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Reviews about "" can be found completely different. This is a major Internet provider, which today provides a full range of services in several dozen Russian cities. In this article, we will tell you what customers and employees think about this company, as well as tariffs and services.

About company

Company House. RU

After reviewing the reviews about, you can quickly understand if you should contact this company or better look for another provider.

Currently, the company declares itself as the country's leading independent telecommunications services operator. It accounts for about 12% of the pay-TV market and 11% of the broadband Internet access market . Regional offices are currently open in 566 settlements.

The company appeared in 2010. The very next year 15 startup projects were launched in different cities of Russia. In 2012, a service for corporate clients appeared; the launch of a new format of HD-television took place. A five millionth subscriber is connected to the provider.

In 2013, it was possible to strengthen positions in the largest number of HD channels in the country, increasing them from 35 to 50.

In 2016, the company became the fastest growing communications operator in the country. It was possible to close several large and important acquisitions and mergers with other providers in St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and Ryazan. Moreover, the company entered the Moscow Exchange, where it registered exchange bonds for 30 billion rubles.

Regional branches

Currently, the company has a large number of large and small branches in different cities and regions of the Russian Federation.

Among the largest settlements where this provider is represented, it is worth noting such cities as Barnaul, Bryansk, Berezniki, Voronezh, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Izhevsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Kazan, Kurgan, Krasnoyarsk, Kursk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk , Nizhnekamsk, embankments Chelny, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Orenburg, Omsk, Perm, Penza, Ryazan, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Samara, Syzran, Saratov, Tomsk, Tver, Tula, Tyumen, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk , Cheboksary, Yaroslavl.

Provider Rates

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The company provides 5 popular tariffs, one of which the user can choose. One of the most common tariffs is called "I like M". It is designed to provide a comfortable download speed of content, as well as a good selection of digital channels. For 730 rubles a month you can connect 133 television channels, 31 of which will work in HD-quality, the speed of unlimited Internet will be 100 Mbit / second.

The tariff β€œI like L 300” is considered a bestseller. For 880 rubles per month you will receive 155 channels (of which 43 will work in HD-quality), the maximum Internet speed is 300 Mbps.

The tariff "I like XXL" is intended for those who value every second of their time. These are 194 channels (69 in HD format), and the maximum Internet speed is 100 Mbps. The cost of 1 180 rubles per month.

Finally, the tariff β€œI like XXL 600” - for 1 300 rubles a month you will receive the same number of channels as in the previous offer, but the Internet speed will increase to 600 Mbps.

According to reviews about, when connecting a service, the router is installed quite powerful, this is a new generation technique that allows you to receive up to 600 Mbps. The cost of such a router will be 6,600 rubles. There is an opportunity to purchase it in installments for one year. In this case, the monthly payment will be equal to 550 rubles.

There is a unique offer - the tariff "My Designer". We can independently assemble the option that is right for you. According to reviews about, a tariff that everyone can collect on their own attracts many customers, since almost none of the providers can provide the same opportunities.

Providers have long noted the benefits of home internet. The company has a round-the-clock opportunity to monitor the network, provide user support, remotely detect and eliminate probable failures before they are detected by the client.

Company Services

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Also, the provider is ready to provide other services that remain in demand by many users. For 190 rubles a month in a package with Internet and television, it is possible to connect a home telephone on a city line. In this case, you will have an unlimited tariff.

You can connect mobile communications, satellite TV and home Internet at a 30 percent discount. In this case, you will have access to 60 channels in HD quality, high-speed home Internet with a speed of up to 100 Mbit / second, up to 30 GB of mobile traffic per month, high LTE speed, you can communicate with the whole family using three SIM-cards.

Finally, according to customer reviews of, the ability to connect an intercom system has become popular, which allows you to use the new control functions for the adjacent territory and entrance. This is a really significant step forward. You can answer calls to the intercom from your smartphone. You no longer have to run every time to the handset installed near the front door to answer the person who is ringing at the door. From the screen of your mobile phone you can answer immediately, and if necessary let the guest into the staircase.

Doors open through a special application. And for this you do not have to be at home. You can control the opening of doors through the application from home, while visiting or at work. You don’t need to worry anymore that the child will open the front door to someone else. On your smartphone you can receive video calls from the intercom. The built-in video camera allows you to immediately see the visitor.

All this guarantees round-the-clock security. In addition, in case of emergency, city services can at any time get into the staircase using an electronic key.

The basic tariff for two electronic keys costs 15 rubles per month, the mobile one with the corresponding application costs 50 rubles per month, and the audio doorphone costs 50 rubles per month. In the latter case, you will have to purchase an audio handset for 300 rubles and make a one-time payment for connecting the service in the amount of 900 rubles.

A copy protection dongle is also sold separately. The cost of each is 150 rubles.

User Impressions

Reviews about the work House. RU

In customer reviews of "" you can find a certain number of positive opinions. For example, the majority notes the prompt and high-quality help of employees in solving any problems, as well as the good and stable speed that can be obtained for a reasonable price.

In reviews of the provider "" users also praise uninterrupted unlimited Internet and fast Internet connection when paying a monthly fee. This process is automatically established, so everything happens within about one minute. This provides a positive feedback from consumers about "".

Dissatisfied customers

Reviews about the company Dom. RU

It should be emphasized that a large number of consumers respond to the company extremely negatively, noting its many shortcomings and gaps in the work.

Users accuse the company of establishing a virtual monopoly, when the management company simply does not let other providers ready to offer more affordable prices for using their services. Instead, after the merger of with Veskolla, which the company assessed as a great success, all customers were forcibly transferred to a new provider, setting the default tariff.

As a result of this transfer, many were unsatisfied, as they encountered completely inflexible conditions, everything was done without warning and notice. Because of this, judging by the reviews of, many are now ready to disconnect from them, having remained dissatisfied with such an attitude.

Also, the company's specialists are directly accused of connecting paid channels, which occurs without the knowledge of the client. In reviews of Television, clients write that they had to deal with problems almost regularly. Representatives of the provider categorically reject these allegations, arguing that the connection of such a service occurs only after obtaining the appropriate consent from the client.

Network error

Despite the fact that some users highly value the signal level that the company provides, others in the reviews about say that there are often problems with the network due to systematic errors. As a result, the connection disappears for one to two days.

After combining with the WestCall provider, users have significantly reduced Internet speed, while the price for using services has been increased unilaterally. Judging by the reviews on, many customers faced a similar problem in St. Petersburg. In addition, they have complaints and questions regarding information. I had to deal with disconnection with a positive balance. The company itself claims that they increased the cost of services only in order to continue to provide consumers with quality communication. At the same time, the representatives of the provider react poorly to complaints about a significant decrease in Internet speed, arguing that this can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from the location of the router in a particular apartment and ending with the existing general restrictions.

It is noteworthy that some users in their reviews about TV emphasize that, in their opinion, the company is simply not interested in new customers. Users have to repeatedly leave applications for connection, but the masters are constantly late, often they just may not come. The majority of users sincerely surprise this attitude towards customers; they can only explain it with the low level of professionalism of specific employees.

Opinions of employees

Television House. RU

In the positive reviews of employees about, employees who really worked in this company note the quick and timely registration of newcomers in full compliance with labor legislation. They are given a full social package, a white salary, which comes to all twice a month. It is convenient that on the eve of corporate mail they inform about the amount that you should receive.

Salaries to employees are never delayed, they are not unjustifiably fined, and they do not seek to deceive. Many get the opportunity to see this from their own experience. For young and novice employees, training is mandatory. And these are not boring lectures and seminars, but innovative and creative classes that really help in the work, you immediately know how to apply the knowledge gained there.

A big plus is that the company is not afraid to accept young employees who take only the first steps in the profession. Another positive point is the existence of a corporate culture. Already a short place after employment, it becomes possible to visit the first corporate party, immediately there is a feeling that you have become part of a large and friendly family.

Salaries stand still

Rates House. RU

Perhaps this is the most common complaint that occurs in the reviews of employees about "". Despite the fact that the company is simply huge, the level of remuneration does not increase. It seems that the management is not interested in qualified personnel who leave for other companies on more favorable terms.

In addition, the attitude towards people existing in the company is extremely negatively evaluated. At least that is the opinion of certain workers. Moreover, they show such a dismissive attitude towards the staff already at the stage of employment, when they can invite for an interview, and then just do not miss on the territory of the company, since the phone number of the person who appointed the interview was not available.

Those who still get an interview, for example, the position of sales manager, can learn about the bright prospects, the upcoming salary of 60-70 thousand rubles. In fact, it turns out that making that kind of money is unrealistic, and all the responsibilities come down to going around the apartments every day with the imposition of services, which is more like low-grade network marketing.

Loan processing

Studying information about this company, you can stumble upon a credit institution with a similar name. This is a municipal commercial "Dom-Bank". In the reviews about the loans in "" you will find that many clients have managed to find here interesting and advantageous offers.

For example, a company is ready to provide a consumer loan for up to three years at a rate of 18 to 27 percent per annum. Moreover, the interest is monthly charged on the balance of existing debt. If desired, customers can repay their debt in advance.

At the same time, there are a lot of negative reviews about loans at Users note exorbitantly high interest rates and stringent conditions, arguing that with this set of documents you can find the opportunity to take a loan with a lower percentage. In addition, the company regularly makes mistakes by exposing clients to non-existent minimum loan debts of 200-300 rubles, because of which they are not able to arrange the next loan in any other financial institution.

In addition, large queues constantly accumulate here, each visit to this credit institution results in large temporary losses. When communicating with customers, employees themselves often behave defiantly and disrespectfully, allowing outright rudeness and rudeness. All this only proves their low level of professional training.


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