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The World Wide Web is not only a means of communication and entertainment, but also a great way to make money. Millions of people make decent money online, and many have turned the Internet into a major source of income. Not so long ago, the Internet was covered by a curious fraud scheme. It is a project called Audio Planet.

The authors suggest that Internet users make money by listening to music. Reviews of earnings on the "Audio Planet" claim that this project has only an original wrapper, the essence of which is to coax money.

The essence of the project

The organizers of the Audio Planet platform promise to pay participants real money for listening to music. The appearance of the site is practically no different from a regular fraudulent web resource. The authors of this project offer users a choice of several tariff plans. They are presented in the form of catalogs, which participants can purchase for a special currency - bits. One bit is equivalent to 1 Russian ruble.

By listening to the musical composition, the user can earn 1 penny. You can activate the catalog for free, since the cost of such a procedure is 0 bits. The average duration of a piece of music is about 3 minutes. Using simple mathematical calculations, you can calculate earnings for 1 hour, which will be 60 kopecks. Given that a full-time job lasts no more than 8 hours, a user can earn no more than 480 kopecks, which is 4.8 rubles. Reviews about the "Audio Planet" are full of negative comments, because the platform takes money and does not provide a real opportunity to earn money.

The organizers offer to purchase special catalogs, which are called tariff plans. The cost of such catalogs starts from 350 rubles. By purchasing a catalog, a scam participant gets the opportunity to earn 0.40 bits per listen to one track. Therefore, the total earnings for a full day can reach 64 rubles.

User reviews about earnings on the "Audio Planet" clearly indicate that it is impossible to receive and withdraw funds even with financial participation in it. However, the organizers claim that users can buy catalogs for 25,000 rubles and earn about 28.57 rubles for listening to one track. Reviews on the site "Audio-planet" from real users claim that this is a scam with which the organizers deceive gullible people.

Online swindlers

Money scam

The authors of the project offer to buy users tariff plans for real money, and then start making money. The idea is filled with absurdity, since a person’s labor activity should be profitable, and does not imply additional investments. Therefore, feedback about earnings on the "Audio Planet" are negative, since on this site you can only part with your own money, but not make money. Participants in such a fraud scheme, who ventured to try their luck on themselves, were left with nothing. Numerous negative reviews about the "Audio Planet" suggest that this is a real fraud and the divorce of citizens for money.

The system does not allow you to withdraw real money. Fraudsters intentionally count money in bits in order to obscure the mind and throw dust in the eyes of users. The authors do not want to focus on money, so they use the term “bit”. The project is aimed at young users who want to find easy money. Typically, among this category of citizens are fans of popular music. Project developers are well aware that people dream of a profitable and easy job.

Online fraud

Project Rules

The authors of the project claim that Internet users can earn money bypassing the grueling and difficult work. To do this, just listen to certain tracks presented on the site. Participants are invited to listen to the proposed musical pieces in the amount of 25 pieces at midnight. One listening costs 0.01 bits, and the purchase of special packages will increase the cost in proportion to the chosen tariff plan. Also, earnings will directly depend on the category of user. However, reviews about the Audio Planet project are full of negative comments from real participants who were unable to earn and return the money invested.

Participants are given the opportunity to earn on an affiliate program by creating a referral network. By inviting relatives, friends and acquaintances, users can get 35% from each invited referral. The developers of the project offer the only way to withdraw funds - to a PAYEER wallet. Then users can transfer money to any payment system. The minimum amount of output is 1 bit, and the maximum is 1,000,000 bits. Withdrawal of funds from the system occurs within 24 hours.

Earning music

Opinion of the participants

Reviews of the "Audio Planet" suggest that the idea of ​​a project for paid listening to musical works only sounds beautiful. In fact, this is a disguised financial pyramid, the participants of which are naive Internet users.

Reviews about the "Audio Planet" claim that it is impossible to withdraw funds from this project. If the participant has not activated one of the categories of music lover, it will be impossible to receive real money. Activation is a kind of deposit, the size of which ranges from 350 to 135,000 rubles. However, even the activation of paid categories will not allow the withdrawal of funds. Negative feedback about earnings on the "Audio Planet" suggests that paid listening to music is just an excuse to lure real money from project participants.

User reviews

Is it worth trusting

Every day, millions of people listen to music and watch various clips. Internet users can easily find any video and music in seconds. The music industry produces thousands of new tracks daily. Some resources offer free listening, others focus on providing music for a fee. The third category of services, which offers users to pay for listening to music, are scammers.

Do not trust the scammers who offer participants in such projects to make money with pleasure. User reviews suggest that you do not need to trust either Russian-language sources or English-speaking resources. Such services do not work properly, and even more so do not allow participants to earn real money.

Online scammers


Based on the above information, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that “Audio Planet” is an unscrupulous money divorce. In the modern world there are many types of earnings. With free access to the Internet, people can participate in surveys, write articles, play games, engage in freelance work, etc. However, the above activities imply a certain result of labor for which the customer pays a fixed amount. Common sense suggests that no one will pay real money for listening to music on the Web.


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