How to make a motor winch with your own hands: manufacturing instructions

Of course, work even on a small garden plot can greatly exhaust a person, not only physically, but also mentally. Indeed, wielding a shovel every day from morning to evening is not the most interesting thing. But what to do if in the winter you want to enjoy homemade preserves made from natural cucumbers, tomatoes, or spread your own cherry jam on bread and sip hot tea slowly, looking at the snowstorm? You are unlikely to be able to drive a tractor to the cottage, and at a cost it will be cheaper to purchase blanks in a store. Motoblock? Expensive. But what remains to be done? There is a way out, and our gardeners found it. It is called a motor winch. How to do it yourself, read it now.

DIY winch

Why do not we consider a way to make a walk-behind tractor with our own hands? Yes, because its design is many times more complicated than motor winch tools. And therefore, this is additional time, effort and, of course, financial waste. And a do-it-yourself winch is done very quickly, and for this it is not necessary to be a professional engineer. So what should you look for?


This unit is the "heart" of a motor winch, because it is on its shoulders that all the work and movement of the associated mechanisms rests. Of course, we wonโ€™t do it with our own hands (although if you really want to, itโ€™s quite possible to make something similar), so weโ€™ll take some unit from a motorcycle. The most suitable engines for a device such as a motor winch are Minsk motorcycle engines. You can take the ICE from the Ural or Friendship chainsaw - this is unprincipled. The only thing is that the engines from Minsk are more powerful, high-torque and start well at any time. Also, when deciding on how to make a motor winch with your own hands, it should be noted that the minimum power of the power plant should be at least 3 horsepower. This is exactly how Minsk will serve as a visual aid. Do-it-yourself electric winch is done in a similar way. However, the performance of its engine will be much less high than that of gasoline units.

DIY electric winch

Motor winch: do-it-yourself cable drum

It is most often made from the rear wheel hub of a motorcycle. Again, as the "donor" you can use the same "Belarusian". More difficult, but less costly in terms of financial costs will be the option of manufacturing a drum from a pipe. Since the speed of a movable plow when loosening and plowing the soil on a future tool will be about 5-8 km / h, the gear and diameter of this device should be selected so that the device has enough speed for nominal operation in I gear. When a do-it-yourself winch is made, a gas tank is also included in its design. No, we wonโ€™t install it from a motorcycle, you can simply mount the tank from a chainsaw. The amount of fuel consumed by the motor winch engine is not so big to use a 10-liter gas tank.

DIY winch

Motor winch: do-it-yourself grousers

As these tools, you can use ordinary blades or pins, welded by a welding machine to the U-shaped lever, which serves as a platform for the legs. Most often, the lugs are spring-loaded (purely for ease of operation). Additionally, you can also install a long lever with a saddle to sit on the device during the ride, and not to go after it on foot. So, we examined all the main points in the question of how to make a motor winch with your own hands.


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