Streetball - what is it? We sort it out together!

Streetball is a sport that has grown out of basketball. Many mistakenly consider it to be just street basketball. Here, along with standard rules, show elements and various creative things are cleverly intertwined , mingling with street culture and hip-hop. Let's see what streetball is, the rules of the game which will now be known to you.

Site and team

The streetball court is exactly half the basketball court. It includes a line of free throws, an arc and places for selection. Two teams take part in the game, each of which has 4 people. Three players on the court and one on the bench. More often than not, one judge and a secretary, who records the time, monitors the progress of the match. Of course, it is better if the game is served by two judges. By the way, the warm-up of the teams takes place simultaneously, and the one who opens the match is selected by tossing a coin.

streetball is


Probably one of the most important moments of the whole game is the accrual of points. The ball that the players scored on the inside of the arc is scored one point, and on the outside, two points. For each free throw that brought the result, the team receives one point.

Play time

The main game time rarely exceeds 10 minutes. It is worth introducing a new concept: "clean" and "dirty" time of the game, which is determined by the judge or the organizer of the tournament.
The β€œpure” time is defined as follows: the clock will stop as soon as the ball leaves the game for any reason. In turn, the "dirty" never stops, except for timeouts and the last minute. If both teams could not snatch victory, an additional time is assigned. It is usually started by the team opposite to the one that played the ball at the beginning. Players who score in extra time 2 points, bring victory. Also, if by the appointed time before the start the players do not appear on the court, then the defeat is counted.

Fouls and free throws

First, remember that fouls are violations of the rules. Only four fouls in a team game are not punishable by free throws, and each individual player has no limit. Violations during a throw from the arc are punished with one hit by the opposing team, and outside the arc with two throws. A team that has exhausted the number of fouls will also be penalized.

16 seconds

Streetball is a game with which 16 seconds are connected. This number appeared here by chance. Team players have exactly 16 seconds to make an attack. This time goes from the moment the striker receives the ball in his hands. If there is no counter on the court, the secretary raises his hand. This gesture means that the team has only 5 seconds left to complete the attack.

streetball game

Ball game

After the ball is in the basket, the player of the missed team begins to move the ball or pass it to his teammate directly under the ring. Kicking the ball is considered a foul.

If the throw does not end up in the basket, then the team that performed the attack picks up the ball and does not take it out of the arc. But if the team in defense takes possession of the ball, they must take the ball out.

streetball court

If there is a loss or interception, then players should take the ball out of the arc using a pass or dribble. By the way, to do this, it is enough with both feet to go out from behind the arc. If the judge considers the situation controversial, the ball goes to the defending team.


Each team can get one timeout in 30 seconds.

The most famous team

Streetball is the game that has glorified the AND1 team. It includes only the best street players who travel around the world and always collect full halls and stadiums, street courts. For them, streetball is life. They are distinguished not only by amazing tactics, but also by complete mutual understanding between each other. Each player is individual, and their collaboration looks real, well-planned and delivered the show that many want to attend. Every year they tour Europe, America and Asia.

streetball game rules

It all started with the fact that a thin guy came to one of the famous venues and began to do simply unimaginable things with the ball. His name was Rafer Allston. Soon it became a real attraction of this place, the stunts in its execution hit absolutely everyone. Soon, the video with his best moments turned up in the young company AND1, which produced a sports uniform. This cassette has become a free supplement to the company sneakers. So everyone knew about the guy with amazing hands, and the company realized that the unrecognized stars are what she needs. They were looking for stars, those for whom streetball is the game of a lifetime, and they found. Soon they found Phillip from Atlanta and Allen from Philadelphia. What these guys did with the ball shocked everyone. The company quickly signed a contract with them and released the next cassette. It was after her that everyone started talking about streetball and AND1 in particular. All street players sharply wanted to get the form of an already legendary company. Of course, there are those who believe that streetball is not a circus or tricks, but there are still more admirers of this movement. In any case, there is no one indifferent.


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