Bathhouse in Germany: features, types, traditions of visiting and interesting facts

In recent years, a bathhouse in Germany has become a full-fledged symbol of this country along with beer, sausages and schnapps. Baths attract both German steam workers “with experience” and tourists who find themselves in this country. All bath houses are open to all categories of guests, including wheelchair users. The management of bath complexes does not save on the latest equipment and staff development. What is the specificity of German baths and why are they so popular with tourists?

The bathing tradition in Germany has accumulated many interesting facts about bathing events and generally about the benefits of the bath:

  1. It is believed that when a person is in a bathhouse, all mental processes slow down, therefore it is effective to conduct business negotiations in bath houses. While the business partner is in a calm, relaxed state, the possibility of reaching an agreement increases.
  2. In the 18th century, the Germans visited the bath with the whole family and even took dogs with them. Of course, nowadays animals are not allowed in bath houses, but the tradition of visiting the complexes with the whole family is still valid.
  3. Complexes with thermal water are called terms. These health facilities are visited by people suffering from rheumatism and other joint diseases. Such procedures are very good for your health.
    Bathhouse in Germany

Swimwear - Down

On the banks of the Rhine and the rest of the German rivers there are many bathing and recreation complexes, as well as saunas, steam rooms, pools ... Women and men in the bathhouse in Germany will find something special for themselves. Baths are not just baths in our everyday sense, they are extensive wellness centers. Many of them are located on natural thermal waters. There you can not only enjoy the delights of a bath, but also treat yourself with mineral water.

For the convenience of customers, such complexes are equipped with massage and beauty salons, as well as restaurants and cafes. Once in the morning in such an institution, you can build a leisure program until the evening.

Public baths for men and women in Germany are divided into two zones. In one, where there are pools, water slides, you need to be in bathing suits. In the second, where saunas and steam rooms work, you need to completely expose the body. The maximum that you can use is a cotton towel wound around the body.

Bath for the whole family

German baths are not divided into male and female. This is because the bathhouse is an attribute of family leisure. Often the whole family comes to the bathhouse. Therefore, baths are not divided by gender. Baths in Germany are joint, where men, women, and the elderly, and children can come. These are the traditions of this country.

Women's bath in Germany is a rare occurrence. Only in individual bath houses once a month a women's day is announced, on which men are not allowed to visit the bath.

Women's bath in Germany

You cannot wear bathing suits in steam rooms and saunas. The Germans are confident that wearing synthetic fabrics in hot rooms can adversely affect health. For the same reason, they don’t enter the sauna in rubber shoes and hats.

Special rules

Unconditional rules are instituted in bathhouses in Germany:

  • Do not touch wooden surfaces;
  • when visiting, be sure to have a long cotton towel on which they sit and lie;
  • during the session you need to keep silence;
  • It is necessary to arrive on time, without delay, in order to have time to take a place.
    General bath in Germany

Photo and video in the baths

It is forbidden to take a telephone with you to a bathhouse in Germany. That is, there is no way to film this event. Given that everyone in the bathhouse and sauna is naked, it’s extremely difficult to hide the camera. So all the photos and videos of the German baths from the inside are staged.

Visiting bath complexes, you can not be afraid to later meet your image on the expanses of the World Wide Web.

What is aufguss?

Public baths in Germany offer a special type of leisure activity called aufguss. “Aufguss” translates as “watering”. The procedure consists in the fact that the bathing master pours stones over with solutions of essential oils. These pairs warm visitors.

The procedure itself is more like a show. The master jokes with guests, tells jokes. Often all this happens with musical accompaniment.

The bathing master waves his fan, towel and other items. As a result, the steam accelerates throughout the room, and the sauna is filled with an amazing aroma.

The ceremony lasts no more than 10 minutes. At this time, it is not recommended to leave the sauna, so as not to let off steam.

Special aufgusses are also popular when visitors are given ice cubes, massage salt, and creams. Such events have additional therapeutic and cosmetic effects.

After aufguss, guests are offered to drink aromatic tea, juice, lemonade, and enjoy ice cream. No extra charges for these pleasant surprises.

Aufguss are held strictly on time. For example, every hour. The action plan can be seen at the entrance to the bathhouse.

Joint baths in Germany

So different saunas

Fans of bathing ceremonies in Germany travel hundreds of kilometers to enjoy the comfort of popular saunas. Some saunas are unique establishments that no longer exist. For example, there is a planetarium sauna near Munich. In it you can soar and contemplate the beauty of the heavenly open spaces.

In Erding, there is a beer-sauna where a soft drink is offered. The bakery sauna offers its visitors fragrant buns.

In Baden-Württemberg there is a sauna-cinema, which broadcast interesting films all day. In the sauna with an aquarium, you can watch swimming unusual fish. The tropical sauna overlooks rare birds.

German bath in Germany

Thermal resorts and complexes

Many thermal complexes in Germany are so vast in their territory and the services provided that they are rightly called resorts. Such complexes base their healing techniques on the healing power of mineral water.

The most famous of these resorts is Oberstdorf. It is located high in the Alps. This is a great place to restore lost strength and health. The leading specialization of the complex is the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to thermal waters, massage techniques as well as acupuncture are used.

Resorts in central Germany are rich in mineral waters that help treat diseases of the cardiovascular system. Vacationers bathe in mineral water and use it inside.

In the resort of Bad Harzburg beat seven thermal springs with a water temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. It is heated to 32 degrees.

Everyone knows the famous resort of Baden-Baden. It has a developed infrastructure with many hotels, parks and clinics. The beginning of the development of the resort dates back to the Roman era. The Romans discovered the amazing properties of thermal water. They built the first thermal baths. In the 19th century, the resort became known to aristocratic circles of Europeans. People from other countries began to come to it.

Public baths in Germany

Baden-Baden has 12 thermal springs. They help treat rheumatism, asthma, heart disease. Mineral water is used for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as for inhalation.

The number of thermal resorts in Germany is more than two dozen. People come here not only to restore health, but also just relax with the whole family, spend a vacation, relax and get a lot of pleasant emotions.

Impressions of Russian visitors

Russians have no tradition of undressing in front of strangers in public places. Therefore, for those Russians who visit a bathhouse in Germany for the first time, it is not easy to naked first.

I must say that in the culture of the Germans it is not customary to consider another person, especially in undressed form. "Gawking" is considered the height of indecency. Therefore, it is difficult to catch an interested look. In the German bathhouse, women can not be afraid for their immunity, the correct behavior of the Germans in the blood.

In addition, usually in the steam rooms twilight reigns, and to see something is extremely problematic. This, of course, can be a comfort to those who have an increased sense of shame.

There are few visitors in expensive saunas, and it can easily happen that a limited number of people are present at the session. A session for only one company is a completely normal situation. So you can not be afraid of the immodest stares of strangers.

Women and men in a bath in Germany

Usually shyness and shame disappear some time after the start of the event. And pleasant emotions from the bathing event make you forget about all conventions and frameworks.

The uniqueness of German baths

The Germans who visited Russia happily recall the Russian steam room. Russians believe that the bathhouse reveals the soul of a Russian. What is the uniqueness of the German bath in Germany?

In a word, it is difficult to answer this question. Visiting the bath after the bath, you can gradually absorb the flavor of Germany. In the Kelo sauna there is a section created from an ancient pine tree. This place is accessible even to wheelchair users. Unfortunately, in other saunas there is no such possibility, but bath specialists will certainly help “special” guests.

On the outskirts of Germany there is a “black” bathhouse and a Russian bathhouse where you can take a steam bath with a birch made of birch!

Public baths in Germany are truly diverse and unique. Having discovered the amazing bathing world, you can absorb the spirit of this interesting country.


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