How to get rid of stumps without uprooting: chemical method, crushing. Land Clearing

Having become the happy owner of a suburban area, a person may suddenly encounter a number of unforeseen problems. And the most common on the list is how to get rid of stumps without uprooting. The same question will arise over time with a longtime gardener: trees tend to die, leaving behind them stumps of different sizes.

Without a doubt, the fastest and easiest clearing of the site is with the use of heavy equipment. Tractors and bulldozers can cope with the task in just one day, even if the clogging of stumps is large. However, hiring equipment is not cheap. In addition, she needs a free entrance and a place for maneuvering during uprooting. And if the stumps on the site are located in the back of the garden, then the bulldozer will destroy you half of the plantings, while it will be uprooted. So this method is suitable only at the initial stages of development of the site and only with massive "settlement" of its stumps.

stumps on the site

Manual clearing of the site is cheap and affordable for everyone, does not require space and is possible even in hard to reach places. However, uprooting is not only time-consuming, but also physically difficult. And the time required for other purposes will take a lot. So it’s better to study the available methods, how to get rid of stumps without uprooting, choose among them the most optimal, from your point of view, and apply it without a doubt. Moreover, there are several options for dealing with misfortune.

How to get rid of stumps without uprooting: a mechanical way

The most reliable is the complete removal of wood residues. Firstly, the site becomes suitable for any use - at least break a garden, even put an arbor. Secondly, you are insured against attempts to revive: there will definitely not be overgrowth. Crushing stumps with improvised means is ineffective, and the severity of the work is no different from uprooting. Therefore, it is better to work with special shredders. They break the stump into sawdust, absolutely not spoiling the surrounding landscape. Such equipment is very expensive, it is better to rent it, since you do not have to remove stumps every day and you don’t need any equipment on the farm.

crushing stumps

Cheap, but long and environmentally friendly

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to resort to crushing, you can use the chemical method of removing stumps. The most primitive option is to fill in a “rotten tooth” with ordinary salt and wrap it with polyethylene. Not the best solution to the problem. Well, that long, all chemical options take time. It is bad that for many years the land will become unsuitable for growing at least something.

Total destruction

It will be more environmentally friendly to remove stumps with nitrate, sodium or potash. Firstly, there is no need to wait two years for wood spillage. Secondly, the roots are also removed. The technique is simple and affordable: holes are drilled in a stump with a drill. The more of them and the deeper they are, the faster it will act. Nitrate is poured into the holes and filled with water. So that all this does not flow out and is not washed out, the holes are closed with corks - wooden choppers, wax, plastic corks, garden var. Above, the stump is abundantly watered with water.

chemical stump removal method

Manipulations are carried out in the fall: in the spring, the sap flow goes up, so that the roots are not saturated with nitrate. The next year, the corks are removed, kerosene or gasoline is poured inside (yes, even a liquid to light a fire) and the stump is set on fire. Everything burns out, including the underground part.

The method is not universal, since getting rid of stumps without uprooting with it is not always possible. If the site is cleared on peat bogs, the probability of an underground fire beginning is high. And in a densely planted garden, the risk of burning neighboring trees is quite high.

stump removal with nitrate

Fireproof method

In cases where the previous method is not applicable, the approach changes. Nitrate is also used, but this time ammonia, that is, urea. It is advisable for her to hollow out as much as possible in the center of the stump. A chemical is introduced into it, and the stump is wrapped as carefully as possible. In pluses - burning out is not needed, the stump will turn into dust on its own. In minuses - the process will take a lot of time. With a large cut - up to three years. In addition, after the collapse of the stump, the earth will not be suitable for all plants for some time.

Mushroom destruction

How to get rid of stumps without uprooting by another method? Those who take care of land on their land will enjoy the natural way more. Yes, it is even longer. But the soil in the process will be enriched with nutrients, and you will get a nice additional bonus. All that is needed is to buy oyster mushroom mycelium in a special store or to collect mushrooms in the nearest forest. In a stump intended for destruction, holes are drilled where mushroom "threads" are laid. To prevent them from drying out, the holes are covered with wet moss. Landing is carried out exclusively on a cloudy and not hot day. For 4-5 years, the mushrooms will “eat” the stump, and all this time you will have delicious snacks on your table.

site clearance

Speeding up the natural process

Not always a tree stump overgrown with mushrooms can serve as a decoration for your garden. If you want to save soil on the site, but do not spoil its appearance, you can go the following way.

A trench is digging around the stump - it will facilitate further work. Then, with a conventional chainsaw, the remainder of the tree is cut so that the cut is five centimeters below the ground level. The deepened stump is covered with earth, but not ordinary, but forest, taken from under deciduous trees. It contains in large quantities special microorganisms that accelerate the decay of wood. If there is no forest near your summer house (or it is coniferous), use leaf humus from the compost pit you probably have . It must be mixed with a pair of glasses of concentrated nitrogen fertilizer and spread out on a saw cut. The top is covered with ordinary garden soil.

Destruction of a stump will be even more elegant if in its place it is planned to plant a tree. The beginning is similar: the height of the stump decreases to the maximum, at least flush with the kidney. The middle is hollowed out and filled with fertilizers mixed with earth. And in this "pot" a young seedling is planted. As it grows, it will destroy both the stump and its root system.

Stump as an element of landscape design

Before looking for a way to get rid of stumps without uprooting, evaluate whether this is really necessary. If the place is not suitable for all plants or is not used at all, you can leave the stump. It will make an unusual and harmonious flowerpot for annuals.

how to get rid of stumps without uprooting

This idea is especially good if it is time for the earth to rest under the stump: flowers will gradually destroy wood, and the earth will be saturated with useful elements. You can make a non-standard bird feeder. And if the stump settled on the site of the planned gazebo, then it may well become a support for the garden table.


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