Minimalism manicure (photo)

A popular trend in the world of nail design is a concise manicure. This pattern looks elegant and sophisticated, but it must be done carefully. Also, for a manicure in the style of minimalism, you need to prepare a nail plate. After all, such a design emphasizes its appearance.

Subtleties of creating a concise design

A minimalist manicure emphasizes the beauty and grace of your hands. But when you create it, you need to take into account the intricacies of the work so that your design is perfect. The drawing should not be too large and not too small, it must be selected based on the length of your nails.

Also, it should not have a large number of components: the simpler the composition, the better. Try to draw thin and accurate lines, then your drawing will look more spectacular. A minimalist manicure for short nails will look good in calm pastel shades. At such a length you should not make too complex compositions - then the design will be aesthetic. A minimalist manicure on long nails looks good and combined with bright colors. They do not look too elaborate due to the laconic simple pattern.

French manicure

Fashion ideas

There are several options for creating a minimalist manicure:

  • geometric print - the most popular version of the picture for a laconic design;
  • French and moon manicure is a classic in the world of nail design;
  • flowers - they draw not just large flowers, but thin stems with small buds - it looks tender and elegant;
  • rhinestones - you can complement the picture with rhinestones or other decor to make the design look more solemn;
  • abstraction - choose creative individuals;
  • simple drawings.

A minimalist design does not use a large number of colors, but you can combine different textures.

Pale blue shades

To manicure in the style of minimalism include the French and moon design. Indeed, in these varieties there is a simple design and a combination of colors. Also in such a minimalist manicure they use the Negative Space technique. You can combine several techniques to make an effective nail design:

  1. Apply a transparent coating to the prepared nail plate.
  2. Overhang the protruding edge with pale blue. Circle the top with bright blue.
  3. From the top edge, step back a bit and draw a line in pale blue. Apply a topcoat on top.

You got the original jacket with the effect of Negative Space. It goes well with any style.

beautiful manicure

Vibrant geometry

Minimalism style manicure can be bright. But on one nail you do not need to use several colors. This is one of the principles of concise design:

  1. Make a transparent background coating.
  2. On one nail, draw a yellow triangle at the top, and a blue one at the base.
  3. On other nails, a thin horizontal strip. You can have different colors, for example, blue and white.
  4. On the other nail, draw an orange triangle.
  5. Apply a topcoat on top.

Minimalism style manicure with geometry is a popular version of laconic design. You can use special stickers, it will turn out beautifully and accurately.

Original French and moon design

The minimalism style manicure combines French and moon design. It looks especially impressive in combination with interesting geometric shapes and textures:

  1. For background use base coat.
  2. On one nail, paint the protruding edge with blue varnish, and the area of ​​the hole with black.
  3. On the other nail, make the top black, while the line of the "smile" should be slightly longer. And at the base of the nail plate, make a small blue arc.
  4. On the other nail plate, select the area of ​​the hole in a large semicircle.
  5. You can also highlight a small part of the protruding edge in blue, and make the region of the hole as a crescent black lacquer.

For a greater effect for any color, use a matte finish. Then your minimalist manicure will look especially luxurious and noble.

bright manicure

Classic Negative Space Color Combination

Popular ideas of manicure in the style of minimalism is a combination of black and white colors. This combination is suitable for any style, it looks beautiful and stylish. It is also complemented by the Negative Space fashion technology:

  1. Divide several nails in half, making the line between the flowers smooth.
  2. Attach a triangular stencil to one nail, and paint the rest of the plate with black. Also process the other nail, only use a thin zigzag strip instead of a triangular stencil.
  3. On the other nail, attach a stencil in the form of a thin strip, and paint the rest of it with white varnish.

Such a manicure will look especially luxurious and stylish in combination with a matte finish. And Negative Space adds a classic combination of original notes.

simple nail design

Stylish geometry

You can find a photo of a manicure in the style of minimalism with interesting ideas for any length of nails. Such a laconic design is chosen by girls who like a restrained and sophisticated style, which makes the image more elegant. But all the lines should be thin and even, then your manicure will be perfect:

  1. Make a French manicure, just line the "smile" with black lacquer. And for the background, use a transparent coating.
  2. On one nail at the base of the plate, draw a small black triangle. Then, using a thin brush or needle, draw two lines on top of the side of the triangle. Then, at the top, draw two triangles on the sides.
  3. Apply a topcoat on top.

You got a stylish manicure with a geometric print. The finer and smoother you draw the lines, the more elegant your nail design will turn out.

geometric print manicure

Dots and polka dot pattern.

Also a popular idea for a minimalist style manicure is drawing dots. You can, how to draw them one on each nail plate, and make a fashionable polka dot pattern. You can combine points of different diameters, it looks original.

Also on one or a pair of nails you can use other colors. You can arrange points both on one line, and arrange them randomly. You can make such a picture using the dots, it will turn out beautifully and accurately.

simple drawing on nails

The minimalistic design allows you to emphasize the beauty of your hands, so your nail plate should be in perfect condition. To make the simplest drawing look beautiful, it must be done carefully. Sometimes even the simplest strip of foil looks spectacular if you have well-groomed nails.

To create such a manicure, use stencils, special stickers. If you draw well, then you can make an interesting design with a toothpick and a thin brush.

You need to choose a pattern based on the length of your nails. If you want to make a drawing, then try to draw it carefully, so your manicure will turn out even more luxurious. Minimalistic design goes well with any style, making the image sophisticated and elegant.


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