Danakil - a desert reminiscent of gloomy alien landscapes

It is believed that one of the inhospitable places on our land is in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, lovers of extreme relaxation pay a lot of money to visit such an unusual corner, the landscapes of which resemble the scenery for a fantastic film.

Surprisingly, the semi-nomadic Afar people live in a practically unsuitable area for life, considering the mysterious zone as their home.

Harsh territory

Danakil is a desert of volcanic origin, a danger to all living things. Located in the north of the country, it was open to Europeans in 1928 by travelers who traveled a great distance. In the most severe place on the globe, a tectonic plate breaks under the influence of volcanic activity and earthquakes. Through the gaps that have appeared, the burning lava exits from the depths to the outside.

desert danakil photo

Erta Ale - volcanic lake

The volcanic lake Erta Ale is an incredibly attractive and extremely dangerous sight. Hot lava inside a raging cauldron that has not slept for more than fifty years sometimes erupts to the surface, absorbing all life under it, and the frozen magma around it forms gloomy compositions spread out over a vast territory.

If an outburst occurs, then the inhospitable Danakil (desert) will dress in the dark clothes of the ashes, and the blue empty sky will be covered with a gray blanket. The constantly boiling point magnet attracts risky extremes.

Local Attractions

The nearby Dallol volcano is considered the lowest point in the African state. Its uneven surface is visible from afar due to its unusually bright color: the green-orange palette, shimmering in all kinds of shades, is the result of toxic gas emissions.

danakil desert

Assal Salt Lake is a peculiar attraction of an exotic corner called Danakil. The desert keeps in the heart of this fantastically beautiful body of water, reminiscent of its beauty Uyuni solonchak in Bolivia.

The shore of the emerald lake is strewn with crystals, forming fantastic figures and silhouettes in which everyone sees something different. Probably, under the influence of the mystical zone, many seem to have demonic characters. And of course, no one leaves without souvenirs - pieces of salt covering the water surface.

Monster created by nature

The Danakil desert, most dangerous for humans, the photo of which resembles terrible alien landscapes, takes travelers to a dangerous world with a lack of moisture, poisonous sulfur fumes, a scorching sun, and the possibility of a volcanic eruption. However, from year to year those who wish to visit these places are not diminishing.

Poisonous beauty of the Danakil desert

Constant seismic activity destroys tectonic plates, and they form uneven elevations in one place, exposing terrifying dips in another. It is unlikely that an ordinary traveler will want to overcome thousands of kilometers and spend a fortune not only to look at the territory of the famous Danakil desert, but also at the cost of his own life to face threats that lie in wait at every turn.

Hell for extreme

The incredibly dangerous squally wind β€œSamum”, raging in this gloomy corner of the earth, covers the faces of travelers with hot sand, burning and making it impossible to breathe normally. However, even in the rare moments of silence, it is very tight: toxic emissions can cause serious poisoning, and then this trip will be the last.

The abnormally high temperature of the desert, coupled with fumes, make Europeans long to stay dangerous, and the depressing landscapes of gloomy terrain and the general atmosphere entail both physical and psychological trials.

However, this also becomes the stimulator for extreme lovers, although even they admit that the toxic beauty of the Danakil desert literally draws energy.

Danger from local tribes

The β€œbranch of the underworld,” as this joyless territory is called, attracts all adventurers who lack a shot of adrenaline. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that aggressive local tribes have long fought for the right to own this place, whose conflicts develop into armed bloodshed.

The main treasure of this place is salt, which has been mined for many decades and used as currency, changing clothes, food and even people for it. From time immemorial, the white mineral has been sent to the mainland, and afar are now driving along the remaining paths from the loaded caravans.

And while the issue of desert ownership is not resolved, any visit to it turns for the traveler into "Russian roulette". By the way, even the children of the tribe are armed to the teeth and pose a serious danger to tourists.

to the famous desert of danakil

However, the number of travelers choosing this ominous place instead of a comfortable stay does not decrease. From all over the world come those who dream of touching the pristine nature and the sad beauty of Danakil.

The desert provides a unique opportunity for everyone to see how our land looked before the advent of civilization. And someone may imagine that he was in a mysterious alien territory that contains many mysteries and dangers.

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