Modern French with a pattern: photo

French manicure has long been loved by female representatives around the world. With the development of this type of art, the usual classical version underwent multiple changes. Now every master is trying to develop new ways of applying whole pictures using beautiful graphic patterns, volumetric elements, sliders, and stamping. Rhinestones and shimmer coatings are widely used.

Nail shape

Let's first understand what shape of nails is most suitable for applying a french with patterns. In 2017, not too long nails are considered fashionable trends in French manicure. The shape is preferably square with rounded ends, but an option with almond-shaped and oval nails is allowed. Everything, of course, depends on the structure of the nails themselves, but due to the correct arrangement of the "smile", you can give them the necessary shape.

French with a pattern can be done even on short nails, but with a perfect oval shape. Also, to work with this type of manicure, you need to carefully remove the cuticle of the nail and its surface must be well polished.

Color spectrum

For classic French manicure, it is preferable to choose pastel and delicate shades, for example, cream, pale pink, beige, milk, creamy. This simple look is suitable for everyday life, for going to work. In summer it is recommended to add more bright colors. For such a French manicure, the main colors and shades are selected. You can use orange and purple, red and blue, green and burgundy. Now it is fashionable to use gold and silver varnishes with a metallic tint. They look very stylish, especially if it is a gel polish that significantly adds shine and radiance to the metal.

french with a pattern

At the wedding, you can pick up a beautiful and delicate white jacket with a pattern. With a wedding lace dress it will look great. If you go to a party and want to stand out from the crowd, you need a bright and memorable ornament or pattern. Feathering and smooth transitions of colors look beautiful. Separately, the ring finger is selected, which may not contain the “smile” habitual for French manicure, but can be distinguished by a beautiful pattern, voluminous picture, drawing special attention to the owner’s beautiful and well-groomed hands.

Fan french

The exact opposite of classic French manicure can be called its alternative option called fan-french. Here you can give free rein to your imagination at full capacity. Starting with the variety of images of the "smile", which has a different shape, color, number of stripes, there are options for point and from confetti. There is a rainbow jacket with patterns in which the "smile" on each finger has a different color.

french black and white with patterns

In such nails, it is quite possible to combine color and French manicure, lunar and gradient, add decorations at the ends of the nail, painting various flowers, ornamental patterns, adding rhinestones and sparkles for a beautiful shimmer.

Nail design

It’s easy to diversify the French manicure, just add one more strip to the traditional white “smile” - and you get a completely different original black and white jacket. Only the ring and middle fingers can be made with patterns.

french patterns photo

Consider also the option when the image of a bow is still applied to the same manicure, in the center of which a small pebble of rhinestones is inserted. To do such a manicure is simple, but it looks very feminine and original.

white french with a pattern

Simple patterns

Consider carefully this jacket with patterns in the photo. Against the background of classic French manicure, a simple drawing is applied, which is a few thin strokes of twigs in black and white. At the junction of the two colors, a thin strip of shiny rhinestones is glued, which, as it were, visually separates the two colors.

french with black patterns

Even a novice master will be able to make such an option of a French with a pattern, because there is nothing complicated. You can also try to apply such a simple drawing on nails at home, you only need to have a very thin natural brush.

Funny notes

Consider another original jacket in black and white with patterns in the form of a musical staff and notes written on it. To apply such a musical picture, you will need long nails to place all the necessary elements. The notes are different: single and double. The little finger is distinguished by the presence of a treble clef.

French nails with patterns

Such a manicure will look very original when going to music concerts, parties with the participation of theater artists. Such a drawing on the nails and the singer or artist of the theater of musical comedy, that is, people who are somehow connected with music, is suitable. But if you have nothing to do with the profession of a musician, but just really love music, then such a manicure may also be appropriate.

Using black varnish

Now they often use black lacquer in the creation of drawings and French manicure. It can be either glossy or matte, as in the photo below. The edges of the "smile" are long and wrap almost around the entire arc of the nail. Only the ring finger is highlighted in a different way, which is made according to the principle of a moon manicure. The arc is beautifully framed by pebbles of different sizes.

manicure patterns french

The central element is quite large, from it the other parts diverge in different directions in a decreasing order. This jacket looks very solemn and festive. Suitable for any evening outfit.

French with black patterns

The next version of the French manicure combines classic and moonlight. Separately selected two fingers. On the middle finger on the nail is a point arc of black color, and in the end, right next to the cuticle of the finger, there are three small rhinestones. The main pattern is applied to the ring finger. On a pale pink background, a floral ornament in black looks very nice.

manicure patterns french

Against such a light background, he stands out clearly. Volumetric dots are visible on top of the beautiful leaves.

Dots pattern

If you want to do something special and original, then you can make the design of the nail dots instead of the classic jacket. In this case, the edge can be slightly circled, giving it the desired shape, and then set points of different sizes. It can be large, gradually disappearing, with each row we reduce their size.

manicure patterns french

Contrast colors look beautiful, for example, on a light background - dark dots, or vice versa, as in the photo above. With the help of them, you can give the "smile" of the jacket different shapes: square and triangular or standard semicircle.

To put such small dots, you can use a special tool called dots. If you don’t have one, then a simple toothpick is perfect for these purposes.

Smile Shape

Such colored French nails with patterns look original. They will have to be done in several stages, time will take a couple of hours, but then everyone’s attention will be riveted to your hands. The triangular form of French manicure has recently been used quite often.

manicure patterns french

Such a manicure is suitable for everyday life, and for holiday outings. The main thing is that you need to select the colors of the elements of the pattern for a dress or other outfit so that you do not feel bad taste.

Gloss metallic

The latest fashion trends impress with their brightness, brilliance and innovative solutions. New trends and French manicure did not bypass. Often you can see the "smile" made by the varnish of gold and silver, and in combination with the sparkles of turquoise varnish, the nails look simply stunning.

manicure patterns french

This option is suitable for very brave girls who are not afraid to draw the general attention of passers-by around them.

Using sliders

The easiest option for a beautiful manicure with French patterns will be the use of commercially available stickers, the so-called sliders. To learn how to use them, you do not need special skills or special skills. It is enough to soak the sticker in water and place it on the prepared nail.

manicure patterns french

You can choose any option you like for the color of the dress.

The article contains numerous versions of French manicure with patterns, we hope that this will help you make the right choice.


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