What is the weather like in Sharm El Sheikh in November? Relax with comfort

Not many resorts in the world can boast that even in the autumn-winter period their hotels are packed to capacity. In this sense, Egypt is simply a unique country. For example, the weather in Sharm El Sheikh in November is such that resorts located on the Mediterranean and Black Seas can only envy her.

Joy all year round

Holidays in Egypt have long been commonplace for most Russians. Tourists are attracted not only by the warm Red Sea and the rich history of the country, but also by the climate, which seems to be created for relaxation. These words fully refer to one of the largest cities in Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh.

weather in sharm el sheikh in november

It's always nice to be here. Relatively small temperature differences for months make it possible to plan a vacation in any season. Despite the fact that it is customary to plan vacations here from April to October, the weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in November is quite consistent with resort standards. This month is just beginning to feel the approach of winter cooling. True, for Egypt it is said loudly. A decrease in air temperature by 1-2 degrees compared to October, few will notice. The weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in November, in fact, is a kind of off-season during the transition from hot summers to mild winters. At such a time, relaxing is especially pleasant. The sun does not burn the skin, and the water remains warm. This is a real paradise for those who are strongly contraindicated in high temperature overloads. Many people believe that the weather in Sharm el-Sheikh in November is a real velvet season, when there are no strong winds, and the heat does not interfere with excursions.

Temperature features

In November, the cold season conditionally begins in Egypt. This leads to a decrease in temperature. True, the difference is so small that, in principle, you can not pay attention to it.

temperature in Sharm El Sheikh in November

The temperature in Sharm el-Sheikh in November in the afternoon keeps at about +27 degrees. True, this figure may vary depending on the year. At night, the air cools a little and the scale in the thermometer does not rise above +18 degrees. This is not small, but such a difference during the day is already quite noticeable. As winter approaches, the days become shorter, and during daylight hours the sun does not have time to properly warm the air and the earth. The Egyptians are already getting cold in such conditions, and for the Russians there is a real expanse. You can enjoy a lot of swimming and lie on the beach without fear of sunburn. The temperature in Sharm el-Sheikh in November is relatively stable, because even at this time there are practically no winds. All this thanks to the nearby mountain ranges that protect the peninsula from cool air masses.

Rest in the winter season

In recent years, many have expressed a desire to go to Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh in November is perfect for a real vacation. At this time, tourists are becoming much less, which allows to solve the problem with empty seats on the beach. It is rare to meet vacationers with children. Rental points are free, and there are always those who wish to ride a banana, dive or surf. And those who just need to splash in the water, can safely go to the pool. True, at this time of the year, one must take into account the fact that during the night the water cools down very much and warms up only for dinner. In the early morning it is still cool and only seasoned lovers can swim. For such cases, many hotels have heated pools.

egypt sharm el sheikh in november

They partly smooth out the features of the November weather. But this is exactly what attracts some tourists. In November, those who do not need to grill on the beach until black go to Sharm. For locals, this time of year is just β€œterrible cold.”

Sea in autumn

According to statistics, the largest influx of tourists in Egypt is observed in spring and autumn. In summer, not everyone can withstand the terrible heat, and in winter, many do not like the evening coolness. For a good vacation, many people go to Sharm El Sheikh. The water temperature in November, however, is not so high as in the summer. The sea does not have time to warm up above + 22-25 degrees. The Russians, as residents of the middle zone, is quite enough.

sharm el sheikh november water temperature

But most people still perceive beach vacations when the water is like going to fresh milk. This is especially noticeable in the number of diving enthusiasts. Of course, it is more pleasant to descend to greater depths when the ambient temperature is higher. But such little things do not stop divers. The desire to see the richest underwater world and excellent coral reefs conquers all fears and makes you forget about the inconvenience. Precipitation is possible in principle this month, but local residents have not remembered the rains in the vicinity of the city for a long time. For tourists, this is another serious plus in favor of a trip here.

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