Shopping center "Sarafan" in Tula: features, assortment, address and schedule

Creating comfort and coziness at home is not an easy task, but the Sarafan shopping center in Tula puts it at the head of its priorities. Shopping and entertainment center "Sarafan" is the first large shopping center in Tula , where the main trading floors were occupied by the most famous brands gathered in one territory for the convenience of consumers.

About the mall

Shopping center "Sarafan" in Tula was built in 2002 by the company LLC Interkomtorg. The total area of ​​the shopping center was 25,816 square meters (16,000 are allocated for rental retail space).

The shopping center itself is divided into two buildings, the number of storeys of each of them is 3 and 2, respectively. Such a division into buildings allows the shopping center "Sarafan" in Tula to accommodate the largest possible number of stores. To move between floors, escalators, elevators are provided, both buildings are connected by a passage located on the third floor.

shopping mall sundress in tula

The concept of the shopping center is simplicity for the visitor, which begins with the fact that under one roof of the shopping center there are a large number of the most famous shopping brands and necessary goods, as well as ease of navigation - the largest stores are located along the main avenue of the shopping center. This makes it even easier for the guest to find the right store by going to the small boutiques surrounding the main mall.

It offers visitors of the shopping center the administration, which is located on the third floor of the first building, an ATM of Raiffeisen Bank, a branch of VTB 24 Bank, where you can carry out the necessary financial transactions to continue your favorite activity - shopping at the Sarafan shopping center in Tula.

The shops

On the ground floor of the first section, a large space is occupied by the BILLA grocery store, the Technopark supermarket for electronics, household appliances and gadgets, the L'Etoile cosmetics store, as well as other small shops, including the communication stores and the sale of the Svyaznoy, Beeline gadgets. and Megaphone. BILLA grocery store holds various promotions daily, allowing you to purchase certain products at a lower price.

On the second floor of the first building of the Sarafan shopping center in Tula, there is a large clothing and footwear store for the whole Familia family, as well as women's clothing stores Dixi Coat, Primadonna, Elina, Pavlovoposad Shawls, Ideal.

On the third floor there are shops for the whole MODIS family, a large number of household goods in the stores VinzerMissis Hatson, ArtRelax, Kleo, "Eliza", HomeTex salon.

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The second building of the shopping center "Sarafan" in Tula is also full of shops. In particular, on the ground floor there is a Uuterra home goods supermarket, as well as a large number of shoe and accessories stores, including Promenade, Paolo Conte, Sasha Fabiani, TONELLI, P.Cont and Bag Gallery. Perfumes and cosmetics are presented in the boutique "CosmeticProf". On the second floor of the second building there is a large Detsky Mir chain store, as well as a large number of boutiques for men, women and children’s clothing. Among them, it should be noted such stores as US Polo, WHITE HOUSE, Real Boutigue, EWA, Classno, ODRY Gianni.

On the third floor of the first building of the Sarafan shopping center in Tula, "Read City" is opened - not just a bookstore, but a whole world of fiction, non-fiction, educational and journalistic literature, where absolutely all visitors can plunge into the world of secrets and mysteries of mankind, stories of your favorite heroes, without leaving the shelf. Even the smallest readers will not be able to remain indifferent to the variety of literature that is presented in the children's department.

Food and entertainment

Two main places of food in the shopping center "Sarafan" in Tula are located on the second floor of the first building - cafe "Pro Kofiy" and the restaurant "Empire of Taste".

"Pro Kofiy" presents a small cozy coffee shop, the menu of which consists of various sweets, in combination with a cup of invigorating coffee making pastime during shopping more attractive.

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The Empire of Taste restaurant (or San Remo) offers the guests of the shopping center specialties of Italian and Japanese cuisines.

For lovers of buns in the shopping center "Sarafan" (Tula) opened cafe "Good Muffin" with a wide variety of pastries.

Due to the small size of the shopping center, there is no entertainment in it, with the exception of children's attractions, which will entertain the child during shopping.

How to get there

The shopping center "Sarafan" is located in Tula at the address: Puteyskaya street, house 5. The shopping center is located in the very center of the city, which ensures its high attendance. The presence of a large number of public transport stops near the shopping center makes it more accessible. Nearby is the city square, railway station and the Moscow Hotel.

In total, more than a dozen public transport routes, including buses, trolleybuses, and minibuses, stop at the nearest stop ("Ploshchad Moskovsky Train Station").

For guests on private cars there is an open ground parking with a total capacity of 500 places (entry from Krasnoarmeysky Prospekt).

Shopping center "Sundress" in Tula: opening hours

A shopping center is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00, including restaurants and cafes.

shopping mall sundress in tula

Nevertheless, the operating mode of the Sarafan shopping center in Tula differs from the large Billa grocery store, which is located inside it (it is open from 8:00 to 23:00).


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