What is human need?

The whole history of human development tells about his needs as an individual or as a social person. Everything that mankind has learned, for the sake of which it has developed and what it has striven for, is connected with the satisfaction of its requests. Science based on the knowledge and experience of entire generations was created. Philosophy, psychology, economics, sociology, ergonomics - the main complex of sciences that study a person: his inner qualities and character, personality, behavior, based on those conditions (nation, society, political system, social morality, relations with each other), in which a person lives and develops.

What it is?

what is need
First you need to understand what a human need is. This is a condition that is characterized by dependence on external conditions of life and development. If we talk about the basic (initial) needs of human nature, then this:

  • satisfying hunger, as well as the harmlessness and taste of food;
  • quenching thirst;
  • comfortable living conditions (optimally pleasant air temperature, the ability to hear, see);
  • optimal exposure to electromagnetic waves;
  • fresh air;
  • sex as satisfaction;
  • continuation of a kind;
  • security.

Studying information about what is need, according to the points listed, we can state the following: they meet the needs of not only people, but also other creatures.


needs and interests
There is a scientific classification of all needs, consisting of three main types:

  1. Biological, i.e. the availability of food, clothing, shelter, physiological needs of the body, etc.
  2. Social - a person’s craving for communication with his own kind, association with other people, public recognition, etc.
  3. Spiritual. What is the need of the human soul? This is a craving for knowledge, self-improvement, religion, the embodiment of creative ideas.

All of them are necessary for the full development and human life. The interconnection of the three points is obvious: each next is impossible without the previous. For example, a person’s biological needs are such that a hungry individual alone will not be able to satisfy all of his needs, much less improve himself as a person.


human biological needs
Interest in someone or something is a person’s position in terms of his needs and abilities. In other words, the needs and interests of each individual are interwoven with each other, one concept does not exist without another. Interests depend on the status and social group of a person.

Interests are in their focus:

  • spiritual;
  • social;
  • political.

By social identity of the individual:

  • public;
  • group
  • individual.

If interests are purely strategic in nature, the person to achieve them neglects the interests of other people. Therefore, a person should be aware of his personal interests, not destroying, not suppressing, but taking into account the interests of others. Often people in achieving their goals act inhumanly, in contradiction with all existing moral standards and human values.

The article only slightly revealed the concept of what human need is, since this topic is much broader and deeper.

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