DIY barbecue. Its not so hard to do

Barbecueers not so long ago appeared in the everyday life of our compatriots. Simply put, this is an oven for frying meat, fish and vegetable products. However, with it you can engage in not only hot, but also smoking, drying and stewing products. It is because of this that the stove is practical and will not be superfluous in a suburban possession. This article will discuss how to make a barbecue shop with your own hands.

DIY barbecue
Based on the cost, you can make furnaces of any shape and size. It all depends on your own desires and fantasies. The usual materials used to build the kiln are brick, stone and concrete. Based on the planned size, you pick up a coal tray and grate. First of all, you need to decide on the place where the created barbecue shop will be located. It is advisable to identify it away from a residential building, walkways and rooms with combustible materials. The ideal option would be to locate the stove not far from the resting place, gazebo or terrace, with a small canopy placed above the barbecue from wind and various rainfall.

DIY barbecue drawings

Having decided on the location of the unit, you can begin the construction of the foundation for the furnace. This procedure is divided into several stages. First of all, a trench is excavated, the depth of which should be about 30 centimeters. This figure is based on the fact that the load on the foundation from the weight of the structure will be small.

It should not be forgotten that the size of the foundation must coincide with the dimensions that the created barbecue machine will have. With their own hands, rubble or gravel is poured into the dug trench, which must be compacted sufficiently. A metal mesh for reinforcement is placed on top. Then a solution of cement, sand and water is mixed and a formwork of wooden boards is installed, where the finished mixture is poured.

barbecue do-it-yourself brick drawings

After solidification of the flooded foundation, you can proceed to the immediate construction of a barbecue with your own hands. Drawings that need to be made will help you with this. The first row of bricks is laid using the building level. Between the bricks it is necessary to leave a gap of about one centimeter. To make the seams even, metal corners are used, which can then be removed from the masonry. Each subsequent row must be checked with a level both horizontally and vertically. It should be understood that the do-it-yourself barbecue machine should be perfectly smooth. First you need to lay out a container for laying firewood, the height of which will be about 70 cm. After the transverse row of bricks is laid to maintain the furnace and grate. If desired, metal rods can be used instead of bricks, but one should not forget that over time the metal can burn out. At the same time, with the help of metal rods, the height levels of the grate and the wood pallet are changed. Then the stove itself is built with a chimney. Its shape is selected according to your own desire, it can be either a rounded arch or a rectangle. It is not superfluous in the chimney to provide a valve to adjust the draft level. For convenience, you can also place a food processing table and a washstand next to the oven.

On this, the process of making a barbecue is considered complete. If you do not want to make a barbecue, you can create a simple barbecue with your own hands from brick. Drawings for this design you can easily make yourself or find ready-made. Good luck in your efforts!


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