Can I drink beer after training?

Many athletes are interested in the question of whether it is possible to drink beer after training. In fact, this topic is very relevant, since playing sports is not only a method of obtaining serious physical exertion, but also a way of relaxation. After all, itโ€™s so nice to relax your muscles and brain well after a hard workout with heavy weights or a complex of cardio exercises! And here, alcoholic beverages come to the aid of many athletes.

beer after training

But is it possible to drink alcohol (including beer) after visiting the stadium or gym? In this article we will try to give an answer as accurately as possible.

Effect on the heart

As you know, the frequent use of alcoholic beverages adversely affects the entire body. Under a special blow is the cardiovascular system. If you prefer active sports, such as jogging, volleyball, basketball, tennis, football, then your cardiovascular system gets a very heavy load during training. Your pulse is at its limit, your skin turns red, you sweat very much. Now imagine what will happen to your body if you start drinking beer after a workout!

Alcohol is a foreign substance for the human body, and in addition it also has a peculiar alcohol load on us. After an active workout, your heart needs rest, so drinking beer will not be the best solution.

The liver won't thank you

As you know, the liver is a very important organ of the human body. He takes on many tasks. One of them is the purification of blood from foreign and toxic substances. It is worth considering that many athletes before training use special supplements to increase muscle volume. To cope with their negative impact on the body is also a direct responsibility of the liver.

can beer after training

If your liver is in a normal condition, then it will easily cope with various dietary supplements and other drugs. But if you drink beer after training, it may simply not be able to cope with the load placed on it. In this case, it will be very difficult for you to bypass serious illnesses. Yes, and keep in mind that beer after training will nullify all your efforts to get a beautiful muscle relief with the help of special additives.

Effect on Testosterone

It's no secret that in order to build muscle, the body must synthesize a large amount of male hormone - testosterone. Oddly enough, but beer contains a very large number of substances that are similar in composition to female sex hormones. Therefore, excessive consumption of beer can lead to a significant decrease in testosterone levels.

drink beer after training

Of course, many athletes are interested in whether it is possible to drink beer after training. If you do not want female roundness instead of beautiful relief muscles, you should not risk it. However, girls are sometimes allowed to drink some beer. But itโ€™s best to do this regardless of the training process.

A few words about protein

Drinking beer after a workout is undesirable, as the substances that make up alcohol interfere with protein absorption. Drinking alcohol regularly can cause your muscles to become injured. Indeed, in training, you get a huge load, and muscle tissue not only does not recover, but, on the contrary, is destroyed.

Beer belly

Is it possible to drink beer after training if you are trying to lose weight? Men are strictly forbidden to do this, as a large beer belly may appear. But if a man will actively pump the press and also drink beer, then this problem will be even worse.

you can drink beer after training

Volumes will grow and grow (and not only muscle).

If you are trying to lose weight, then drinking alcohol is not a good solution. Better treat yourself to tea, coffee or juice. Such drinks are much healthier and allowed with a diet.

Good reward for your labors

Can I drink beer after a workout? It is up to you. But experts strongly do not recommend this. Some athletes use the promotion method and, after training in the gym or at the stadium, go to a bar with friends. In this case, a pleasant stay in the company of beer is considered an excellent reward after very hard work. But maybe you should find an alternative?

There are a huge number of relaxation methods after playing sports. For example, visit a massage therapist. From this you will receive not only relaxation, but also incredible benefits for your body.

Important Tips

If you still decide to play sports and drink alcohol, then follow a few useful recommendations to maintain your health:

Is it possible to drink beer after training?

  • To the question of whether it is possible to drink beer after a workout, the unequivocal answer is no. If you still decide to drink alcohol, then go to the gym only after two days after drinking alcohol.
  • Also, do not drink beer for forty-eight hours after training, think about your muscles.
  • If you decide to drink beer, be sure to snack on it with protein foods. In this case, you need to forget about carbohydrates.

is it possible to drink beer after training

  • The day after drinking an alcoholic drink, take ascorbic acid. She will help restore your body.

But the best alternative will still be non-alcoholic beer. Try it, and you will like it a friend.


Of course, drinking beer is a great way to relax with friends. But in no case do this after visiting the gym! If you have already decided not to deny yourself pleasure, then itโ€™s better not to go to training that day. Drinking alcohol after exercise simply destroys your body. In the process of playing sports, all muscles are actively involved, as well as the cardiovascular and respiratory system, metabolic processes are significantly accelerated, and the body consumes a large amount of oxygen.

Such processes can be called positive stress, as moderate physical activity brings invaluable benefits to the body. But with the simultaneous use of alcohol, the state goes into the phase of distress. This is a condition that the body can no longer cope with, so it spends its reserves.

Therefore, we can conclude: if you want to have excellent health and a beautiful body, forget about drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages after a workout. You can always find a good alternative that will only benefit your body. Refusing to drink alcohol, you will notice an improvement in all sports indicators. Do not forget that your health is in your hands, so treat it with all responsibility and love. Do not abuse alcohol, and then everything will be fine with you.


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