Taxi "Maxim": reviews of drivers and customers

Today we will find out with you what a taxi "Maxim" is. Feedback from drivers and customers will be presented to our attention. In fact, it’s impossible to precisely determine this issue. Especially when you consider that this company operates in many cities. In each locality, of course, various reviews are left about this. But in general, it is worth paying attention to several rather important points, because of which work in a taxi "Maxim" and the maintenance of this company are worthy of attention. Let's try to understand this difficult question so as not to make mistakes in the future.

What it is?

First, a little about the activities of the corporation. Taxi "Maxim" is a company that offers transportation services for passengers within a city / region. In addition, it is often possible to find among the offers of the company trucking and apartment moving.

taxi maxim drivers reviews

So we have before us the most ordinary transport company for citizens. There is nothing specific or special in the activities of the company. And it pleases. Moreover, the fact that work in a taxi "Maxim" is available throughout Russia is usually distinguished. After all, we are dealing with a large transportation company. In many cities you can see it. Of course, relevant services and direct work are offered everywhere. What do customers and employees themselves think about it?


If you begin to understand our current issue, you will notice that the company is called a "ghost". But why is this so? After all, "Maxim" really exists in many cities. This is a single network for the transportation of passengers, in which you can quite easily get a job or order a car for your own needs. Why is her name a "ghost"?

Everything is very easy and simple. The organization’s leadership is very tricky. The head office of the taxi "Maxim" is, of course, in Moscow. But there is one feature. Despite registration in the capital, the corporation has placed a single call center for customers to order cars. It is worthwhile to figure out exactly where it is located, how the meaning of such a non-standard nickname will become clear. Taxi office "Maxim", or rather, a single center for ordering cars located in Kurgan! And that is where all the customers who need a car for transportation call, regardless of your city.

taxi maxim office

Such a scheme was invented to reduce the costs of the company, as well as to reduce taxes and total costs. Why in each city to create a separate call center, recruit new staff, and then also pay him when you can "get out" like this. Because of this decision, tracking an organization is not so easy. Therefore, it is called a "ghost." At the moment, often taxi "Maxim" reviews of drivers and customers receive doubtful. Although this is not a reason to refuse employment and services. Indeed, for a call to a single call center you will not be charged extra.


What about employment in the company? Here, opinions generally remain neutral. Someone says that you should not contact this corporation, and some, on the contrary, attract new applicants here. In any case, there are always advertisements for the search for new drivers at the Maxim taxi (Moscow and other cities).

Special attention is paid to the requirements for candidates. Fortunately, there are not so many of them now. True, some of the nuances depend on your region of residence. Most often, only rights are needed, as well as citizenship of the Russian Federation. That is, many just need to get a category “B” driver's license, after which you will be given a chance for employment. This approach pleases applicants.

In addition, often "Maxim" divides employees by gender. So, for example, mostly only men are recruited by drivers. There are almost no women taxi drivers in the company, except with rare exceptions. For some, this approach is considered normal, while someone, on the contrary, remains unhappy. In any case, so far there are no differences from competitors here.


A separate place is taken in a taxi "Maxim" cars. The thing is that in different regions a variety of rules will “work” during employment. Somewhere cars are provided by the company itself, and sometimes you need to have your own transport.

In practice, the first scenario is most often encountered. He undoubtedly pleases. After all, you do not need to have your own car and keep it. The company takes all costs. A great approach that not everyone can boast of. And for this taxi "Maxim" gets positive feedback from drivers. Especially when you consider that in all cities recently updated vehicles to newer ones.

taxi maxim moscow

True, there are exceptions. Sometimes drivers are encouraged to "tax" with their own car, but officially. For most companies, this is quite a normal situation, but only applicants are not happy with it. Especially if you take into account the fact that the content of the vehicle will be completely "on the shoulders" of the car owner. Sometimes this decision is costly and scares. Fortunately, such measures are rarely used in Maxim taxis.


What else is worth paying attention to if you want to find a job? For example, on a work schedule. Initially, they promise to give you complete freedom, as well as employment in shifts. It is attractive. Especially if you are also provided with a working machine, for which you will simply be responsible.

Nevertheless, the taxi "Maxim" is not so good in this regard. Work as a driver in this organization is a huge job. Most often, the schedule is not standardized, and the load too. You have to work for days. There are different options. However, there are usually 1/1 shifts. That is, you work for a day, and then the same amount of sleep. Or 2/1 (2 days "on foot", 1 - at home).

For such taxi options, "Maxim" drivers reviews are not the best. Indeed, over time, it becomes extremely difficult to work. Yes, and you can’t say for sure when at night you just "sit" in one place, and during what period you really have to be constantly driving. There is no special difference with work in another similar company, but such a schedule still leaves applicants not always satisfied.


Of course, do not forget about such a moment as wages. It plays an important role for many. And taxi "Maxim" (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and other cities) receives mixed reviews in this area. You can’t call them very good, but they are not terrible either.

Why? All because your earnings will directly depend on the number of orders and transportation in a particular city. In principle, on average they promise 15-20 thousand rubles a month for employment. There is no deception here. This, of course, pleases. Indeed, in practice, it is usually this amount that is ultimately obtained by drivers.

taxi maxim

True, there are some more features that distinguish employees of the company. For example, sometimes the maintenance of a car is deducted from your profit. You can actually receive more than the promised salary, but if you do not take into account the cost of a car. This prospect of some employees is disappointing, especially if you worked a lot in a given month, and decent money was taken from you for the maintenance of the transport. This is rarely done, but, as they say, "aptly."

Ordering a taxi "Maxim" is a rather interesting process, which also stands out by drivers. Why? Of course, most orders are carried out using the call center. But often drivers "bomb" and look for private clients. Such services, of course, are fixed, but from them employees receive bonuses in the form of payments and allowances for salaries. This is a great way to get extra profit. Moreover, many transportation companies do not approve of this approach to service, but not the Maxim taxi. Driver reviews for the possibility of such a “side job”, especially on company cars, are left only positive.

Make an order

Now a little about this corporation, but on the part of customers. As you know, employees are almost always dissatisfied with their employers. Therefore, there is no need to be surprised at the negativity of Maxim. But customers, as a rule, really sensible reviews set aside. It is they who judge the prestige and integrity of the corporation.

It all starts, of course, with filing an application to wait for the car. Taxi "Maxim" (phone for orders in each city is separate) takes orders using a single call center. With all this, a live operator will communicate with you, and not a voice-robot, which is increasingly found among competitors. This makes me happy.

taxi work maxim

By the way, “they pick up the phone” when making a call very quickly, there is almost no need to wait for an answer. And it is very pleasing to customers. Taxi "Maxim" can be done in just a minute. And they also offer online applications. An innovation that so far few use, since it is still more convenient and more convenient to contact the company by phone. In any case, for such a choice, customer reviews are left positive.

Price tag

Move on. In addition to the quick acceptance of orders, the price tag for certain services also plays a role. Yes, different cities set their own restrictions, but they will still be generally assessed on the merits. What do customers think about this?

Taxi "Maxim" offers truly humane prices. Many call this company budget. In principle, the way it is. Indeed, on average in a small city, a taxi ride of this organization will cost 150-200 rubles. And among competitors - in 200-250. The difference seems to be small, but it is.

Particularly pleasing in all regions are the rates to airports. Here the whole difference is visible to the naked eye. Why? Because you are on favorable terms with the taxi "Maxim" can get to where you need. In general, we can say that our organization today is a budget taxi that provides excellent quality for low prices.


What else influences the opinion of customers? For example, the waiting time of a machine after placing an order. Here, to be honest, opinions differ. For some, the principle works: they dialed the Maxim taxi number, left a request and drove off after 5 minutes. And somewhere you have to wait a long time. The difference is especially noticeable in big cities.

So in this regard, you can see the delight of customers, and, conversely, chagrin. In general, passengers in small cities are satisfied - you have to wait a maximum of 10 minutes, and if you sent a request from a mobile phone, you will also receive an alert with a car number. As soon as the transport arrives, you will be called back and asked to go to the car. This approach is only pleasing.

taxi number maxim

But in big cities problems usually arise. They say that the operators promise to deliver the car within 15 minutes, but in reality you can sit waiting for up to half an hour. Of course, this approach does not please everyone. Hence the negative reviews about the company.


Customer opinions do not end there. Often in reviews you can also read about the provided comfort, as well as the quality of service. It is not difficult to guess that there is no single-valued opinion. After all, everyone has their own requests for comfort.

In general, the quality of the taxi "Maxim" (a phone for ordering can be found without any problems in any city) remains at an average level. This is not to say that the services offered are aerobatics. But in reality, the corporation is worthy. She constantly changes the rolling stock that attracts. Recently, in most cities, new, modern cars for transporting passengers have been purchased. This fact favorably affects the reviews.


You can also say that the taxi "Maxim" is stable, the price is "not breaking." If you could not pick up the car through the call center, then the cost of the trip will be much lower. So the benefits are still visible. Accidents among drivers rarely occur, cars are always clean, it’s even nice to look at them.

In addition, this company really cares about the quality of service. She tries to deliver the car to the customer on time, as soon as possible. If you have any problems, you will definitely be notified about this in advance. All trips are usually quick, without accidents. And it pleases.


If you dialed the Maxim taxi number, you can be sure that you will be quickly delivered to your destination in the shortest possible time. And usually the work does not occur on the counter, but at a certain tariff. And it pleases customers. No traffic jams are scary in this situation.

taxi maxim phone

Another feature for which the corporation receives positive opinions is the fact that there are no migrants and foreign citizens among drivers. That is, you will not find any Uzbeks and Tajiks who are now considered simply cheap labor. Many simply uncomfortable being in the same vehicle with a foreigner, so the taxi "Maxim" has a pretty good popularity among customers. Yes, she has flaws, but this is still a real budget organization. It is not much different from competitors, but in general the audience remains satisfied with the service. Workers also believe that Maxim is a conscientious employer.


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