How to calculate the volume of cargo and how to choose a car for transportation?

how to calculate the volume of cargo

In this article we will tell you how to calculate the volume of cargo for the correct selection of the type of transport. This is the most frequently asked question when shipping. It affects the most important thing - finance. Knowing the volume and weight of the cargo, you can calculate the cost of delivery. For example, renting a larger car in terms of size and capacity on the tariff scale is significantly more expensive than a smaller one. And if you order the latter, but at the same time make several flights, then the result is unprofitable. Especially if you need to travel long distances.

Since the calculation (transportation cost) is not at all difficult to do, we will try to do it ourselves. To do this, we need to calculate the weight of the transported cargo and its volume.

calculate shipping cost

Very often during transfers a large amount of furniture and other overall things are loaded. Their weight is relatively small, therefore, the carrying capacity of the transport does not have a significant role. The important question remains how to calculate the volume of cargo. This is done quite simply. Using a ruler or tape measure, measure all large furniture. Measurements are taken at maximum length, width and height. Then calculate the cubic volume of each item. Then we summarize the resulting numbers. Thus, we received a net volume of cargo. However, there is a slight nuance. As a rule, it is impossible to do the loading exactly. There are always empty places. Therefore, when choosing a vehicle for transportation, let's give about thirty percent of the supply to ensure that all things are guaranteed. Body cubic data is usually indicated in the vehicle specifications.

On the question of how to calculate the volume of cargo, if it is packed in boxes, the matter is much simplified. Use the data indicated on the container and summarize the figures. If the packaging is the same, then simply multiply the data by the number of boxes.

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How to calculate the volume of cargo, we learned, now we will understand the weight. This is also a very important issue. After all, if the total tonnage exceeds the permissible carrying capacity of the car, a critical situation is created during traffic. The car will drive at a minimum speed and create difficulty for other vehicles. An overloaded machine reduces maneuverability and braking ability. In other words, the braking system may not be able to cope with its task, as it is not designed for such loads. We will not further list the technical nuances. Just keep in mind: if the machine is designed for a specific load capacity, then it should never be exceeded. To determine the weight, most transport companies place a special calculator on their website. Or figure it out "by eye", preferably with a margin. If you transport furniture, then the exact information can be obtained in the documents that came with it, or from the seller.

It is worth noting that with an increase in cubic capacity and weight, the cost of transportation decreases. In other words, it will be cheaper to order one machine with a carrying capacity of 9 tons than two with 4.5.


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