Business Immigration to Canada for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Self-Employed Persons: Key Requirements

Many of us want to move to another country for various reasons. Someone does not like the political situation in the country, someone does not fit the climate, and someone wants to get married or get married abroad. But the purpose of this article is not to delve into the reasons for the desire to move, but to tell the ways of this very move. There are many methods for moving abroad. One of them is immigration to Canada through business programs. This method is suitable for those who want to start a business in Canada. With it, you can get a visa to Canada.

Immigration to Canada for Entrepreneurs

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Business immigration programs in Canada are designed with the expectation that the businessman will be able to organize jobs for residents of Canada or he is ready to invest his savings in existing enterprises in the country. Immigration for business purposes is possible only through special programs. They are federal and provincial.

Moving through such programs will advance many times faster, but they have one drawback. You will not be able to choose a place of residence, this will be done for you in the framework of the program, since the country is interested in making you invest where you want, and not where you want. Business immigration to Canada from Russia in most cases is the only way to move if there are any other reasons why you were not issued a visa.

Immigration as an investor

There is a condition upon failure of which you may be denied a visa to Canada. You must have net assets of CAD 2 million. Of this amount, it is necessary to invest 1.2 million in the economy of Quebec. The investment term is five years. Upon expiration, his state guarantees a refund. If you do not have such funds, then you can take a loan for the above amount at the most popular bank in Canada.

The value of the assets includes the price of real estate of both spouses, shares, enterprises (up to family jewelry). You should familiarize yourself with the following requirements:

  1. The emigrant must manage and own a company in which at the time of the move there are at least two employees who have worked for the company for more than two years.
  2. If you know French above average, then you will have a clear advantage. You can apply at any time, besides this, the chances that you will be issued a visa are much greater.

Submission of documents for business immigration to Canada for investors takes place in two stages. At the first stage, your application is considered by the province, and in the second - the security and medical services at the Federation level.

Immigration as an entrepreneur

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The program is suitable for those who:

  1. He has his own business that has been operating and generating profit for more than two years.
  2. Has a business that is managed not only by the owner, but also by his relative, who receives 25 percent of the profit, for example, a spouse. Only then is business immigration to Canada possible.
  3. Has over 300 thousand Canadian dollars. This money can be presented in the form of assets.
  4. Has a new business, in which more than 100 thousand are invested.
  5. You should also be suitable for certain characteristics. These include age, business management, knowledge of the province of Quebec, command of the French language, quality and availability of education. If you are suitable for all characteristics, the Canadian Immigration Service will not have a complaint against you.
  6. You must create your profitable business within one year, invest more than 100 thousand Canadian dollars in it, and hire one local resident to work, not counting your relative. If you are a farmer, then you are automatically exempted from this obligation.
  7. You are also required to monitor the development of your business every day and prevent its decline.

Startup Visa

The startup program is notable for the fact that in order to obtain a visa it is not necessary to have an existing business. This offer is suitable for those who have a fresh idea in the field of technology, and can also invest in this idea. In order for your idea to be approved by the startup program, you need to develop a plan of your own business in Canada.

Then you need to present it to the designated organizations. At this stage, it is important to get approval from the commission. If you receive it, then it remains to take permission and move to implement your idea. It is important to remember that a visa can be canceled if your idea is a losing one.


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In this article, the priorities are aimed at obtaining the right to permanent residence in Canada through their investments in the country's economy, but there is a category of people who work for themselves and are ready to share their talent with the state. Those who have sports or cultural talents, skills, abilities, can easily move to Canada. For this, the self-employed must prove that he has the following skills / achievements.

If you are an athlete and participated in international competitions, won prizes in them, a trainer who has outstanding athletes in his "portfolio", or own a sports school and teach in it, then you can get a visa to Canada. Talented actors, prominent singers, artists, writers, photographers, architects, designers - all those who are able to raise and maintain the cultural wealth of the country, can also get a visa.

Farming people can also buy a farm directly in Canada and develop it. Thus, we returned to how business immigration to Canada is carried out.

Alberta Immigration Program

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Alberta is one of the provinces of Canada. There are many different programs to attract immigrants to the Canadian provinces, as they are leaving most of the indigenous population. The state is ready for anything, including permission to come to the country without knowledge of the language, if only to normalize the population in remote regions of Canada. In order to get a visa to Alberta, you must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The amount of your minimum personal capital should be 500 thousand Canadian dollars.
  2. You will need to invest this money in the development of a farm in Canada.
  3. You must have experience managing a private farm.
  4. You are required to submit your business plan that you personally developed.
  5. You are also required to be directly involved in the creation and management of the farm.
  6. Be sure to go to Alberta to get acquainted with the terrain, climate, mentality. This will help a lot in drawing up a business plan.
  7. After the farm opens, the government will be obligated to help you with finances for the first time.

Business Immigration to British Columbia

British Columbia differs from all Canadian provinces in its uneven distribution of rainfall. This should be considered when choosing if you want to start a business there. BC PNP - this is the name of the program that the government offers for immigrants. The requirements for people who want to participate in it are as follows:

  1. The minimum capital you must have is 600 thousand Canadian dollars.
  2. The minimum amount for an investment in a business is 200 thousand if you work alone. But if you hire an employee, the amount will be 400 thousand Canadian dollars.
  3. The amount of business management experience varies depending on who you worked at home. So, if you had a business and managed it, then your experience in this business should be at least 3 years. If you worked as a chief manager, then work experience should be at least 4 years. If it happened that you were the owner of your own business, but also worked as a chief manager, then the experience should total 3 years (1 year as a manager, 2 years in your own business).
  4. You must be directly involved in managing your business.
  5. A business plan is needed. Whenever possible, when compiling it, you need to rely on personal experience gained during the study tour to Canada.
  6. The most important requirement is to create at least one job for a Canadian citizen.

Business Immigration to Manitoba

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Manitoba Province is famous for its natural monuments. It has clean air, due to the fact that it is surrounded by forests. Cities are made according to the rules of urbanization, everything is convenient and comfortable. "BIS: the path of a farmer investor" - this is the name of the business immigration program in Canada, which offers the province of Manitoba. Its conditions are as follows:

  1. The amount in your personal account must be at least 350 thousand Canadian dollars.
  2. You must invest at least 150 thousand in the farming business.
  3. Work experience should be at least 3 years of owning and managing your own farm.
  4. You are also required to have a business plan, direct participation in business management, as well as a study visit on a special visa.
  5. You will receive a permanent residence permit after fulfilling the program conditions.

Immigration to New Brunswick

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New Brunswick offers the next option for business immigration to Canada through the New Brunswick Nominees Program (NBPNP) - Entrepreneurial Flow. This program requires the following conditions to be met:

  1. The minimum amount in your personal account must be at least 600 thousand Canadian dollars.
  2. The amount of the investment is at least 250 thousand Canadian dollars.
  3. You need at least 3 years of experience in your own business, if you worked as a senior manager - at least 5 years.
  4. You are also required to have a business plan, direct participation in business management.
  5. The program requires that your age be in the range from 22 to 55 years, knowledge of English or French is also required.

Immigration to Nova Scotia

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NSNP Nova Scotia Nominee Program requires the following conditions to be met:

  1. The minimum net worth is 600 thousand Canadian dollars.
  2. The amount of investment is a minimum of 150 thousand.
  3. Requires business management experience of 10 years.
  4. You must confirm the availability of a business plan and provide it; direct participation in business management is also mandatory.

You must know English or French at a high level, the plan must fit the special requirements. It is necessary to submit a special application to the embassy.


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