Why and how to store packages: tips and ideas

Every day we shop in stores. After almost every visit to the outlet, more and more new packages get into our house. What to do with them? Ruthlessly throw away or neatly fold and leave in the apartment?

Why store packages

The main point of their storage is reuse. That is, those who do not practice reuse, it makes no sense to think about how to store packages. In this case, they really should be thrown right away so as not to litter the apartment.

But is it necessary to acquire new packages in stores every time? The point is not even in money, but in the fact that polyethylene packaging is an enemy to the environment. It has been proven that it takes about 500 years to completely decompose a plastic bag. Therefore, giving packages a second life is correct and reasonable. The main thing is that they do not accumulate in the apartment, but are really used.

how to store packages

Sorting packages

Before deciding how to store packages and where in the apartment to find a suitable place for this, it is worth sorting. The separation criteria will be the material of manufacture and the purpose of the product.

  • The first group includes thin plastic bags from supermarkets, the so-called T-shirts. They can become garbage bags at home, on trips and travels. They can pour the contents of bags for vacuum cleaners, cat litter - separately pack special garbage. These bags can be folded compactly and carried in a bag so that you won’t have to buy new ones when you next go to the store.
  • The second category is more dense packages from clothing stores. They can pack clothes, going on a trip, store in a closet, for example, gloves and scarves.
  • Gift bags. There is nothing wrong with reusing them for their intended purpose.

how to store packages in the kitchen photo

Where and how to store packages: options

The first thing to emphasize is that only clean, dry bags should be stored without any damage (holes).

1. Packages from the first group should always be at hand with the hostess. Most people consider the kitchen to be the most suitable place to store them. How to store packages in the kitchen? Ideas for their convenient placement are reduced to compact folding into boxes, boxes or laying in special containers, bags.

In household goods stores today you can find all kinds of boxes with holes for storing packages. Through the hole, it is easy to pull the bag out. Such things are easy to do with your own hands. It is convenient to fasten the container with bags to the inside of the kitchen door.

A bag for bags can also be made with your own hand - to tie or sew. Such a work of authorship can even decorate a kitchen room.

Those who want to save space in the apartment, it is also important to know how to store packages in the kitchen. The photo clearly shows how easy it is to fold a bag-shirt into a small compact triangle. Such triangles are conveniently stacked in a drawer or a special storage box.

how to store packages in the kitchen ideas

2. Packages from the second and third categories are reused much less frequently. Therefore, they should be stored in the kitchen only when there is really a lot of space. They need to be folded compactly, you can tie a few pieces with an elastic band and compactly put them in a box, box, bag ( vacuum bags are especially good , in which the contents take up a minimum of space).

Each individually decides for himself how to store packages in the most convenient way. The main thing is to understand why you are doing this, and regularly use them a second time.

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