What is the value of the 2003 coins?

Most of the 2003 coins are currently a full-fledged payment method within Russia. However, in addition to the payment function, some interest, especially for numismatists, is represented by rare coins of Russia in 2003. The cost of such can be measured in several thousand rubles for 1 coin. Which ones are in demand?

First of all, it is worth determining the face value of coins that are of interest to numismatists. It is necessary to figure out which distinctive signs can indicate the value of coins of 2003.

Pennies 2003

First of all, it is worth finding out which pennies are in demand among numismatists and what is the approximate cost of coins in 2003. It should be noted that the reward for the 2003 coin is often independent of its face value. In addition, rare coins of 2003, the value of which is formed at special auctions, can be estimated much more expensively.

1 kopeck

1 kopeck was produced simultaneously at the mint of Moscow and St. Petersburg. It came into circulation from the year 97 until 2009. Such coins were made of steel, and copper-nickel spraying was applied to them. A distinctive property of the coins was their magnetic property. The 1 kopeck coin has a white color. The edge of such a coin is completely smooth. Interestingly, the St. Petersburg Mint issued several types of such coins. The most valuable of them is a coin with a thickened handle of the letter β€œΒ» ”, as well as a barely noticeable cut on a blade of grass and a visible edging on a sheet directed to one. Such a coin can be estimated at a very impressive amount: its value can be equal to 2 thousand rubles.

Coin value 2003

Another single-coin coin is distinguished by a much more curved handle β€œth” than in the previous version, and a blade of grass without any cuts. Moreover, on such a coin under the letter β€œp” there are additional leaves. However, such a coin, unfortunately, cannot boast the same high cost and can cost no more than 2 rubles per 1 copy.

The third variant of a valuable coin has an even more massive arch of the letter β€œy”, and the sheet, which is directed to one, does not have a clear edge. Also in this coin there is no additional sheet under the letter "p". The cost of such a coin will also be no more than 2 rubles per piece.

But the 1 kopeck coin issued by the Moscow Mint is distinguished by a curl located next to the edging, as well as a thinner bow of the letter β€œy”. A blade of grass on such a coin has no slices. The cost of such a coin can be no more than 5 rubles apiece.

5 kopecks

A currency of this denomination was also issued in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 5 kopecks are now in active circulation. Externally, such a coin is small in size, light in color, without any magnetic characteristics. On the coin there is a piping on both sides of it.

Russian coins of 2003, cost

Sometimes among these coins there are 5 kopecks on which the sign of the place of minting was not applied. Such coins are considered rare among numismatists and are in fairly high demand. The value of coins of 2003 in the face value of 5 kopecks can reach five hundred rubles.

10 kopecks

Coins minted in Moscow do not differ in special value, so their value will not exceed 2 rubles. But the coins issued in St. Petersburg can be rated much higher. The most rare is considered to be a coin, in which the thick letter β€œo” is especially distinguished in the word β€œcents”, and the letters β€œp” and β€œe” are also close to one another, merging the upper outlines of the letters and thin letters of the stamp of the mint. In such a coin, the bottom leaf and the number zero are located further from the edging. There is no border on the bottom leaf.

Coins 2001, 2003, cost

Such a coin can cost up to 400 rubles. A coin in which the bottom leaf is edged is priced less - up to 200 rubles. Since the cost of coins in 2003 also directly depends on their deterioration, you can get about 10 rubles for a coin in very good condition, whose letter β€œo” does not differ in thickness from the neighboring ones. For other coin options, you can get no more than 1 ruble.

1 ruble

As for valuable coins of higher denomination, then 1 ruble issued in St. Petersburg refers to such. This coin has a light color, as it is melted from nickel. It is not attracted by a magnet, has a grooved edge. This coin was issued in limited quantities, so it can have a price of up to 10,000 rubles. However, finding such a coin in circulation is incredibly difficult.

2 rubles

A 2 ruble coin was issued in a small edition exclusively in St. Petersburg. The price of such a coin can be up to 8000 rubles.

Rare coins of 2003, cost

It is worth considering that a second-hand coin can cost half as much. The coin should not be worn, on its front and back side the face value, year of minting, coat of arms, stamp of the mint, if any, as well as patterns, edges, etc. should be clearly printed.

5 rubles

A coin of 5 rubles is considered one of the rarest copies. It was issued only in St. Petersburg. Externally, the coin is light, has a border. Magnet is not attracted. Such a coin in good condition can cost up to 6,000 rubles.

Coin value 2003 release

First of all, such a high cost of coins issued in 2003 is associated with the exceptional rarity of the instance.

Finding valuable coins in 2003 is quite difficult. However, such a probability always exists. In addition, other coins of 2001, 2003 also fall into the category of valuable coins , the value of which depends on their condition. Some of them, according to numismatists, can cost impressive amounts. Sometimes their value can reach several thousand rubles.

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