Places in the bus: scheme. How to choose a safe place in the cabin?

This article will talk about places on the bus. We’ll talk about which is better to choose, to feel safer, and which is better to ignore, so as not to spoil your trip. Consider also the scheme of various buses.

bus seats scheme

Long-distance bus seats

The transportation of people over long distances occupies a special niche in passenger traffic. It should be noted that there are separate tourist tours, which often use large-capacity cars. The location of the place on the bus, the layout of which can vary with different capacity of cars, can largely determine the comfort and safety of the trip. As a rule, the seat is reserved for the passenger until the end of the trip, so you need to be very responsible about his choice.

Bus Seats - Location

In the fleets of travel companies and enterprises engaged in transporting people over long distances, there is a wide variety of car models. A single seat on the bus, a scheme which would be common to all manufacturers, does not exist. Manufacturers, as well as companies involved in transportation, can equip machines at their discretion, if they do not violate the safety requirements regulated by regulatory documents. Even single-brand buses produced in the same year can vary both in interior design and in the number of seats. To the question: “What is the location of the place on the bus, what does the layout inside look like?” the answer is only an approximation.

Before buying a ticket, check with the carrier for the seat layout.

In addition to convenience, safety should be considered, on which the choice of the right place depends.

Safe places

News feeds often talk about traffic accidents involving passenger vehicles. Therefore, a careful selection of the location of the place in the bus, the selection scheme of which is discussed below, will directly affect the safety of your life.

For a safer trip you need to consider the following points:

  • one of the safest places is that located behind the driver’s;
  • you should choose seats located in the center of the cabin;
  • it is better to choose the seats installed on the right side.

The following places can spoil your trip:

  1. The last seats, because in this part, as a rule, there is a lot of burning, and after a certain period of time there is a risk of poisoning by exhaust gases. A ride in the back causes more motion sickness, and with emergency braking there is a chance of flying out into the aisle between the seats.
  2. Seats located next to a door or driver.
  3. Non-folding seats, usually located at the end, as well as in front of the exit in the middle of the cabin.

Placement Examples

The photo below shows the location of the place on the bus. The layout of 47 places is typical.

bus seats scheme 49 seats

This scheme is typical for the following brands: Higer KLQ 6119 TQ, YUTONG 6129.

The next photo also shows the location of the place on the bus (diagram). 49 places are a fairly common option.

bus seats scheme 47 seats

The scheme is typical for the following brands: Higer KLQ6129Q, Bus Neoplan 1116, Setra 315.


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