How to come up with a painting or draw yourself and yourself

To paint a variety of objects with patterns and ornaments is an ancient tradition. But also from ancient times people decorated themselves with various drawings.

At the dawn of humanity, worn drawings were status, symbolic or religious in nature. Currently, the art of body painting has a huge number of forms and carries many functions of an applied nature (from a simple desire to stand out to an advertising company).

Indeed, an incredible amount of advertising designers are struggling with how to come up with a painting of male and female bodies, so that they become their most innovative, attractive and original products. And sometimes models "dressed" only in a drawing are more popular than others, participating in various shows, exhibitions and photo shoots. But body art is not just about those who work in the entertainment industry. For a huge number of people, body painting is an excellent substitute for tattoos, which for all their popularity have one big drawback: the impossibility of painless and traceless information.

The reason for the interest in any kind of decorating oneself with visual means is that a naked body always attracts the eye, and elegantly painted with patterns and drawings, it causes delight and admiration, desire and lust.

What does bodyart start with? With the creation of design patterns. A person with a rich artistic imagination does not suffer from the question: "How to come up with a painting?" He simply creates, drawing inspiration from the natural world surrounding him. It’s easy to come up with a drawing. Some artists depict animals, birds, insects. You can come up with a variety of interweaving branches, foliage and flowers. It is possible to use fantasy scenes, and then the artist draws elves, unicorns, dragons. There are also many special magazines and brochures from where you can borrow patterns. But, to create any of these plots, you need to select materials, as well as learn the basic methods of painting the body.

What is required for drawing a picture on the body? Firstly, environmentally friendly body paints and several sets of decorative cosmetics. Secondly, a set of brushes and sponges for applying makeup, as well as cotton buds, puffs, napkins. Thirdly, canvases that protect clothes and body from splashes and drops of paint. Fourth, mirrors, and a dryer for drying paint. And finally, soap and warm water.

Now about what is painting. There are three types of drawing: manually, using an airbrush, spray paint and mixed media.

Manually - using brushes and sponges for applying makeup (sponges). The background is applied with a sponge, and then a drawing is carried out with a brush, carefully drawing small details. This method is of high quality, but very laborious. In addition, you need to start it with a detailed image of the drawing, without any internal throwing "how to come up with a painting." But, when the design of the painting is completely agreed upon, several artists can apply it at once.

Drawing by airbrushing is a technique for quick drawing and smooth transitions. Due to the ease of adjusting the thickness of the layer of applied paint, the spraying can be only a few crowns, which creates a fleur of mysterious translucency. The main disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of applying accurate and clear lines.

Mixed technique is to combine the two previous ones. An airbrush is used to apply the background color, and a brush is created using brushes. Therefore, this technique is rightfully considered the best.

The use of body painting, along with neylart (painting nails), has become a fashionable trend for brides. Stylish underwear looks beautiful together with an avant-garde evening dress. Exquisite synthesis of makeup and body painting. For example, there is a whole trend of body painting, specializing in depicting a thin graceful veil over evening makeup. It is not surprising that the number of women who are concerned about the problem of “how to come up with a painting” is growing every day - everyone wants to become even more seductive.


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