The main tasks of trade unions: goals, functions and principles of activity

The crisis of recent years, the devaluation of many social guarantees, as a result, a decrease, and a substantial, income of workers and their families - increase the relevance of the activities of trade unions and the challenges they face. Improving human potential, as one of the main factors of economic growth in the country, the growth of real stable income for workers, the level of pensions and the quality of life of people, eliminating the causes of poverty, are the main priorities of the work of Russian trade unions in modern conditions.

Directions for the functioning of the union

One of the priorities of the union at all its levels continues to be the work to uphold the economic interests of union members, as well as labor and professional ones. These issues are reflected in the requirements of the trade unions to the legislative and executive authorities. It is important that his voice is not only heard, but that he really influences those decisions that affect workers.

The union is your fulcrum

Business objectives

The goals and objectives of the union are known:

1. Presentation of requirements and protection of opinions, benefits and development of union members: economic, professional, social, domestic, improving the standard of living of union members.

2. Implementation of the legal right of the trade union at all levels to represent in the management bodies.

3. A significant improvement in the quality of life criteria of workers - members of the trade union.

Governing bodies

Union Objectives

The cornerstone task of the trade union is to participate in the improvement of legislation affecting the social and labor rights of union members, to oppose attempts to reduce the social protection of workers. The main tasks for the union remain:

1. The desire for a decent and fair amount of remuneration, pension and social benefits, scholarships to students.

2. Representation of the interests of workers in various fields and at all levels, participation in collective bargaining, collective bargaining on behalf of the labor collective and monitoring the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement.

3. The direction of their powers to maintain guarantees of education and medical services to workers.

4. Monitoring the implementation by employers of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and other laws and regulations, protection against illegal dismissals.

5. Monitoring the employment of citizens of working age and the observance by administrative staff of the procedure for staff reductions and the implementation of guarantees for employees laid off under this article.

6. The task of the trade union is to strengthen control over labor protection and safety measures at the workplace.

7. Participation in employee development planning.

8. Development of a policy on cooperation of all trade union organizations and associations, development and strengthening of professional solidarity.

Our strength is in unity

Means of solving goals and objectives

To fulfill the Charter and its tasks, the union takes the following measures:

1. Participates in programs and draft laws and other acts based on labor law of the socio-economic policy on labor and professional rights of workers and students, as well as other issues in the interests of its members.

2. Actively participates in state programs on employment, offers real measures to assist people who have been laid off as a result of staff reductions and reorganization, liquidation or liquidation of enterprises in supporting such workers by improving their skills and professional retraining.

3. If possible, implements its projects in youth policy and gender issues.

4. Initiates the creation of various consultations and labor inspectorates, develops the provisions of their activities to protect the professional boundaries of its members.

5. Prepares statements of claim, acts as a defender of union members in courts, prosecutors, administrations, before employers on issues in the workplace.

6. Promotes the implementation of measures to improve the quality of life of workers; for this, it delves into the livelihoods of workers of various vocational qualification communities and students.

Unions are independent

Influence on the legislative framework of the state

The union is directly involved in the development of indicators of consumer needs, taking into account the cost of living and fluctuations in the price range for goods and services. The union in the manner prescribed by law inspects the norms of acts of labor law of the Russian Federation. It takes measures aimed at the effective prevention of corruption. The union supports the development of non-state funds to support its members. He takes an active part in the management of extrabudgetary funds of the state. For the organization and conduct of events aimed at improving, and cultural and educational activities uses significant financial resources.

The trade union develops a sanatorium-resort direction, owns a significant number of boarding houses and sanatoriums and other recreational facilities for use by union members at a reduced price. Labor protection under the vigilant control of the union. The trade union initiates cooperation with trade unions of other countries, he is an active participant in the international trade union movement.

Union at the enterprise

At enterprises, the union:

1. Initiates independently, and also on behalf of trade union members, the application with labor inspectorates.

2. He promptly helps members of his organization with various assistance: material, methodological, legal, advisory, and others.

3. Controls the observance by the administrations of enterprises and organizations of the Labor Code, the terms of collective agreements, labor protection, safety measures, social insurance and security, medical services, improvement of living and living conditions and other types of protection of workers.

4. The tasks of the trade union in the organization are the settlement of collective labor disputes using various forms of protection within the framework of the law, up to the organization of strikes, meetings, rallies and demonstrations, parades, demonstrations and other collective actions.

5. The trade union, within its functions, conducts financial and economic activities.

6. Draws up estimates of income and expenses, may create various funds.

7. Ensures the development of personnel policy through training, retraining and training of the trade union asset - these are also the tasks of the trade union in the enterprise.

8. Develops relations with other trade unions and their associations, social movements, may be a member of all-Russian associations of trade unions.

Join a union

The union in modern conditions

The influence of modern conditions on the tasks of the trade union has been especially noticeable recently, when Russia faced new challenges in foreign economic policy, requiring the search for new beacons of foreign economic partnership. In response to upholding national interests, our state received sanctions from the United States and European countries. Dealing maximum economic damage to our country is their goal. So external factors influence the economic situation. But the underlying problems of the Russian economy are internal. This is the dependence of state budget revenues on energy prices, undeveloped mechanisms of financial and credit support for the real sector of the economy, inefficiency in the structure of public and private management, and the intensification of social stratification.

In the economic sphere, trade unions are seeking to protect workers, ensure stable economic development, increase the competitiveness of domestic goods and services, invest in human resources and create on this basis conditions for self-realization and increase the degree of social protection of workers, increase the welfare of the entire population and quality of life.

The union is advocacy

The basic principles of the union

The main principles of the work of trade union organizations include the following:

1. Joining and leaving the union on a voluntary basis, equal rights of its members.

2. Responsibility of trade union organizations to union members for compliance with the Charter.

3. The collegiality in the work of all trade union organizations, the personal responsibility of workers elected to trade union bodies.

4. Transparency of activities, open reporting in the work of trade union organizations at all levels.

5. The obligation and accuracy of the implementation of the tasks of the trade union, adopted within the framework of the Charter of the trade union.

6. Each union member is important.

7. Election of trade union committees in accordance with the law and the Charter.

8. Independence and acquisition of decision-making authority.

9. Compliance with accounting and financial discipline.

Trade Union - Collective Strength

Union Movement Vector

The main task of the union is to develop a Russian decent work program. Because the foundation for the development of the country and the welfare of the citizen is a worthy work of everyone.

Five tasks of the union for the coming years

Effective employment, a balanced employment market are essential conditions for decent work. In the light of the current situation, the main five tasks of the trade unions for the coming years are identified:

  1. Creating effective quality jobs in the process of modernization of the economy.
  2. Exclusion of shadow labor relations, engaging in work without proper execution of an employment contract.
  3. State regulation of labor migration issues, the reception of foreign workers, taking into account the priority employment of Russian citizens.
  4. The conclusion of labor contracts with foreign workers, migrant workers, providing them with medical care, education, social insurance.
  5. Increasing the level of material support for unemployed citizens, increasing the size of unemployment benefits, assistance in finding a job.

In order to quickly solve problems, the efforts of trade unions are aimed, first of all, at ensuring effective employment and creating decent effective jobs.


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