Bright pedicure: design, interesting options and recommendations

Beautiful female feet have always been admired by men. It is necessary to properly care for them and, of course, to select a bright pedicure that matches the image and already summer mood. Stylists recommend this season to give preference to simple, harmonious and stylish options.

bright pedicure

Prepare the legs

Pedicure is, first of all, thorough care of the feet and toenails to maintain their healthy appearance, and after that - work with color. Agree that not a single bright summer pedicure will look good if outwardly the nails themselves are untidy, and the skin in this area is rough and flaky. At home, such care will not be difficult at all:

  • prepare a foot bath, it should include decoctions of herbs (antiseptic), a little liquid soap, sea salt and a few drops of essential oil;
  • using a special tool, soften the cuticle and remove it, trim the nails (do this only in a straight line so that they grow correctly);
  • put your feet in the bath and read an interesting book (steaming time - 20 minutes, the water temperature is optimal for the body);
  • well grind all coarsened places with a pumice or special nail file;
  • now work with cuticles, remove all remaining skin, if necessary, carefully trim it with scissors;
  • wrap your feet in a towel, let all the water soak in, apply a good nourishing or moisturizer.

In order for the coating to hold well, it needs to be applied to dry fat-free skin, therefore, the area of ​​nails with cream should not be treated.

bright pedicure for the summer

Decide on color

Today, all the bright colors are in fashion. And this is not surprising. Ahead of the summer, full of positive emotions, so a bright pedicure will be the most relevant. Among the variety of rich shades, stylists especially highlight:

  • pink;
  • green;
  • mint;
  • Orange;
  • red.

Girls who are bolder are invited to try blue, black and gold, and their harmonious or contrasting combinations will be the best option. The only thing that is considered an indicator of bad taste is a bright manicure and pedicure made in the same colors. The jacket looks very gentle on the nails, it is universal, does not take much time and requires rare adjustments. The smile in it now does not have to be white, on the contrary, it is recommended to emphasize it with rich colors - black, raspberry, pink, orange. Such a French pedicure, complemented by a small amount of rhinestones, looks very stylish. The ombre looks elegant on the legs, the thumbnail is processed in this technique, and the rest are painted in a similar tone. Another type of ombre is a gradual transition of colors, when the little finger is covered with a light color, a large nail with a dark shade, and the remaining fingers are applied with the corresponding smooth transition of tone.

Choose a form

This is a very important aspect that you need to pay special attention to before staining. Pedicure in bright colors looks great only on perfectly sawn nails. It takes into account the shape of the fingers and your own taste. Experts recommend this season to give preference to a neat rounded shape, to shape the upper edge of the nail in a semicircle, follow the classics and file all the nails evenly.

bright manicure and pedicure

Monophonic gel polish

Summer will be hot, so hot pink pedicure will be one of the most relevant options. The trend is all juicy shades, refreshing and especially attractive in combination with a bronze tan. An overgrown nail with a bright coating looks casually and unkempt, therefore it is better to perform such a pedicure with gel polish, since now they are presented in a wide variety of shades, and it will not be difficult to choose the most bright and impressive among them. This coating will be durable and resistant to damage, it retains its luster and color for 4-5 weeks, does not fade and will require correction only once a month.

bright pedicure

Stages of execution

Such a bright pedicure for the summer can be done independently, the gel fits perfectly on the nail, dries quickly in the lamp and represents a kind of protection against all mechanical influences on it. So, the algorithm of actions:

  • Prepare the nails for staining, be sure to treat them with a buff and apply a degreasing agent.
  • Use the base in two thin layers, dry it, now you can apply the selected color of gel polish. To get a truly juicy version, paint the nails in several layers, alternately drying them in a lamp.
  • Apply top, remove sticky coating.

hot pink pedicure

Bright French pedicure

It is considered a true classic and always looks appropriate French pedicure. The bright design of his smile will become a real highlight, it is not forbidden to use all kinds of decorative elements in it, the main thing is not to overload the big picture with them.

  • The first step is to perform a hygienic pedicure.
  • Further, the base, degreasing, primer is necessarily applied.
  • Now you can start applying a smile. Novice craftswomen should use a stencil, having a little skill, you can just do it with a thin brush. Choose the most vibrant colors to be in trend this summer.
  • Do not forget about the top coating, which will save the result for a long time.

bright summer pedicure


For several years, it has been a leader among other variations of the nail design and is not going to take them. This year it is recommended to give preference to bright contrasting shades, the transition of textures from matte to glossy looks especially interesting. Experts recommend this bright pedicure in the following variations of tones:

  • blue + gold;
  • mint + white;
  • pink + yellow;
  • blue + green;
  • orange + black.


This year's bright pedicure allows you to play with color, experiment and use decorative elements in the design. Until recently, this was a bold novelty, and now pedicure with rhinestones is considered one of the most trendy options . The radiance of the toes is a sign of true luxury and sophistication, the main thing here is not to overdo it: the stones should look appropriate. They combine well in the following compositions:

  • Bright colors. Solid coating, complemented by a beautiful pattern of rhinestones and small pebbles.
  • Flowers are a classic, not out of fashion. It can be framed by any decorative elements, performed on the thumb or several nails.
  • Black color - looks especially luxurious in the design of rhinestones, like any deep dark shades (wine, purple, graphite, blue).
  • Drawings and patterns. The plate of a large nail can be decorated with any pattern purchased in advance or applied with a brush independently. The summer theme is widely disclosed: palm trees, fish, ripe strawberries - there are an infinite number of variations.

pedicure bright design

Salon nail art

If you want something really original, you should go to the salon, where the master will make a professional pedicure and decorate the nails with intricate nail art. This is an artistic painting, which is a whole composition of micro-sequins, grains of sand, foil or lace. Often, acrylic gels and powders are used to create it, the design is complemented by various combinations of decorative elements. Such a drawing requires a high level of skill, but you can come up with an idea to create it yourself.

pedicure in bright colors

Care Tips

So that in the summer the feet always remain beautiful, and the bright pedicure looks attractive, it is worth observing a number of simple rules:

  • periodically trim the nails, do it only in a straight line to prevent them from growing into the skin;
  • monitor the general condition of the nail plate to identify the possible appearance of a fungus in the first stage of development;
  • regularly use a cream containing vitamin A, which ensures the health and beautiful appearance of the feet and nails;
  • periodically do baths with decoctions of herbs and salt, work through all the hardened areas with pumice, to eliminate brittle nails, it is good to add a little lemon juice to the water.

Pay due attention to your legs - and those around you will certainly appreciate your work.


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