Toilet cabins - sale, service, rental.

Toilet cabins have long won their own niche in places where it is not possible to connect to the sewer or its use is temporary.

Places of use and application of toilet cabins:

- holidays of various levels and scales;
- Exhibitions;
- corporate parties;
- parks, cafes;
- stations, subways, gas stations;
- summer cottages, various gardening partnerships and villages.
- construction objects;
Toilet cabins are usually made of high quality polyethylene, which has excellent anti-vandal qualities. Such dry closets have different colors and come complete depending on the wishes of the client.

Main characteristics of toilet cabins:

- lighting;
- flushing system;
- exhaust pipe;
- arms for the castle;
- a mirror;
- toilet paper holder;
- hooks for clothes;
- washbasin;
- dispenser for liquid soap;
- soft seats;
- heating;
- towel holder;

Cabin rental:

An excellent solution to achieve the desired level of hygiene is the rental of such cabins. When purchasing a toilet cabin model, you should choose a model with a good ventilation system, high traffic, smooth operation and bright lighting. Accessories and other elements will please you with strength and reliability.

Usually, toilet cubicle rental services include:

- pumping waste from the tank;
- paper replacement;
- delivery, removal and installation;
- refueling with a deodorizing mixture;
- disinfection;
- evacuation of the storage tank, treatment and cleaning with a sanitary compound;
- filling the tank with liquid;

Cabin service:

When renting or buying toilet cabins, you should remember that many companies are ready to take care of such toilet models of cabins purchased by you.
In winter, additional services may be provided for defrosting and pumping out the contents of the tanks.
paper replacement.

Sale of toilet cabins:

In today's difficult market conditions, companies selling such toilet cabins are doing everything possible to maintain the required price level, thereby allowing customers of all categories to take advantage of such products. All toilet stalls sold must have a high level of durability, quality and quality.
It should be remembered that many companies hold regular promotions for consumers and customers, make discounts on goods, as well as fast and free delivery, in every possible way trying to make communication as productive and convenient as possible.

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