How to make a gate from corrugated board with your own hands?

When constructing a fence for your site, you need to pay special attention to the design of the gate. This is a required attribute of the fence. Through the gate you can walk or drive to the site. This is a kind of "calling card" of a private cottage. Different materials are used to assemble the gates. Quite popular today is corrugated board. This material has a lot of positive qualities. How to make gates from corrugated board yourself, will be discussed later.

Material Features

The gates from corrugated board (photo below) are distinguished by a mass of positive qualities. This material has a lot of positive characteristics. It is made by the manufacturing method of sheet steel. The cold rolled method is applied. To protect the material from adverse environmental influences, the sheet is coated on both sides with a special protective layer.

Gates from corrugated board

After the stage of galvanizing steel, corrugated board goes through another stage of preparation. It is coated with a layer of special polymers. Such compositions have a different color. After such technological stages of production, a durable, beautiful material is obtained. It is used in various construction fields.

The popularity of fences and gates from corrugated board is due to the ease of installation and the special performance of such material. Sheets do not need to be constantly restored. The production method of applying a polymer coating allows the material not to lose its original appearance for a long time. The service life of such structures reaches 30 years. In this case, repairs do not need to be carried out for decades (subject to proper installation).

Decking is lightweight. It is easy to transport to the site. It is quite possible to assemble the structure manually, without the use of special equipment. At the same time, the buyer can choose the optimal color of the sheets, which will correspond to the taste preferences of the owners of the house. Also, a large selection of colors allows you to choose the material that will correspond not only to the fence, but also to the roof of the house. In this case, you can create a harmonious image of the design of the personal plot.

The decorative layer of such a gate does not fade in the sun, is not destroyed by precipitation. At the same time, the cost of corrugated sheets remains acceptable. This makes the presented material in demand in modern construction.


There are different designs of gates from corrugated board (a photo of one of the options is presented below). The gate can be sliding or oar. The second option is simpler and more reliable. Even a novice master can collect it. The design of swing gates is simple. It consists of two wings. This type of gate is not only the simplest, but also the most common.

Fence and gates from corrugated board

The swing gates exert minimal pressure on the supports. Therefore, the life of such a gate is quite long. Repair does not need to be carried out (with proper installation and operation) for many more years. Of the advantages of such a gate, it is also worth mentioning the ease of opening the wings. Loops need to be greased occasionally to avoid creak.

The disadvantage of the swing structure is its simplicity. Automation is not connected to such gates. You will need to open them manually. If the owners come home by car, in any weather you will need to get out of the car in order to open the wings. Then, having passed into the yard, you will have to go out again to close them. If it rains outside, this procedure causes some discomfort.

Installation of gates from corrugated board can be performed using another technology. In this case, the design will have one leaf. It will not open wide, but roll away. It is quite possible to connect simple automation to such a design. In this case, the operation of the gate will be much more comfortable. If the yard is covered with snow, such a gate can be opened without difficulty. The space behind the fence can not be left free. A sufficient amount of free space is not required to open the wings.

Design options

Gates from corrugated board can be simple or have additional decorations, for example, forging elements. This allows you to create an original design design. One of the options for such a decor can be seen below in the photo. Gates from corrugated board with forging can be assembled independently. To do this, you need to use a welding machine.

Wrought iron gates

In addition to decorative elements, gates also have several mandatory structural elements. These include support legs and jumpers. Supports are installed on the foundation. To do this, they are buried in the ground and poured with cement mortar. Jumpers are needed to increase the rigidity of the sheets. If the door surface is large enough, the material may bend when the gusty wind is strong. To avoid this, mount special jumpers. Such trims can be oblique, horizontal or cruciform.

Also, the gates can be mounted with or without the upper bar. If the design provides for a stationary frame, the gate will be more stable and stronger. However, the crossbar will limit the height of objects that can be moved through the gate. Special equipment and trucks can hardly drive into the yard.

More often equip gates without wings. In this case, you need to think through the design to the smallest detail. The corners of the frame and struts will need to be strengthened. This will increase the reliability of the design. For the same reason, often people choose gates from corrugated board with forging elements. They also allow you to strengthen the design. However, the supports in this case should be stronger, as the weight of the wings increases.

Gate width

Sliding or sliding gates made from corrugated board can have different dimensions. At the same time, several factors are taken into account. One of them is the area of ​​the plot. The gates near the small summer house are ridiculous.

The width of the opening should be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the car owners of the house. In this case, do not forget about the mirrors of the vehicle. To the result of measuring the car add another 1 m of stock. The optimal indicator of the width of the opening is 450-500 cm. When choosing the width of the sash, the dimensions of the sheet from corrugated board are taken into account. Usually they need a few pieces to create a gate.

Corrugated gates with a gate

Almost always gates are made of corrugated board with a wicket. It is needed so that walking visitors to the estate or cottages can easily get to the site without opening the dimensional doors. The width of the gate is usually 120 cm. It can stand separately from the gate, which necessitates the creation of three columns. In some cases, the gate is built into the door leaf. This type of construction allows the use of two columns for the installation of sashes.

Construction height

The height of the gates from the oversized corrugated board is 220-250 cm. This requirement is due to standard sheet sizes. On sale is professional flooring 200 cm long. To this value is added the height of the gap between the sash and the ground. It is 15-30 cm. This gap is necessary in order to open the gate if a lot of snow falls.

Corrugated board fasteners

If forging is used to create the decor, the height of the gate may be greater than the standard value. This indicator is determined by the features of decorative elements.

Drawing creation

Gates from corrugated board with or without forging require the construction of a drawing before starting work. To do this, you need to take measurements of the space, estimate the dimensions of the sheets of corrugated board, etc. To create a gate scheme, which will be needed in the future for the calculation of materials.

As supports, a profiled pipe with a cross section in the form of a square of 8 Γ— 8 cm is usually used. The wall thickness of such a support should be at least 3 mm. The plan must indicate the ground level and foundation. It should be deeper than the level of freezing of the soil. Pits usually dig about 70 cm.

Next, you need to think about how the design will look, the mechanism for opening it. If the gate is cut out in the gate leaf, 2 columns are applied to the plan. If it will be nearby, on the plan draw 3 pillars. To correctly put them on the plan, you need to take into account the width of the car (with glasses) and add 1 m to this value. This will turn out the width of the opening. The height of the gate can be different. In this case, the height of the profiled sheet and decorative elements are taken into account.

Doors from the corrugated board are assembled on a frame with their own hands. For this, a profile with a cross section of 6 Γ— 4 cm or 4 Γ— 2 cm is used. The choice depends on the strength of the winds in a given area, the dimensions of the sash, as well as the presence of decorative elements. The higher the weight of the structure, the thicker the profile is used to create the frame.

To create jumpers, a pipe with a square section of 2 Γ— 2 cm will be required. The plan indicates the method of connecting the jumpers. The wall thickness of all profiles should be 3 mm. Otherwise, welding will be more difficult, especially for beginners.

The layout is applied to the location of the hinges, an automatic mechanism for opening the gate, lock, etc. Only after this, you can purchase the necessary amount of materials and begin construction work.

Installation of supports

Gates from corrugated board with forging elements are most often installed on three pillars. In this case, the supports can be either metal or wooden. The first option is preferable. Next, you need to use the plan prepared in advance.

Doors with corrugated board

In accordance with the scheme, markup is carried out on the site. To do this, use wooden pegs. They are installed in those places where the supports should be. According to the marking, dig holes with a depth of about 70 cm. In this case, the maximum permissible column height is 210 cm. The flaps will be slightly shorter than the support posts. If the height of the gate is greater, the supports need to be deepened more. Otherwise, it will not be possible to create a distance under the sash or decorate the fence with forging. In some cases, a recess of about 1.2 m will be required. The diameter of the pit should be 20-50 cm.

Before installing supports in the ground, you need to pour a layer of sand and gravel into the pit. Next, a layer of waterproofing is lined. After that, the supports are prepared. They are cleaned of a layer of rust, coated with a special primer. When it dries, two layers of paint are applied. Then they are installed in prepared pits. Aligning the supports in level, you need to pour cement mortar into the pits. It should dry for at least 3 weeks. The surface of the solution is covered with a plastic film and periodically moisten the surface. So concrete can gain strength. The top of the pipes must be drowned so that no debris or precipitation gets inside.

Choosing corrugated board

Doors from the corrugated board are assembled from the appropriate type of materials. There are three categories of sheets. They are distinguished by the height of the ribs, the thickness of the material, as well as the resistance to wear. You can determine the type of sheet by marking. If the letter β€œH” is present in it, this is a professional sheet for creating hangars or a spacious roof. This is an expensive material, which is impractical to use for the construction of gates.

Installation of gates from corrugated board

If the sheet is marked "NS", it is highly durable. It costs less than the previous type of material. However, the high weight also does not allow the use of this type of professional sheets for gates. Material labeled β€œC” is best suited for these purposes. It is lightweight, relatively inexpensive. At the same time, the material is quite strong and durable.


So, how to make gates from corrugated board? After installing the supports, you will need to prepare the frame. Its assembly is carried out on a flat platform. There should be enough space to fit at least one leaf.

The metal profile is laid out in accordance with the plan. If necessary, excess material is cut off with a grinder. Next, the corners are checked with a square. They must be straight. After that, you will need to use a welding machine. It is necessary to further strengthen the corners with steel plates.

After that, jumpers are welded. This procedure is carried out strictly according to the scheme. If the master does not have much experience in welding, he must practice on an unnecessary piece of material. Only after that it is necessary to proceed to the connection of structural elements. Next, weld the loop. If the lock mechanism is also completely metal, it will also need to be attached to the frame. After that, special elements are welded to create the emphasis of the gate in the open form. They should be at the bottom of the frame.

After that, the decorative elements of the frame are welded. They should not interfere with the installation of a professional sheet.

Frame cladding

Gates from corrugated board are collected on a flat platform. When the frame is assembled, you need to mount profiled sheets on it. For this, screws are used. They should be painted in the same color as the coating of corrugated board. In places where the hinges are installed, the metal sheet can be welded with the same welding. In some cases, bolts are used to fix the corrugated board. The thickness of the hinges for the gate should be between 3 mm.

Decking is attached to the frame and jumpers. It is better to use ball-type hinges for this design. They do not make noise, making it easy to open the wings. When the profiled sheet is mounted on the frame, you need to use welding again. The hinges are welded on the supports. Also here you need to install a visor for the castle. A small canopy will protect it from snow and water.

After that, the structure is suspended on the supporting posts. Need to insert the loop into the grooves. If scratches appear on the surface of the sheets during operation, they will need to be painted over with special formulations. Otherwise, rust will appear here, the material will collapse. When the gate is installed, you can install the lock (if it was not welded during the assembly process). In this case, special fasteners are used.

It is necessary to check how the wings open. If everything is normal, you can operate the gate. If there are defects, they need to be fixed.

Having considered how to assemble the gates from corrugated board, you can perform all the actions yourself. The design will be reliable, durable and beautiful.


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