The orator is the genius of the word

The ability to speak flowery and convincingly, emotionally, understandably, logically reasonably and conclusively is a real art. But just as heroes are not born, but become, so the skills of public speaking can also be formed at home. The main thing is persistence in conquering the heights, which sooner or later, but will surrender to the mercy of the winners.

Who is who

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To get started, take a look at the dictionary. The definition of a word is as follows: a speaker is a person who makes a public speech. This is also called the one who knows the gift of eloquence well, knows how to interest listeners, and manages his own voice like a virtuoso musical instrument. Translated from Latin, the speaker is a โ€œpetitioner,โ€ which is not at all surprising. After all, itโ€™s hard to achieve your goal without being able to speak out! And speech technologies change and improve from year to year and from century to century!

Scope of application

In the modern world, success and prosperity often depend not only on the education and business qualities of a person, but also on how much he can verbally prove his advantages over competitors. By the way, a good leader is also a great speaker. This is very important: to light subordinates with a common idea, to rally to solve production processes, to negotiate with customers, partners for the benefit of their company, company, production. After all, Napoleon also warned: he who does not know how to speak will not make a career! And how important it is for lawyers to own an audience! How many court sentences have been quashed or, conversely, confirmed thanks to skillfully constructed defense or accusation and eloquence! Thus, a true speaker is a true master of thoughts and souls! The same applies to teachers, teachers in various fields of education.

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What is included in the art of eloquence

The energy of the word is truly unlimited. The great orators of antiquity were well aware of this. But in order to hone your skills, to master them perfectly, you need to learn how to manage your own speech well, to know the techniques and methods by which you will be able to keep the attention of listeners "in the fist", encourage them to act, inspire confidence in them. And here everything is important: a spectacular gesture, a sustained pause, scenic entry into the image, the structure of phrases, and figuratively expressive language means. Oratory makes it possible to convey to your interlocutors your own thoughts so that they are understood and evoked the reaction you need.

What to look for: what to talk about and how to talk

meaning of the word orator

We found out what the meaning of the word speaker includes. And where to start to develop the necessary properties in yourself? First, pay attention to the informative side of your speech and its harmony. Secondly, the frequently used vocabulary and intonation. Thirdly, the wealth of vocabulary and the correctness and clarity of diction. The great Demosthenes is a wonderful example. As is known from history, he was afraid of public speaking, his speech was sluggish, boring, inexpressive, tongue-tied, devoid of external expressiveness. To correct these shortcomings, he titanically โ€œredrawedโ€ himself, re-educated, worked hard and hard. As a result, Demosthenes became a model of excellence in eloquence. Cicero, Aristotle, Xenophon and other bright personalities of antiquity to this day evoke our admiration and serve as role models. A sense of humor, a broad outlook, personal charm, impeccable literacy, perfect clarity of thought - without these qualities, there can also be no strong orator. Lawyer A.F. Koni, one of the most interesting personalities of the 19th century, is also a worthy example for studying and equating him in oratory.

Learn to speak if you want to be heard and understood!


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