French nails grown. Classic is always in fashion

Today you will not see anyone with extended nails. Many women appreciated their aesthetic and practical qualities. Nails grown with gel or acrylic on your nail or on the shape are a great way to express your personality and hide some of the imperfections of the nail plate, if any.

However, even those who are not burdened with any problems with them build nails. The extension allows you to get perfect claws that require rare care (correction is required to go only 1-2 times a month).

French nails grown.
There are a lot of designs, but it’s precisely the extended French nails that have been especially popular for several years. What is it due to? Simplicity and at the same time grace, elegance and beauty, accuracy and unpretentiousness. French nail nails perfectly complement any look. They combine perfectly with business, romantic, and casual style.

What is a french manicure?

This is a type of design in which the nail bed is made in pink or beige, and the tip is in white.

French nails.
Typically, the shape of the nails give oval or square. These options are considered classic and most in demand. To date, the extension nails of the French are presented with bolder solutions. Vivid colors, the use of rhinestones and sparkles, additional decoration with sculpting and drawings give the French manicure a new and modern sound. Unusual and extraordinary forms are in fashion today: a trapezoid and a pointed one. Such a design will suit creative and purposeful individuals.

Many options for self-expression offer extended nails. French, which is the basis of various styles, may look like you could not even imagine. For example, a French millennium is ideal for a party or going to a club, since the tip of the nail in this case is covered with sparkles or flickering elements. The crystal jacket is a pink nail bed and a crystal (transparent) tip of the nail.

French nails grown photo.
French jacket suggests the presence of the brightest colors in the decor of the nail bed and the tip of the nail. Moreover, completely different colors can be used on different fingers. This option is just perfect for the summer season. Designer jacket differs from the others in that the master decorates the tip of the nail with various decorative elements (drawings, ornaments, sculpting, rhinestones). Such a jacket should be done before special events in order to emphasize the festivity of the image.

Having familiarized with all types of design, you can see that the extended French nails look relevant and appropriate for any occasion. They give the image of naturalness, add beauty and charm. The practicality of such a design is also a plus, because wherever you are, your nails always have a well-groomed and neat appearance.

If you are not satisfied with the condition of your claws and you are ready for experiments, then you should pay attention to the extended French nails. Photos will help you choose the design that best meets all your requirements.


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