Puberty: problems and solutions

Each person goes through this difficult but important stage of his life - puberty. Parents are anxiously awaiting this moment, wondering what it will bring and what to expect from their growing child. During this period, complex physical and mental processes occur in the children's body. Hormones produced by the sex glands begin to enter the bloodstream, and the entire immune system is rebuilt. There is an active growth of all organs, and first of all, of the brain. Growth rates in puberty are different for each part of the body, for example, arms and legs are extended faster than the body, so any teenager seems angular and awkward, sometimes because of this even coordination is temporarily disturbed .

puberty in girls
Puberty in girls usually occurs in 10-12 years. Until this time, girls are very poorly gain in height and weight, sometimes only 2-3 cm and a couple of kilograms per year. But from the beginning of puberty, they have a "brutal appetite", the annual weight gain is 6-7 kg, and the body grows by about a centimeter per month. In most cases, in girls, puberty begins with breast growth. First, the nipple increases, then the breast itself gradually begins to grow. At the same time, the hips begin to expand, a waist appears. After six months or a year, active hair growth begins, and about two years after the onset of the first symptoms, the girl begins her first menstruation. Of course, all this is individual and depends on many factors, starting from a predisposition at the genetic level, ending with the ecology of the area where she lives, and the food she eats.
puberty in boys

A little later, puberty occurs in boys. It starts at the age of 12-13 and is manifested in the rapid growth of the whole organism, starting with the genitals. The vocal cords are lengthened, there is a "breaking" of the voice, lowering it by one octave. Enhanced hair growth begins: first in the armpits and groin, and a little later on the face. At the same time, the first pollutions appear, which indicates the maturation of seminal vesicles. The youthful body becomes more muscular, the mass of the skeleton and muscle mass increase. Unlike girls, in adolescence, the nervous system of boys is more unstable, they are subject to frequent changes in moods and dissatisfaction with themselves. At this moment, it is very important to understand your child, because right now he is laying the character and character of the future man.


For parents, the puberty of their children is no less alarming. The son or daughter whom they are accustomed to seeing as small children becomes adults and independent. Now they plan their time themselves, make decisions themselves. They have their own secrets, they retire to the company of peers. It is important not to “lose” the child during this period. This requires a trusting relationship with him, understanding and respect for him as a person. It is necessary to talk a lot with the teenager, discuss and encourage his decisions, tactfully correcting and guiding in the right direction. Only in this way can you become a friend to your child and strengthen these relationships for the rest of your life.


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