Military theme. Staging a War Song: Scenario

Events prepared for Victory Day are always distinguished by the restraint of the repertoire and the dryness of the performances. However, military scenes for primary and high school students can demonstrate not only the harsh life of soldiers in wartime, but also some interesting events, sometimes humorous. The article proposes miniatures designed for staging in the assembly hall with the participation of multimedia equipment and khaki-colored equipment.

Scenery accompanying military scenes for schoolchildren

Events dedicated to May 9 and the Defender of the Fatherland Day are held in every educational institution. The organizers have a question about how to decorate the hall and where to find a military uniform. Schoolchildren are always enthusiastically composing the script and acting out the military scenes on May 9, however, the bulk falls on the shoulders of the administration.

military-themed scene

Khaki suits can be found in the family of any employee, the main thing is to guess with size. Girls who appear on stage, just put on a modest dark dress and a white shawl on her head or neck. In the background, you need to hang on the projector, thanks to which any action can be accompanied by appropriate pictures. It is not difficult to cut cardboard tanks, trees and much more.

Music for the event on May 9

Not a single military-themed scene is complete without songs of the past. Students need to choose several of them for solo or choral performance.

military sketches for children

“Holy War” is the most favorite of the songs, which was written in 1941 immediately after the German attack on the USSR. The words belong to Lebedev-Kumach, who managed to fully reveal the tragedy of this event and reflect the patriotic spirit of the people.

Smuglyanka is a 1940 song performed in a cheerful tone. She gained fame after the release of the film "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle", which became the favorite of the whole Soviet people.

“Dark Night” was performed by Mark Bernes, but it is great for playing the school choir. It resembles a lullaby and conveys expectations of the end of the war and family reunion.

The song "Victory Day" was written on the thirtieth anniversary of Victory in the war. One of the first performers was Lev Leshchenko, but now she can be heard from the lips of many other talented singers. It can be a great end to a school event prepared for Victory Day.

A staging of the military song "Blue Handkerchief"

military skits on may 9

The scenario of a military scene can consist not only of monologues or short replicas, but also of musical numbers. “Blue Handkerchief” is the favorite of military songs performed by a high school student with a high, clear voice.

A girl in a modest dress comes on stage, with a scythe and a bouquet of wildflowers in her hands. The main attribute - a blue handkerchief - is on her shoulders, which corresponds to the song:

"Machine gunner scribbles
For the blue handkerchief
What was on dear shoulders! ”

The first verse of the song accompanies a slide show of photographs of rural life; the second - videos from the battlefield; with the third couplet, 4 pairs of young men and women enter the stage and begin to dance the waltz. The girl performing the song takes off the blue handkerchief from her shoulders and spins to the musical accompaniment; at the end, all the participants in the performance take out a blue handkerchief from their breast pocket, wave them into the auditorium and leave the stage.

“1418 Days and Nights in an Instant”: a military-themed scene for high school students

Two presenters enter the stage: a girl and a young man - to the song “We Will Not Stand For Price”. Behind the stage are guys dressed in military uniforms. Pictures corresponding to the situation alternately appear on the slides.

Young man: “On June 22, 1941, fascist Germany launched an attack on the peaceful Soviet people. At exactly 4 a.m. Levitan’s voice broadcast the terrible news on the radio. The Soviet people bravely defended their homeland: volunteers who had not reached the military age were sent to the front.”

Young men in military uniforms and girls in white shawls come on stage to accompany them. A soldier recites a poem by K. Simonov “Wait for me” (military scenes on May 9 should always be accompanied by military poems and songs).

Girl : “Over 1418 fiery days, the best sons of the Fatherland fell the brave death . Men and women of different ages became the heroes of the Soviet Union, some were awarded posthumously.”

Young men in uniform with toy rifles appear on the scene. There is an imitation of battle, the corresponding slide is turned on.

military sketches for schoolchildren

Young man: "The most long-awaited event for all Soviet citizens is the raising of the flag on the Reichstag building. This meant a victory over Nazi Germany."

A young man in a military uniform with a Soviet flag comes out and recites a poem by S. Schipachev “Soldier” by heart.

Army Joke-1

Similar military scenes for older children are designed to be staged for Defender of the Fatherland Day. In this miniature, several people participate. The minimum quantity for a company is usually 18 soldiers. CSKA in military uniforms line up and prepare to issue money, which produces foreman.

- Pichugin!

- Here!

- 250 rubles.

- Sidorov!

- I!

- 300 rubles.

- Komarenko!

- Here!

- 350 rubles.

- Karandyshev!

- I, comrade foreman!

- 400 rubles.

- total! (silence). Total! Where is he? Most received, but did not appear.

Army Joke - 2

funny military skits

Jokes on recruits by the foreman are a common occurrence in the army, so funny military scenes can be put on the basis of real situations.

A company of recruits is lining up in one line, the foreman begins to get acquainted with each of them and distribute by type of activity:

- Fighters, are there electricians among you?

- I, comrade foreman!

- well! Every day you will go around the building and check where the light continues to light after lights out. Do you have musicians among you?

“Yes, comrade foreman!”

- Well done, fighter! Go to the commander, he needs to bring the piano to the fourth floor. Eagles! Who wants to go for potatoes tomorrow?

- We, comrade foreman! (four fail)

- Wonderful. Tomorrow morning I’m waiting for you at my car, the rest will go to the field on foot. Rota, get out!

Comedy Scene “Three Commanders”

war script

It was the third year of the war. Thousands of soldiers died the death of the brave. The most daring took upon themselves the development of the most complicated military strategies. But what a fight without decent equipment? The commander has the right to give an order to the soldiers to sew a uniform of any color: khaki seventy years ago was in short supply. In three places, at the same time, before a responsible attack, three commanders gathered - fearless, cunning, cowardly - and gave orders to their fighters. The scenario of the military scene is designed for the public with a sense of humor.

“Sew me red pants so that if the enemy wounded me, he would not know about it and consider himself to be missed!” - said the fearless commander.

“Sew me green pants so that I can safely hide in the forest and watch the enemy!” So I will merge with the color of the trees and become invisible, ”said the cunning commander.

- Sew me brown trousers so that in case of fright (long pause) no one finds out that misfortune happened to me! - the cowardly commander said in a low voice.

The scene ends on a military theme with a soundtrack with laughter.

Miniature "Based on Cinderella"

The colonel addresses the recruits with the first order:

- Fighters! Today, in the warehouse, the ensign accidentally mixed screws of different diameters, but it is important for us to keep everything in order! Your task is to distribute products of the appropriate size in 5 bags. Any questions? Proceed immediately!

(Further, this scene on a military theme takes an unexpected turn with the advent of the captain, who gives another task, waiting for the colonel to leave).

- Something our Semyon Palych gives an impossible order. Was drunk yesterday, or what? The colonel’s order is canceled and we all go to the kitchen - someone mixed corn with peas ... Nobody wants to eat pea cakes instead of corn? Do you understand the order? Proceed immediately!


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