Hypnotic look: how to determine how to learn to possess it, tips

Hypnosis is a separate direction in psychotherapy, which involves a targeted effect on the human consciousness and subconscious. But it is very difficult to influence a stranger. He will actively resist your influence simply because he does not trust. Therefore, the hypnotist needs special skills and constant practice. And one of the most important skills is a hypnotic look. Let's look at what it is today.

hypnotic look

general description

Surely you have met people who are naturally endowed with such a gift. They look into the eyes without blinking, and as if reading your thoughts. Under such a look you involuntarily get lost. A hypnotic look works on almost all patients. In addition, the hypnotist very skillfully conducts the conversation, building sentences in such a way that a person will agree with him. All this is necessary to create the premise of a special state in which a person will be more susceptible to suggestion.

Hypnotic gaze features

In general, hypnosis should affect the subconscious. And his watchdog, that is, consciousness, must be neutralized. Often it is not required to do this completely. The main thing is that his control is slightly weakened and the installation can be assimilated by a person. That is, he understands what is happening, but cannot critically perceive the attitudes that come in. To hypnotize, you need to understand what drives a person, what are the possible defensive reactions.

hypnotic look exercises

The weaker the person and the stronger he trusts you, the easier this task will be. Monotonous speech and tactile contact may suffice. If a person has built a block of psychological defenses, then it may be necessary to create additional conditions. This is lighting, music and some other subtleties. But a hypnotic look works with every person without exception.

Look at the person you are talking to.

You do not even need to ask the person where he studied and whether he has special crusts. Just chat with him. How to determine a person’s hypnotic look? He looks not just in the eyes, but as if through you. The look is deep, alluring and infinitely wise. With such an interlocutor he immediately becomes comfortable and cozy, he wants to entrust all his secrets. Therefore, to develop such a skill is very important for a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Application features

In fact, preparatory work plays a big role. As far as the therapist has managed to impress the professional, the attention of the person will be riveted to him. If the work is done correctly, then he can tear his gaze from the hypnotist, but does not want to do this. It helps a lot in the following cases:

  • Unsuitable conditions, especially if the place is crowded and not suitable for this.
  • When the suggestion is superficial.
  • When hidden hypnosis is performed.

Professional tool

Developing a hypnotic gaze is very important for doctors who help patients cure mental illness. Everyone can master this technique, but you also need to know what to do with the patient next. The methodology for constructing the correct suggestion should be carefully and deeply studied.

hypnotic gaze training

The easiest way to master the technique of a magical look is for a person with charisma and attractiveness. They will automatically draw attention to themselves. But only having a client close to him, it is impossible to conduct effective work with him. To do this, the therapist must have knowledge, skills. Therefore, first training, then practice. And do not forget about the need to undergo therapy yourself.


Now let's talk about how to develop a hypnotic look. In fact, this is only an auxiliary technique. At first it seems rather complicated, but the more practice, the easier it is to use hypnosis in real life. Hypnotic gaze training can be useful for people who are not directly related to psychotherapeutic work. It is she who forms the basis of neurolinguistic programming.

hypnotic gaze

Of course, this skill can also be used for selfish purposes, since it gives some power over people. Therefore, the question is about the ethical side of learning. That is, the person who needs it to provide assistance should master the technique. On the other hand, this will require a person to invest personally.

Nothing will work without training

Moreover, it will take quite a lot of time. It is necessary not only to choose the right one, but also to repeat the exercises many times. A hypnotic look is not at all difficult. It is only necessary to repeat simple exercises day after day. In the initial stages, you need to choose only the simplest of them. They are not so much effective as useful.

First of all, you need to master the general training of the look and calm in the presence. After that, you need to learn how to transmit:

  • Shine in the eyes.
  • Emotional message.
hypnotic state

It sounds simple, but you really have to work hard to master them to the necessary extent. The desired skill is developing gradually. The hypnotist delves into learning and changes not only the look at familiar things, but also the behavior. That is, his mind and physiology are gradually being rebuilt.

General gaze training

Is it difficult for you to look another person in the eye? If so, then you need to start training. Soon you will realize how much easier it has become not only to communicate with people, but also to get what you need from them. Moreover, this is done quite gently, without pressure. First, think of an anchor for yourself. This is an item or action that reminds you of something important throughout the day. It can be a bracelet, a coin in your pocket. And every time you touch it, mentally repeat the setting "I always look in the eyes", "I have a piercing hypnotic look." In addition, you need to perform the following exercises:

  • Draw a circle on a paper with a diameter of 1 cm and hang it at a distance of 2 meters at eye level. Look at him for a minute without blinking. At first it will not work, but gradually you will come to this.
  • Move the sheet to the right or left by 1-2 meters and continue to look at the point.
  • Walk around the room without taking your eyes off her.
  • Take two leaflets with dots and quickly cross your eyes from one to the other. It is important not to blink.
hypnotic trance

Every day you need to slightly increase the time. Gradually staring without blinking for several minutes will be very easy. This forms a deep, keen look.

Himself an interlocutor

To do this, take a mirror. Place it in front of you and look, without blinking, at the bridge of the nose. First one minute, then gradually bring to 5 minutes. Train this skill on passers-by or people on buses. Do not forget that it is difficult for a person to maintain a single point of view, so look at the left or the right pupil, and then return it to the bridge of the nose. Reflection in the mirror will be an excellent training interlocutor. The hypnotic trance in this exercise also develops, albeit very lightly. Do not miss the opportunity to make a good luck.

Learning to transmit shine in the eyes

This skill is useful not only to psychologists. If you work with people, it is very important to show not only your mood, but also the essence. According to your eyes, the interlocutor will quickly understand whether he can trust you and whether collaboration will take place. Extinct eyes betray your personal disinterest in the process, confusion. Never forget about it when you come for an interview, conduct important negotiations.

how to develop a hypnotic look

You need to spend at least 25 minutes every day. Standing in front of a mirror, learn to convey the gaze of an animal. At first it can be calm herbivores, and then predators. It is very important to repeat his gaze, his manner. The more views a hypnotist masters, the easier it will be to transform before a client. After the animals have worked out, you can move on to personality types. Here you can sort through everything from cunning manipulators to sincere children. And again, the more types you learn and learn to switch between them, the easier it will be later.

Emotional promise

This is another important skill. The hypnotic state of the client directly depends on how much he trusts his therapist. So, the latter should be able to listen and respond correctly. And what better shows his involvement as not luminous, lively emotions in his eyes? Therefore, we learn in our eyes to reflect compassion, love, care, participation, empathy and just the warmth of your soul. The ability to convey emotions and charge a person with certain moods is a very important skill. Without it, it will be very difficult to immerse a person in a trance. But to master it quickly will not work. You have to practice in front of the mirror day after day, day after day. Every day and year it will be easier.

Instead of a conclusion

A hypnotic look is a powerful tool that each of you can use. But for this you will need to learn how to use it. He works better than any manipulative techniques, completely disarming the opponent and subordinating him to your power. One must be well aware of this and not use the magical gaze for destructive purposes. Having mastered this technique professionally, a person must understand that along with mastery, his level of personal responsibility is growing.

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