, the risk of loss, damage to the property or only the section on insurance of the risk of loss, damage.

But in the latter case, the interest rate will be increased by 0.5-3.2%, depending on the age of the client. If desired, the insurance company can be replaced during the term of the loan agreement, but the conditions must necessarily comply with the general requirements for insurance conditions put forward by the Raiffeisenbank - Mortgage program. The calculator on the organization’s website will help to make rough calculations.

Debt repayment methods

The regularity of loan repayment payments ensures positive dynamics of the borrower's obligations to the bank and minimizes the risk of accumulation of penalty interest. If necessary, the client can change, adjust the payment schedule, having reached an agreement with the administration of the bank, and simplify the payment of the mortgage. There are several ways to pay off debt. A person can choose any of the most comfortable and beneficial for himself:

  • POS-terminals, ATMs of Raiffeisenbank, MDM Bank with the Cash-in function;
  • transfer from a card of another bank or wire transfer from a third-party financial institution;
  • cash desk of Raiffeisenbank;
  • terminals, ATMs of Binbank and Moscow Credit Bank;
  • Qiwi terminals
  • money transfers through the Golden Crown payment system;
  • via Raiffeisen Connect (RC).

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It should be remembered that different methods of transferring funds to a bank account are subject to different fees. To avoid unnecessary expenses, making a choice, it is worth considering not only the comfort of payment, but also this nuance. Early repayment of the Raiffeisenbank mortgage does not impose a commission, but such a possibility should be stipulated in the loan agreement.

The borrower is required to contact the Bank's Information Center with a written application. The decision will be made either on the day of the appeal, or the next, provided that he is a worker. Obviously, it is mortgage (Raiffeisenbank) that offers the best lending conditions. Customer reviews only confirm this.

If you have difficulty returning money

Mortgage repayment is a very lengthy process. The client must fulfill its obligations and timely transfer payments according to an individual schedule. If you have difficulties with timely repayment of the loan, you do not need to accumulate debt and aggravate the situation. If necessary, you can find out the conditions for obtaining deferred payments if the mortgage policy of the bank for a specific program provides for this.

After writing the appropriate application, the client will be able to get some time to settle their questions or find the necessary amount. You can also try to agree on a change in the individual payment schedule or, as an option, refinance a mortgage loan.

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Features of refinancing loans

If necessary, the client can refinance a mortgage in another bank or use credit products from Raiffeisenbank - Refinancing a foreign currency mortgage, Refinancing loans of other banks. After applying, you will need to prepare an individual package of documents, including regarding the subject of the pledge. Currently, the bank does not have a program for refinancing existing loans.

Mortgage (Raiffeisenbank): customer reviews

Most customers are satisfied with the level of service and conditions of mortgage programs from this financial institution. But some do not like the work of specific Call-center employees; in some situations, it takes a long time to wait for a list of documents after an online application. Many note that mortgage programs offered significantly higher interest rates several years ago, and now that they have declined, it is impossible to refinance an old mortgage with new, more favorable interest rates.

Raiffeisenbank secondary housing mortgage

Raiffeisenbank offers several mortgage programs with different conditions and special offers. The client, choosing the most advantageous for himself, can leave an online application without visiting the bank and only then prepare a package of documents. If there are no difficulties, the mortgage will be approved after 2-5 days. Quickly calculate the mortgage (Raiffeisenbank) will help a special online service.


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