Making a carry for firewood with your own hands: types of designs and photos

Summer residents and tourists often have to carry firewood. The former love to stoke a stove or fireplace in winter, while the latter do not mind having a good time in nature and warming themselves near a fire. In order not to carry logs and dry branches in your hands, you can independently make a special device for these purposes. Later in the article we will describe how to make a carry-on for firewood with your own hands.

logs in a bag


Thanks to this home-made device, it will be possible to transfer a lot of firewood at a time. The device can be taken on vacation, because it does not take up much space in the trunk or backpack. In addition, the clothes will remain clean if folded in this simple device felling.

You can make a carry for your own firewood from the following materials and improvised means:

  • metal;
  • dense fabric (for example, from canvas or burlap);
  • genuine leather;
  • vines;
  • plastic mesh;
  • car tires;
  • canisters.

To make this device on your own is a simple task, for which you first need to prepare a screwdriver, a square, a hacksaw and other tools.

Metal carry

metal basket for firewood

This is a solid and reliable device, a significant drawback of which is its impressive weight. A metal case is sometimes used as a decorative stand. Forged model will look good near the fireplace, made in the classical style. To make a firewood with your own hands to carry firewood of this model, you need a welding machine.

The main part of the device must be made of two-meter metal rods, and to create a handle and a bottom two rods 30 cm long are required. The manufacturing technique consists of several simple steps:

  1. Bend the long bars to make a rectangle.
  2. Connect the resulting workpiece with a welding machine. To complete this step, short rods must be used, with which it is necessary to fix rectangular parts in the middle between each other.
  3. Weld the bottom of the legs.

However, there is a method for making a do-it-yourself carriage for firewood from metal parts without using a welding machine. In this case, use coupling bolts and steel corners. For the manufacture of the aforementioned devices, you must perform the following work:

  1. Make two rectangles of metal corners, the size of each of which should be 50 x 35 cm.
  2. Tighten the corners of the future carrying bolts.
  3. Connect the resulting rectangular parts with trims.
  4. Wrap the upper bar (handle) with electrical tape to make it easier to hold on to.

The result is a simple, but rather heavy device, in which it will be possible to transfer a lot of firewood at a time.

Heavyweight carry

special bag for firewood

You can make a stylish and comfortable bag for firewood from a durable canvas, leather or old clothes. The craftsmen make such a transfer in a couple of hours, but first you need to prepare a dense fabric, a strong tape for making pens and a piece of linoleum measuring 28 x 44 cm.

To create a bag, follow the instructions below:

  1. To build a carrying pattern for firewood (it is not difficult to do this with your own hands, even if you do not have the necessary skills). At this stage, you can focus on the sketch below, which indicates the recommended dimensions. With it, you can make the basic pattern of the bag.
    pattern pattern
  2. Mark the outline of the bag with a small or disappearing marker on denim, leather or canvas. If durable material will be used, then the product should be made single-layer. Otherwise, to increase reliability, you will have to sew two identical flaps of matter.
  3. Cut the corners of the resulting piece of fabric along the marked lines.
  4. Bend the edges around the perimeter inward.
  5. Sew the two handles this way: fold in half the pieces of a strong corsage tape, and then bend the edges inward and sew.
  6. Attach handles to the bag on both sides.
  7. Seal the bottom of the product with a piece of linoleum.
  8. Sew a side pocket for storing tools and other useful items.

Making your own handbags for carrying firewood according to the pattern proposed above, as you can see, is not such a difficult task. If you follow the instructions, correctly build the drawing and correctly transfer it to the fabric in compliance with all sizes, you will surely succeed.

Wicker carrying

wicker basket for firewood

Such a woodcutter will become not only a functional device, but also decorate the atmosphere of the house. You can make this useful device yourself from a vine, willow branch or rattan. Light weight, reasonable price and beautiful appearance are the advantages of a wicker basket for firewood. To create it, you need to prepare:

  • wooden slats;
  • willow branches;
  • copper wire;
  • drill and pliers.

It is necessary to make a bag for carrying firewood with your own hands according to this instruction:

  1. Make a rectangular base from the rails. To do this, drill holes on two opposing wooden parts with a drill every 30 mm, into which then you need to insert thick willow branches - stands for weaving.
  2. Fasten the wire in the center and bend it into an arc. The result will be the basis for the handle of the future carry.
  3. Bend the ends of the copper wire with pliers.
  4. Tilt thick racks at the right angle to the bottom of the drovnitsa and twist them with thin branches.
  5. Wrap the handle around the willow rods and carefully hide the ends in the basket.

Plastic mesh carrying

This device has many advantages:

  • little weight;
  • compactness;
  • large capacity;
  • low price;
  • fast assembly time (no more than an hour);
  • easy cleaning from dust and traces of dirt.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the specified carrying, you need to buy an ordinary fine-mesh plastic mesh and a thick wire. The latter is necessary to create pens. In order not to injure your palms, you need to supplement the design with a rubber hose.

The initial stage of creating a do-it-yourself device for carrying firewood of this kind with your own hands is pulling a wire of the desired length through the mesh cells along its larger side at a distance of about 10 cm from the edge. Next, you need to put the cord through the first segment of the hose and then repeat the previous steps, but from the other end. After you need to insert the wire through the second piece and tie its ends to a strong knot. Finally, the cord must be hidden in the hose.

Carrying canister

canister firewood basket

Making this device yourself is quite simple. To do this, you need to take a plastic canister with a volume of 10 l (you can use more capacious containers). The main thing is that she has a comfortable handle, but the cover is intact or not - it doesnโ€™t matter. If there is such a canister, then we must carefully cut the opposite walls in it with a knife. The result is a simple carry for firewood.

It is better to make two identical devices, since they can be worn on the beam, which is very convenient.

Tire Carrier

old tire firewood basket

To make such a device you do not have to spend a lot of money and time. If an old car tire is lying around, making a do-it-yourself carrier for firewood from this material is a simple and inexpensive thing. In this case, its size can be chosen at your discretion.

Creating a carrier should begin by cutting the tire and turning it inside out. The hardest thing is to twist the first part. When the described operations are completed, you need to step on the tire with your foot. If everything is done correctly, the rest of the tire will be inverted.

The next step is to lay a flat board or piece of plywood at the bottom. After this, two small strips should be cut out of the tire piece. The result will be some kind of handles that need to be fixed on carrying rivets or glue.


Summing up, we can safely say: making a do-it-yourself carrier for firewood from various materials and improvised tools is a simple task that everyone can handle. However, do not forget about safety: it is necessary to completely eliminate the accidental loss of chips and wood dust from the device. If it is decided to create a wicker carrier, such a device should be equipped with a double bottom, which will prevent debris from spilling out onto the floor. As a rule, tourists prefer to make a device for assembling brushwood from fabric or polymer mesh, and summer residents recommend creating a portable firewood from metal or willow vines.


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