French gel polish for short nails: design ideas, fashion trends

French manicure is a classic that always remains fashionable. Simplicity and elegance - this is what distinguishes it from other techniques in nail service. French is combined with any style, it is often chosen for special occasions. But if earlier it was believed that it can be done only on long nails, now it is performed on short ones. When working with them, you need to take into account some nuances, so that the manicure turns out aesthetic.

Features of creating a jacket on short nails

The basis of this technique is the highlighting of the protruding edge of the nail plate in contrasting color. In the classic version, a pastel or pale pink shade is chosen for the background, and the “smile” line is highlighted in white. The border is a straight line without any patterns.

In addition to the above, to create a French manicure you need a certain form of nails - square. The angles between the side and the top edge should form a perpendicular. But this form, especially on long nails, is impractical because the corners often break off. An alternative was proposed - a "soft square" with rounded corners.

How to make French gel polish on short nails so that the manicure is neat and beautiful?

  1. A suitable shape is a square or “soft square”. Because of this length, it becomes practical to wear. But it should not be done to the owners of a wide nail plate - it will visually make them even wider. In this case, oval or almond-shaped is suitable.
  2. The thinner the “smile” line, the more elegant the manicure will turn out, and you will visually make the nail longer.
  3. For the background, it is worth choosing light shades, and dark ones to focus on the upper edge. This is another technique that allows you to "stretch" the nail plate.
  4. Do not decorate the line of "smiles" with drawings. It is better to highlight one or a pair of nails with them, so that the design does not turn out to be overloaded.
  5. To make the manicure jacket on short nails look aesthetically pleasing, additional decor is used in a minimal amount. If you used rhinestones for decoration, then you should choose their small size and select the base of the plate with them.

Observing the above recommendations, you can create a stylish manicure jacket on short nails. The quality of work depends on the chosen varnish. Now gel polish is popular: manicure is more resistant, and the color does not lose brightness.

French manicure

Fashion ideas

The classic version of this design remains popular, but stylists recommend experimenting with color, textures and the shape of the smile line. What ideas of French gel polish for short nails are popular?

  1. The combination of bright colors - a neon coating will look especially unusual. This option is most appropriate in the summer or for parties. You can combine shades of one color scheme, and contrasting colors. But they must complement each other.
  2. Combination of french and moon manicure. In the second embodiment, the area of ​​the hole is isolated.
  3. Highlighting the protruding edge of the nail plate or background coating. This is a good option for holiday design.
  4. Using the ombre technique - creating a smooth transition between shades. This method is best for owners of short nails, because it visually increases their length.
  5. Combination of matte and glossy coatings. Velvet effect varnish can be used as background. Only the nail plate needs to be sanded so that no bumps remain: such a coating will emphasize them.
  6. The line of the “smile” line - now it can be made not only straight, but also triangular, semicircular or decorated with rhinestones or patterns. If you have artistic skills, then you can draw an ornament on the protruding edge of the nail.

You can make a jacket in one of the fashionable techniques: “broken glass”, rubbing, “cat's eye”. This will make the design more original and effective.

festive french


To make French gel polish on short nails, you do not need to have artistic skills, such as, for example, to create Chinese paintings. The main point is the creation of the correct square shape. Before this, they make a hygienic manicure: for this, prepare the necessary tools:

  • file;
  • nail scissors;
  • orange stick
  • buff;
  • base coverage;
  • color gel polish;
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • top cover.

If you are going to complement the French manicure with a decor, prepare a brush for drawing, rhinestones or stickers.

french with rhinestones

Step-by-step instruction

Before making French gel polish, you need to prepare a nail plate:

  1. Cut the nails to the desired length with nail scissors.
  2. Then proceed to create the desired shape. Move the file, keeping it parallel to the sides and the top edge. Make sure that the angles between them are straight. If you are going to create a “soft square” shape, slightly round the corners.
  3. After softening the cuticle, gently push it back with an orange stick.
  4. Sand the nail plate so that there are no bumps.
  5. Apply the base - the color coating is evenly distributed.

After all the manipulations, apply a moisturizer to your hands and nails. How to make French gel polish? To do this, you will need special stencils to create a French manicure or a thin brush:

  1. Apply the desired shade to your nails. Dry it under a UV lamp.
  2. Glue a stencil on the nail, stepping back from the upper quack. Highlight the tip with gel polish. Dry under a UV lamp.
  3. Remove the sticky layer and cover over the top.

French gel polish on short nails is a good alternative to a monophonic coating, which used to be very popular among owners of such a length.

beautiful french

Moon Design Combination

One of the fashion trends is the combination of several techniques in manicure. If you are a fan of sophisticated style and want a manicure to be combined with any style, choose the classic version.

French will turn out fashionable in combination with a moon manicure and rhinestones. For the background, use a soft pink tint, and highlight the "smile" line with white. To create a moon manicure, you will need stencils. With small rhinestones, highlight the area of ​​the hole. This design is successfully combined with everyday dresses, and is suitable for special occasions.

french sequin

Minimalistic option

You can make French gel polish on very short nails. To do this, you can draw a narrow strip to make the design look harmonious. Some highlight the protruding edge of the nail plate with a strip of foil, without using a varnish of a different color. To make the manicure look elegant, you can use small rhinestones.

Fashionable geometry

Another original French jacket design with gel polish on short nails is a geometric pattern. For drawing, you can use dots of different diameters to get a polka dot pattern. Or stick strips in different directions.

Use a nude shade for the background, and black gel polish to paint the pattern. On one nail, do not highlight the line of "smiles", but draw a geometric ornament with a dots. You can use several dots to draw circles of different diameters. This design is suitable for formal business style.

french with a pattern

Decoration in color

A beautiful jacket on short nails with gel polish can also be made using bright colors. This design is most often chosen for the summer season or vacation. But so that the manicure does not turn out to be vulgar, highlight the protruding edge of the nail plate with a bright shade. And for the background, use a transparent coating or nail polish. Select a border with a thin strip of silver foil. You can paint each nail with a different color. The design will turn out even more original.

color jacket

The proposed design options can be used not only for owners of square-shaped nails. French gel polish on short oval nails will look no less beautiful: this form looks more feminine, and it is more practical. In addition, the oval shape visually extends the nail and makes it narrower. French manicure is a classic that can look more spectacular than a complex version of nail design.


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