Do-it-yourself aquagel or factory? Benefit and application.

If you believe the words of the manufacturer of this tool, it was invented in order to improve the protective qualities of the car coating, as well as protect it in the rain.

What is aquagel

It is worth saying that those who want to create an aqua gel with their own hands will have a hard time. All due to the fact that the composition of this tool is kept secret. It is only known for certain that it does not contain substances such as paraffin or acrylic. However, why is there so much noise around this new product? All due to the fact that the application of aquagel on the car windows makes them somewhat water-repellent. In other words, the greatest effectiveness of the product is manifested during heavy rain, when the car wipers can not cope. Although this is not all.

Representatives of the company that released this new product on the territory of the Russian Federation claim the suitability of the aqua gel for the body. It is quite suitable for applying it on the metal parts of the machine, and not just on glass. They claim that applying this miraculous product can extend the life of the car's coating by providing better corrosion protection. However, all this is rather difficult to confirm or refute all for the same reason that was mentioned earlier. The composition of the product is kept secret, and therefore it is difficult to judge its effect.

do-it-yourself water gel

Use of funds

Another big difference between do-it-yourself aqua gel and factory-made aqua gel. A factory product is not just a bottle of liquid, but a small capsule containing the product. For a better and more uniform application, a sponge and an applicator are sold along with the container. Thanks to these small additions, it is much easier and more convenient to apply aqua gel. How to apply aqua gel on a car to achieve better results? In fact, everything is very simple.

The first thing to do is open the capsule. After that, the contents are evenly applied to all the windows of the machine using a sponge and applicator. The created aquagel with their own hands clearly does not have such devices, which means there are no guarantees that the coating will be uniform and whether it will be useful.

aqua gel how to apply

Since manufacturers do not disclose the exact composition, some people assume that the basis of this substance contains fatty acids. The principle of operation of some of them was told back in school. The thing is that these concentrates do not interact with liquids or other suspensions in any way. Perhaps that is why aquagel has the ability to repel moisture from rain, small drops of dirt, dust, etc. It is also worth adding that, most likely, free radicals are also part of the substance. They are necessary so that the gel can adhere to a solid surface, such as glass. All attempts to create a water gel with their own hands have not yet yielded any results.

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Truth or lie?

How to use aqua gel is a fairly simple question that is not difficult to answer. The whole interest in the substance lies in the fact that there are very widespread opinions about it in the network, as well as a variety of assumptions and statements. The following are some of them:

  1. Some argue that the tool creates adhesion to glass molecules. This is a false statement, since glass is not a crystalline surface. The gel is delayed only because the glass has microcracks. It is in them that he lingers.
  2. It is believed that the stability of the reagent is high and does not lend itself to anything. This is also a false statement, as road services may resort to the use of stronger chemicals, which are quite capable of greatly reducing the shelf life of the gel.
  3. Another statement states that after application to the surface, there are no salt traces left on it. If you study the reviews of those who used the substance, then most likely it is.

how to use aqua gel

DIY Aquagel

If you summarize the review of this substance, then it is worth saying that a self-made product is a bad decision. Those people who claim to have done something similar and the efficiency is as high as that of the factory gel, most likely, are mistaken. To distinguish a fake from a real tool in a store, just pay attention to the price and packaging. The original substance will be expensive and go to the assembly with a sponge and applicator.


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