Hidden hypnosis

Hypnosis ... What do we know about him? For the uninformed, it sometimes causes an inexplicable feeling of uncontrollable fear. And only a few cause interest. Indeed, a person who has mastered hidden hypnosis has certain powers, is in a sense one step higher than the rest, “mere mortals,” with the ability to control our actions. Thanks to hypnosis, thousands of people were cured, but the other side of the coin displays thousands of deceived, stolen, left without money, cars, apartments, and sometimes lost their lives. Latent hypnosis is also called zombie.

In Russia, hypnosis was indeed initially considered as a therapeutic method. The father of hypnology in Russia is considered the neuropsychiatrist Ankylosing spondylitis (the turn of the IIX-XX centuries).

What fascinates hidden hypnosis? Why such close attention and genuine interest? In a small article it is impossible to describe the whole technique and reveal all aspects, so we will try to plunge into at least its foundations.

It is clear that hypnosis is a manipulation of consciousness that changes the thoughts and behavior of a person. Many doctors today agree that the brain is the most vulnerable place in humans. Indeed, the brain controls absolutely all processes in the body. But what will happen if one subordinates one’s brain to one’s will? This question is just the answer to the above questions: it is the ability to control another person that excites the brain.

Today, hypnosis is divided into classic and non-classical. The first was called Pavlovsky, and the second - hidden. Latent hypnosis is divided into zombies, neurolinguistic programming, waking suggestions (both direct and indirect), manipulation (or control, or hidden influence). By the way, here you can also attribute to everyone the well-known damage (well, or evil eye). Have you heard the expression "heavy look"? A person who has no idea what the technique of hidden hypnosis is capable of affecting another. Not even suspecting. There is a hidden attack. The body of the attacked, sensing the impact, includes self-defense and gives SOS, which manifests itself in poor health.

There are, of course, other types of hypnosis: hardware, pharmacological, drug hypnosis. However, today we are interested in the art of hidden hypnosis. Reviews of those who felt it on themselves are different, but come down to one thing: the lack of self-control in most cases.

It is with latent hypnosis, bypassing consciousness, that the subtlest effect on the human subconscious takes place. Impact begins with joining the object. Either at the physical level, or at the psychological level. The examples described below are not guidelines. These are just examples. Hypnosis is taught long and hard, and it is not subject to all.

If the level is physiological, there is a "copying" of the interlocutor: his poses, gestures, slightest movements. Pay attention to the position of the interlocutor during communication and try to copy the pose. Unobtrusively. Now it's the turn of gestures. Repeat these gestures. And also unobtrusively. The ostentatious clowning will cause irritation and only push away the interlocutor. If you thought the connection was successful, touch your chin. If the interlocutor repeated this gesture, the contact is established.

The psychological connection allows you to manipulate not only other people's gestures, but also, as we have found, the course of thoughts and actions. It is important to understand what thoughts the interlocutor’s brain is busy with, what images “sit” in his head. It helps eye movements, certain phrases in speech. If the interlocutor is a visual (visual images), there will certainly be turns in the speech: “pay attention”, “it is clear that ...”, “look”, “consider”. And the visual movements of the visuals are characteristic: up-right, down-left ... And the construction of a figurative image makes the look somewhat blurred, detached.

There are so-called audials. They think in auditory images. And in a speech, accordingly, more often “skips”: “tell”, “listen”, “listen”. The gaze is directed to the side (left, right).

The thinking of kinesthetics is based on a bodily image. Characteristic phrases and words: "I was struck," "I felt," "felt." And eye movements (for example, down-right) speaks of the recollection of a perceived image: thirst, heat, pain, cold, etc.

It is the determination of the type that will allow you to successfully join the person. And further - the phrases corresponding to type are entered into speech.

Where is this technique used? Well, for example, in the negotiations. Or in the office of the boss. Wherever you need to convince your opponent that you are right. Mastery of the equipment will definitely increase the chances of achieving the goal. Although ... How the card will fall. The slightest mistake - and get the result back.

Is it possible to "stumble" on the masters of such hypnosis somewhere on the street? Yes. And the purpose of this article is to teach you to recognize tricks that maybe someone will try to apply to you.

Gypsies, for example, often use hidden hypnosis. But their method is not a subtle effect on your subconscious, but an overload. And such an overload of consciousness is achieved with simultaneous (mixed) exposure: visual perception - the brightness of clothes, gesticulation; auditory perception - constant changes of topics; kinesthetic perception (bodily contact in the form of touching, stroking (more often on the arm)). Usually they only have a couple of minutes before the victim enters a trance.

Therefore, suspecting (just suspecting, and not already feeling, because you just don’t have time to feel) using these methods, go to ignore: don’t talk, don’t listen, don’t look. It’s best to just leave. As soon as you start to delve into what they are telling you, the probability that you will be “processed” successfully is almost one hundred percent. As a rule, a master who is self-confident and well versed in the technique of such hypnosis is taken up. Your task is not to let such a master come to you.

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