The red baron is with us again - Michael Schumacher emerged from a coma

According to recent reports, Michael Schumacher came out of a coma. After an accident on the ski track, this is tangible progress. Especially for those who monitor the health of Shumi, we publish a detailed report on his condition.

The most relevant information about the health of the Red Baron, April 2014

Michael Schumacher came out of a coma

The latest information on a significant improvement in the health status of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion is encouraging. Michael Schumacher emerged from a coma, moreover, he even reacted normally to awakening. But, although the rider is already conscious, the process of his rehabilitation can drag on for a very long time. According to manager Michael Sabina Cam, her client’s condition is steadily improving, the champion regained consciousness several times, but then turned off again. The fact that Michael Schumacher emerged from a coma does not mean that we will soon see him leaving black bars on the track.

Nevertheless, from the hospital of the city of Grenoble, in which the famous patient lies, good news arrives. Doctors confirm that the king of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher emerged from a coma and began to respond to external stimuli. This fact recorded medical equipment.

Michael managed to meet his beloved wife Korinna with a look. A woman is trying very hard to keep her husband in consciousness, constantly talking to him, reading books aloud. According to doctors, conversations with the patient at this stage give a tangible therapeutic effect.


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Friends and colleagues of the champion are extremely pleased that Michael is recovering. The family accepts visitors as much as is permitted so as not to harm the patient. Former racing partner Felipe Massa conveyed his words of support: he always believed that the motivated Michael with his iron health would get out of any mess. Jean Alesi also supported the champion, saying that even without doctors he saw how he was recovering.

Interesting facts from the biography

Michael Schumacher is a German Formula 1 pilot. Seven times won the world title, 2-time vice world champion. Record holder for the number of champion titles in a row (five). For its invincibility it is nicknamed the Red Baron.

Michael's father was the manager of the local go-kart track and he built the first kart himself. The future champion began to drive at the age of three, from the age of five he participated in competitions.

What happened to Michael Schumacher?

We remind those who missed the news of recent days: at the end of last year, skiing with his son, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher was seriously injured. During skiing, he did not notice a stone sprinkled with snow, stumbled, flew a considerable distance and hit his head on another stone hidden under a layer of snow. Thanks to the helmet and the high level of local medicine, life and, hopefully, the health of Michael Schumacher managed to be maintained. He was taken by medical helicopter to the hospital of the city of Grenoble, where he underwent two brain operations. After these procedures, the seven-time world champion was placed in a state of medical coma, this was done in order to avoid cerebral hemorrhages and other equally dangerous complications.

But he is a real hero - Michael Schumacher. The health condition of the rider in early January began to improve, and the doctors, under the vigilant control of whom he was, began to conduct therapy, the purpose of which was to return the champion to consciousness.

Michael Schumacher Health

However, there is some bad news. Although now a turning point, but too many experts are convinced that the seven-time world champion, the legendary Michael Schumacher will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Paralyzed and dumb.

But there are many of us, and we all wish the champion to win in this battle. The latest news is encouraging: Michael opened his eyes, he managed to focus his eyes on his relatives and even recognize them.

Friends, let's wish Michael good health!


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