Antique books, rare antique editions - a great gift or supplement to the collection

Antique books are the pride of second-hand collectors. Still not received old rare books cause emotional awe and a keen desire to receive such an exhibit. To buy an expensive old book means to take possession of a piece of the historical past, to touch a bygone era. Buying antique books and common commercial sense is not without its purpose: foreign and Russian old publications are becoming more expensive every year, that is, they can be a legitimate investment. Russian and foreign antique classics will never lose their value and charm.

Antique book

The beginning of book printing in Russia is considered to be the year 1564, associated with the advent of the first printing presses and the release of the first books. In Europe, this happened much earlier - in 1460. Of course, books of the 14-16th century are an ultra-rare exclusive, it is difficult to get them, and they are very expensive, but prints and antique collections of works of the 17-19th centuries are more common among collectors and in stores. Such old books also have high historical and aesthetic value, and the material question depends on several parameters. Books with a year of release until 1890 are especially valued.

How to find out the value of an old book

Evaluating an antique book yourself is quite difficult. Its cost depends on a number of factors:

  • the year of publishing;
  • publisher of the book;
  • state of the book itself and binding;
  • number of pages, text, illustrations;
  • rarity, the number of copies;
  • release region;
  • β€œGenre” and category of the book (religious, scientific, historical, fiction, etc.).

Antique books as a gift

At the same time, the value of books indicated in various stores, catalogs, auctions and even historical museums does not at all have to be the ultimate truth. Enthusiastic collectors are often willing to pay much more than market value, and at the same time, you can buy a rare old book at a very reasonable price. It is believed that old Russian books are easier and cheaper to buy, but this is not always the case.

Antique books in Moscow stores and via the Internet

Second-hand book business is a rather developed niche today. You can now buy old books in Moscow not only at random β€œcollapses” or by announcement, but also in specialized stores, as well as order delivery from an online store.

Antique shop

Prices for any antiques, and books here are no exception, they vary quite a lot in different outlets, so before buying, study several options, carefully read the conditions of authentication, features of the state of the book and delivery information.

One of the reliable and time-tested sources is antique bookstore and bookbinding workshop "Artel" .

Here you will find old editions of the 18th century, rare rare books, antique children's books, collected works of classics, scientific and historical literature, old cookbooks, poetry and much more - the choice is huge. Russian and foreign books are presented. For your convenience, a convenient and extensive catalog is organized on the site, divided into categories, with the ability to sort by year of publication, by price and time of appearance in the online store, etc.

Also in "Artel" you can order:

  • French book binding
  • leather binding;
  • stamping on a leather book;
  • handmade bookcase;
  • restoration of antique books.

The site gives you the opportunity to order old books online, but if you wish, you can always visit stores in Moscow, at Moscow, st. Sovetskaya (metro station Nakhabino), 99, office 310). Store consultants will be happy to answer your questions by phone: +7 (985) 768-68-22.

Antique books as a gift - an exclusive, exquisite gift

Interest in old folios is growing. And even if the donor is not a collector, a unique book as a gift will surely appeal to him. An intellectual, valuable and certainly interesting subject can talk about status, it is respected. One can be proud of such a gift.

buy an antique book

Even if we don’t talk about interested collectors of the old book, or avid second-hand book dealers, expensive gift books are a great option for congratulating β€œa person who has everything.” You can present a rare book to a boss, a high-ranking guest, a representative of the government, without fear of bringing disappointment with a presentation or being misinterpreted.

For an even greater impression, you can order a French binding of an old book, an exclusive leather binding with embossing, a beautiful case.

Antique children's books - full immersion with a touch of magic

Children's books, fairy tales, collected works for the smallest - one of the most popular options for acquiring old books. An antique book of fairy tales will allow the child not only to learn the work, but to make a journey into the past.

Antique books

Buy at least one old children's book in your collection, flip through it with your baby, show a little paper touched by time, let it touch the embossed cover and tell a little about the time when the book was published - it instills a love of history, arouses a keen interest in the sources .

What if an old book is corrupted? Restoration will help!

Perhaps your collection already has an antique classic, but you do not get it out of the pantry, because its binding is frayed, it is scary to touch the pages - it seems that they will turn into dust; printed characters are practically unreadable; the paper turned black from time to time ...

restoration of antique books

In this case, book restoration and bookbinding services, as well as repair and bookbinding provided by the Artel Bookbinding Workshop, will help you.

Repair and restoration of antique books are different concepts. Repair is the repair of defects, firmware, gluing, trimming and replacing parts of the book; and restoration involves the restoration of missing parts or the correction of problem areas without losing the original appearance and uniqueness. In other words, a correctly restored old book has no signs of repair and looks as if it had just recently left a printing press, but with the quality of paper and printing of its time.

There are several options for the restoration or execution of a new binding for an old book, as well as its decoration:

exclusive leather case

  1. Exclusive handmade leather binding. Even just holding a book in a leather cover is unusually nice. The publications will look organically on the mantelpiece, in the office, and in the ultra-modern interior. Leather binding is equally suitable for an antique scientific book, as well as for religious literature or children's fairy tales.
  2. French binding. A rather complicated technique, the masterly mastery of which is mastered by masters for years. The style originated in the 16th century, in France, and was designed by Nicola Ev. At the time of the appearance of technology, it was called "a la fanfare" (a la fanfare). Books in French binding are famous not only for their beauty, but also for their durability. The time-consuming process is to fix the book block on the cords manually, followed by alignment and fastening of the edges, rounding the spine and smearing it with bone glue. The binding material can be solid or semi-leather. Of course, there are other features and secrets in the technology of French book binding that deserve a separate topic for the story. The collection of works in French binding is a real pearl of the collection and interior decoration.
  3. Handmade book case. If you want a rare book as a present to look even more significant and bring more joy, you can order a book case. Exclusive, individual cases and cases made by hand, may well act as an independent gift. Since the design is developed individually, the form of execution can be almost any. For example, options are common in the form of antique boxes, or phone books. Materials of manufacture, as well as decorative elements can be completely different, according to your desire.
  4. Embossed on a leather book and french binding. An element of decoration, decoration, as well as giving the antique binding a special zest. Beautifully and correctly from the point of view of technology, such embossing can not be done by every master. In addition to knowledge of technology, a lot of practice is required. Beautifully executed embossing mesmerizes and catches the eye. Foil stamping and blind stamping are the main techniques that have proven themselves more than positively.

Antique books in Moscow stores

The sale of old books and, especially, their restoration, restoration, decoration is not just a business or work, but a favorite business and art of second-hand book dealers, artists, bookbinders, who give their soul for many years. An antique book is capricious, like any mysterious beauty, requires a purely individual approach to its uniqueness.


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