Race driver Ralph Schumacher: biography, achievements, photo

Ralph Schumacher - a racer originally from Germany. Performs in Formula 1. The brother of the legendary racing driver Michael Schumacher.

early years

Ralph was born in the summer of 1975 in Germany. At an early age he began to get involved in motorsport. This is partly due to the passion of his older brother, who also engaged in racing.

As a teenager, he starts karting. It is in this sport that Schumacher gets his first car driving skills. He enjoys karting until he is nineteen years old and already then decides that he will connect his life with racing. The young man understands that karting is not exactly the kind of sport that will allow much to be achieved, and then he decides to go to Formula 3. This event occurred in 1994. He begins to play for the WTS team. In the first season, he expectedly won nothing. However, already in the next he managed to achieve some success. Ralph Schumacher took second place at the German Championship in Formula 3. The first was the Norberto Fountain. Already in the next period, the rider performs in the “Formula Nippon” in Japan and wins this championship.

The main stage of a career

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In 1997, Ralph is firmly entrenched in the Formula 1. The first team is Jordan from Ireland. He performed pretty well, despite his young age. The problem was that the athlete lacked stability to achieve the highest possible results. In the first season, he will only once rise to the podium, this will happen in the third race of the season. It is worth noting that he very often stopped races due to accidents.

The following year, he was teammates and fans, he received the nickname. Ralph Schumacher was called Wet Ralph. But this title can be considered respectful, since he was awarded it due to the fact that he managed to cope with management on a wet track. The nickname will be fixed for him throughout his career, in a race on the road after the rain he will bring his team not only the first point, but will be able to take the final second place. It happened in Belgium.

Schumacher begins the 1999 season with another team called Williams. He will perform in tandem with Alessandro Zanardi. The young German will be able to outshine the more experienced Italian, who was once considered one of the most powerful racers in the CART category.

The first victory in the race will have to wait a long time. Only in 2001, Ralph Schumacher for the first time in his professional career he will win the race. In the same season, he will be able to gain a few more triumphs. Three victories for the season will lead to the fact that the German will be fourth according to the results, and this result at that time will be very good for him.

In the 2002 season, the German will win only one race, and in 2003 he will be able to win several important victories. Perhaps if he played more stable, he could claim first place at the end of the season. But due to frequent accidents and simply bad races, Ralph was unable to achieve this and remained in the shadow of his more stellar brother.

The next period will fail both for Schumacher and for the whole team. Despite the fact that in one of the first races he finishes second, serious problems will begin further: all the results of the team will be canceled due to some violations, and the German will get into a serious accident and be injured, because of which it will be necessary to miss several races. A tragic event will happen on the track in America.

He begins the 2005 season with Toyota and performs with Jarno Trulli, a famous Italian rider. The contract with the Japanese team will be signed for two years. After its completion, the parties will not begin to thread the agreement, and a thirty-year-old German will leave the team.

On this his career in Formula 1 will come to an end. The athlete will try himself in races of other categories.

As you can see, nothing serious won Ralph Schumacher. His photos show a very strong resemblance to his older brother.

Career after F-1

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In 2008, the German decided to switch to another category of racing. He begins to participate in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. In the debut season will represent the Mücke Motorsport team. The rider will not achieve serious results and will take only the fourteenth place at the end of the season, he will have only three crediting points.

In 2009, he joins the HWA Team. Again, does not show anything supernatural and takes eleventh place, in the asset - nine points.

In the next season, he is weak again: fourteenth place and only three points earned.

In the 2011 season, Ralph gave fans of his team a lot of positive emotions. In two races he managed to climb the podium. Took the second and third places. According to the results of the period, he showed his best result in his career and took the final eighth place.

And so ended the racing career for an athlete named Ralph Schumacher. His biography, as you can see, has both ups and downs. Unfortunately, he never managed to achieve serious victories. 2012 was a complete failure. The rider did not score a single asset in the individual standings and took seventeenth place.

Ralph Schumacher's hobby

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The German is a very versatile person. He was never fixated on racing alone, unlike his older brother. In her free time she loves playing tennis and cycling.

Despite the fact that the man is a big fan of outdoor activities, sometimes he prefers to stay at home and just play backgammon with someone close to him.

Athlete's personal life

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The racer for a long time met with the German Cora Brickman. The girl worked as a model, as well as on television. In the fall of 2001, young people officially legalized marriage. Just a few weeks later the spouses had a son. The child was named David. Ralph and Cora lived in marriage for three years, after which they decided to divorce.

The athlete has an older brother who was also a racer. His name is Michael Schumacher, and he is a living legend of Formula 1.

Life outside of sports

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Many are interested in what Ralph Schumacher was doing besides racing. And the situation is as follows.

After completing his sports career, he planned to start investing money in the sex industry. However, the undertaking failed. Too many people became interested in this, and the rider decided not to do this business. Despite the rejection of such activities, the former athlete received the nickname Porn-Ralph.

Schumacher managed to star in several films.


Ralph Schumacher's hobby

Despite his dubious sporting achievements, the man will forever enter the history of racing. This has more to do with his brother than directly with him. It is regrettable, but when they recall the name Schumacher, they always mention Michael first. Alas, this often happens, the fact that the brothers are very similar in appearance gives a special piquancy to this fact.

Today, Ralph Schumacher is the Director of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, for which he once spoke.

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