Manicure on short nails

It so happened that many women living in the modern world want to have well-groomed long nails, but due to circumstances, such as professional requirements, performing some tasks or just their own physiological norms do not allow you to have nails of a certain length. With the last problem, namely a weak nail plate, manicure masters offer to cope, finding a solution in artificial nail extension with special substances such as acrylic and gel.

But what about those who, due to professional employment, are limited by short nails? The stereotype that short nails look ugly immediately works. Not at all! The thing is in the neat performance of the master, who does manicure on short nails. A properly processed nail plate on each finger visually can adjust their natural shape, slightly lengthen the hand and make it more elegant. The wizard will also help you choose the appropriate design for your daily pastime, or for any event, celebration.

According to experts, the trend is naturalness and natural beauty. Many will agree that, even with seasonal relevance, these principles are always held in high esteem. Most "star" fashionistas adhere to the rule of naturalness on their hands, because nothing can replace beautiful well-groomed hands, clean skin, and healthy nails.

Before proceeding to the nail procedure, you need to consult with the master, get acquainted with his skills and ways of working. Make an appointment in advance with him. There is an opinion that working as a manicurist does not present any difficulties. This is what people who don’t know know, because every craftsman can both decorate and ruin it. For your peace of mind and safety, discuss these issues with the contractor.

Having visited beauty salons a couple of times, you may be able to make a manicure correction yourself, having done easy operations on steamed fingers and reconnect your nails with varnish, or make a transparent coating on top of the previous layer. For those who have artistic skills and patience, we suggest experimenting at home with color and pattern, and then ask the master for advice on whether your own, invented, individual design will suit you. He will tell you that he will look the most advantageous on your hands.


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