How to read mantras: step-by-step instructions, features and recommendations

Residents of Tibet and India often read phrases from a set of sounds to achieve a variety of purposes. Sacred words were passed down from generation to generation and generated wisdom through color and sounds. However, keywords must be pronounced with the correct intonation and follow the recommendations for reading them. If you do not follow them, then there will be no benefit in reading and desire will remain a dream.

This article discusses what a mantra is and how to read keywords correctly . It describes the instructions, features and recommendations for reading various prayer spells.

What is a mantra?

Mantras are sound vibrations that free thoughts from destructive programs and have different sacred and religious meanings. They are pronounced in Sanskrit and are the basis of transcendental meditation. Judaists believe that key phrases affect the mind, emotions, and certain subjects.

how to read mantras

Mantras can be read in different ways: at the level of the mind (visually), speech (speaking aloud) and at the level of the body (using the Buddha or the rosary).

Implementation levelsAct
SpeechSpoken aloud
MindPronounced in the mind
Body actsBeads are being moved or a Buddha figurine is used

Basic recommendations on how to read mantras

These prayers must be utterly pronounced in order to achieve maximum effect:

  • Choose a place where you can be in a positive mood and no one will distract;
  • listen to the recording to pronounce the words as close to the original as possible;
  • Before reading the mantra, meditate: tune in to your desire, visually imagine that it has come true;
  • select one mantra - this will make it possible to achieve the maximum result;
  • watch your posture: it should be straight;
  • Sit facing east;
  • breathe smoothly and naturally during practice;
  • sing sounds on one key and singing;
  • the number of reads must be a multiple of 3;
  • pronounce better at dawn, at noon or at sunset.

Correct reading of some mantras

Ohm. It is used to reconnect with the energy information field of living people at all times: in the past, present and future. This prayer spell improves the blood circulation of the head and brings clarity, intellectual ability and wisdom.

Very often in practice one wonders how to read the Om mantra correctly:

  • first close your eyes and turn off the consciousness, representing the cosmos, stars and the universe;
  • breathe smoothly, deeply and measuredly;
  • listen to your body;
  • open your eyes and as you exhale say “A-O-U-MMM” loudly and without interruption;
  • after a week, begin to mentally recite the mantra and try not only to exhale pronounce, but also when you inhale;
  • use the rosary.

how to read the mantra om

"U". Pull the sound for a long time so that the sound vibrates in the lungs. Mantra helps improve lung ventilation.

Hut. They recite a prayer spell in the vadhrasana position: sit on your knees and put your hands with your palms down. Closing your eyes, imagine the graphic symbol of the mantra "Hut." The first sound is pronounced on exhalation, passing on one sound to the long "AAA", at the end on exhalation - sharply "T". The practice is carried out at bedtime about 3-6 times.

Hial. It is used for self-confidence and peace. Before practice, they focus visually on the sign. The first two sounds are made on the exhale and on the same note, then just below "A-A-A-L-L". The phrase is divided into two parts, equal in duration of pronunciation.

How to treat a mantra? Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Mantra was treated by many famous Tibetan scholars and doctors. They believed that the secret power and power of sound and color have healing properties. New practices began to be used in treatment and spread, which served as a strong impetus to development.

Dr. Chenagtsang how to read mantras

The treatment with mantras in Tibetan medicine and the correct work with the rosary were described by Dr. Chenagtsang. How to read the mantras, he outlined in his book "Treatment with mantras in Tibetan medicine." He believed that organs resonate with the frequency of oscillations of various sounds. Along with the treatment with the mantra, diet, gems, herbs and external healing procedures are used.

Key recommendations for treating a mantra

Before reading:

  • Avoid lies, empty chatter, rude words and slander - this dissipates the energy of speech;
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol;
  • limit your intake of garlic, onions, smoked meat, and chicory;
  • to cleanse the throat chakra, rinse your mouth and read the alphabetical mantra 7 or 21 times (before reading the mantra);
  • watch the position of the body - it should be vertical;
  • if for some reason you interrupted (sneezed or mispronounced the phrase), then re-count;
  • Choose a quiet place without animals.

While reading:

  • use the phrase in its original form, in Tibetan pronunciation;
  • smooth breathing;
  • read as much as the master recommends (usually need to say 108 times).

After reading:

  • need to blow into the place of localization of pain;
  • for another person, you can use a glass of water: blow it into the water and give the patient a drink.

Prayer beads - immutable attribute for reading mantras

For the correct calculation of key phrases, beads are used. Their quantity, color and material is important.

In the table, we consider what material is used for what purpose.

Beads MaterialWhat is it used for?
AgateFor healing
White or yellow crystalUsed for treatment
GlassIn medicine
Red or black materialFor protection or control when referring to angry deities

how to read mantras with beads

The optimal amount of reading the mantras is 108 times, so the rosary with so many beads will give effect to magical actions and wisdom. During work, they are energized, so for each mantra you need to have your own rosary.

Recommendations for reading mantras with beads

Consider the main recommendations of Dr. Chenagtsang, how to read mantras with beads:

  • the beads should be the same size and made of the same material, the distance between the beads is the width of the finger;
  • the number of beads is a multiple of three;
  • for each mantra use your rosary;
  • the color of the thread should match the color of the beads;
  • hold the rosary in your left hand;
  • old, broken and other people's rosary can not be used;
  • the beads given by the Teacher must be carefully stored;
  • do not let animals touch the magic counter: it attracts energy;
  • keep the rosary in a special bag;
  • After reading, fold your palms and blow on them, then touch the crown of the head.

How to read Buddhist mantras is presented in the table.

Finger position




Opposite the heart

Peaceful deities

Middle finger

Umbilical chakra

Manjushra, Saraswati, Mandarava, Kubera

Ring finger

Sex Chakra

Garuda, Guru Dragpo, Simkamukhi

Little finger


Yamantaki, Vajrakilai

Recommendations for reading the Maha Mantra

To cleanse the mind and spirit, to obtain enlightenment and peace, the Great Mantra of Mach is used. It allows you to achieve divine energy and true happiness.

how to read the maha mantra on the rosary

Practice with rosary. Consider how to read the Maha Mantra on the rosary.

First prepare the rosary, which consists of 108 beads. The text of the mantra must be read by holding the bead after Krishna with the thumb and middle finger of the left hand. So do it until you reach the end of the circle. The process is called japa. The action itself should take no more than seven minutes. On Krsna's bead itself, reading does not occur. To repeat the action, you need to turn the rosary and read in the opposite direction.

How to read the Ganesha mantra?

To attract financial prosperity, they turn to the Indian gods Ganesha or Kubera. They are the deities of prosperity and absolute wisdom.

Consider how to read the Ganesha mantras. The Ganesha mantra serves to attract money and is read early in the morning on the growing moon. Before reading, you need to meditate (focus on thinking about money and spending it). The Ganesha mantra is pronounced rhythmically, but without too much effort. After meditation, the keywords are read in an even and calm voice.

how to read the ganesha mantra

The reading of the Ganesha mantra is best done with pure thoughts near the figurine with the deity. In the process of meditation, you can hold the figurines with your palm on the stomach. During the day, it is better to pronounce the phrase at least one hundred eight times. This will shorten the path to the desired enrichment.

how to read Buddhist mantras

If you figured out how to read the mantras correctly, then your thoughts and actions will be streamlined, and any desire will come true. Mastering the technique of reading mantras is within the power of every person, so feel free to take up this lesson.


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