Beautiful blue manicure with rhinestones

Thinking of doing a bright manicure, but don’t know which one? Paint your nails blue. A manicure with rhinestones of such a bright color will surely attract the attention of others. And what are the options for blue manicure? Look for ideas and decorating methods below.

Holiday manicure

blue manicure with rhinestones

The easiest way to make your nails beautiful is to coat them with plain varnish. But you must admit, such a manicure looks too boring. But how to make it more interesting? Blue manicure with rhinestones will look very impressive if you combine two textures in it - glossy and matte. To make such a design will be simple. The first step is to degrease the nails, and then cover them with a base. This step cannot be skipped, otherwise the nail plate will remain uneven, the manicure will be damaged. Now you need to apply a blue glossy varnish in two layers to all nails. After that, you should cover the index and little fingers with the usual finish, and on the middle and nameless nails you need to draw a semicircle. How to do this, you can look at the picture above. Now two fingers should be applied a matte top and then dried. To hide the joint, rhinestones should be glued to it. They need to be mounted on a thin strip of base. And in order to keep the rhinestones better, you need to cover the place of their junction with the nail with a double layer of the finish.

Simple manicure

blue manicure with rhinestones photo

There is nothing easier than coating your nails with plain varnish. And such a blue manicure with rhinestones can look very impressive. But only taking into account the fact that one of the nails will not be colored, but shiny. Where to begin? First of all, you need to degrease the nails, and then cover them with a base. We don’t paint over the ring finger, and apply blue varnish to the rest. Now we cover all the colored nails with the finish and dry them. The manicure is almost ready, it remains to make a design. On the nameless nail, apply another layer of the base, and then glue rhinestones on it. It is advisable to apply shiny pebbles closely. For this, rhinestones of several sizes will be needed. Dry the nail, and then with a thin brush you should cover the space between the rhinestones with a finish layer and dry it. Repeat this procedure again, then you need to make a similar design on the second hand.

New Year's manicure

dark blue manicure with rhinestones

Want to create a festive mood for yourself? Christmas blue manicure with rhinestones will make it great. How to create such a design? It will not take a lot of effort, but still have a little work. First of all, degrease the nails and apply a layer of base on them. Now you need to cover the background with color. We paint four nails in blue, and one in gold or silver. You can use for this purpose not varnish, but shiny dust. It's time to draw. We take a thin brush and dip it in white gel-paint or in white varnish. We draw a snowflake in stages. First we draw a cross on the nail, then add two more strips to it, and now we need to draw branches on each of the snowflake rays. Dry the nails and decorate them with rhinestones.

Modern manicure

blue-white manicure with rhinestones

Unusual combinations are trending today. The photo of the blue manicure with rhinestones, which you can see above, is one of the most popular modern trends. Let's create something similar. Degrease the nails and apply the base on them. Now you should cover three nails with blue varnish. It will be the little finger, index finger and thumb. But the remaining two nails are stained with beige or light pink. On one of them you need to draw a pyramid that will remotely resemble the Eiffel Tower. Draw should be black. Dry the nails and cover them with a finish. Now it's time to glue rhinestones. We decorate one of them with a pyramid, and with the others we post a similar pattern on the next finger. It is advisable to use rhinestones of different sizes so that they look harmoniously with each other. And do not forget to attach two large blue beads so that they somehow support such a fragmented style of manicure.

Blue with gold

Christmas blue manicure with rhinestones

Such a dark blue manicure with rhinestones looks very noble. A beautiful transfusion of multi-colored rhinestones is supported by uncomplicated lines on the nails. Manicure looks solemn and very festive. Let's make a similar design. To begin with, you should degrease the nails and level their surface with the base. Now cover the substrate with blue in two layers. Fancy curls of white and gold color will be applied on the little finger and ring finger. We draw chaotic strips of the same thickness. Some of them can be supplemented with leaves. Now you need to dry your nails and put a finish on them. It is on this coating that we will adhere rhinestones. Choose a large half bead and attach it to the corner. Nearby we place small rhinestones of different shades: white, pearl, silver and gold. We cover them with the finish and dry again. Design on the right and left hands may vary. For example, two nails with rhinestones and one with a pattern should be made on the left hand.

Blue with yellow

blue manicure with snowflakes and rhinestones

Contrasting colors always look very bright. Therefore, a yellow-blue manicure with rhinestones will definitely attract the attention of others. How to make it? It is necessary to degrease the nails and apply a base on them. Now you should cover the prepared surface with color. We make three nails blue, and two - yellow. The two-handed design may be identical, or may differ. Now you need to apply a drawing to the nails. Here you can go in three ways. The first one is to apply the picture yourself with a brush and paint. The second way is to buy a suitable slider and stick part of the sticker on each nail. The third option is to use stamps. But remember that the stamps get along well with ordinary varnish, but they do not work on shellac. After you put the pattern on the nails, they will need to be covered with a finish. Here you can experiment. For example, paint the yellow nails with a matte top, and the blue with normal glossy. Do not forget to complete the picture with rhinestones.

Holiday nails

manicure blue varnish with rhinestones

Want to attract attention? Bet on blue polish. Rhinestone manicure will look catchy and spectacular. This design is fully supported by a variety of rhinestones. Therefore, you should get something like this, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the desired effect. Manicure is done according to the standard scheme. Degrease nails, then cover with base and color. If your varnish is thick and highly pigmented, then you can apply it in one layer, and if not, then cover it in two. Dry the nails and put the finish on them. It is worth gluing rhinestones on this coating. You can lay out the same picture as on the sample presented above, or come up with your own design. After the rhinestones take their places, you should dry your nails, and then with a thin brush to strengthen the stones with an additional layer of top.

Moon manicure

manicure blue varnish with rhinestones

To make such a coating of nails is not difficult even for an inexperienced girl. The blue-white manicure with rhinestones looks quite calm and not very catchy. Despite the bright colors, they blend well with each other and slightly muffle the saturated tone of the neighbor. This manicure should be done according to the standard principle. First, degrease the nails, and then apply the base on them. Now you should take a thin brush. On each nail, a semicircle should be drawn, for which it should not go. Now paint the prepared surface to the mark. Dry the nails and cover them with a finish. On one nail of each hand, a strass of strass should be strengthened. For example, on the right you can glue shiny pebbles on a white hole, and on your left hand - blue.


manicure blue varnish with rhinestones

Winter manicure is different. Someone prefers to draw Santa Claus, someone deer, and someone makes a blue manicure with snowflakes and rhinestones. Consider the latest nail design. The first step is to prepare the surface. Degrease and cover the nails with a base. Now you should take two shades of blue. One of them may be dark blue, and the other blue. We cover the nails with color in two layers. After the varnish is dried, you can cover the surface with a top. An interesting version of manicure when a matte substrate is applied to the nails with rhinestones. After the top coat has dried, draw a snowflake on the finish. We will decorate the fingers one at a time, since otherwise rhinestones can go, thereby changing their original location. They made a snowflake outline, pasted rhinestones along the contour and dried them. Now you should cover the shiny pebbles at the base with another layer of finish. In a similar way, you need to glue a snowflake to an adjacent nail. On the other hand, the arrangement of snowflakes on the nails can be changed. For example, to make them not on a blue, but on a blue background.


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