Chocolate "Marabu": assortment, composition, reviews

The assortment of sweets and the number of companies producing them are increasing year by year. A special place among them is chocolate. Yes, it’s for him that a lot of sweet tooth around the world goes crazy. And, of course, even among the producers of this delicacy there are favorites. One of them is the company Marabou, which will be discussed later.

Marabou chocolate is produced in Finland, the company has a hundred-year history. Marabu currently officially delivers its products to the Swedish royal court.


Chocolate with orange

This company began its production in 1916 and continues to delight the sweet tooth of the whole world now. Despite such popularity, the original chocolate recipe was kept in the strictest confidence. This information was so confidential that they did not dare to disclose it to the last. Indeed, Marabu products have a memorable taste, so leaving the cooking secret was a perfectly rational decision. Indeed, thanks to this, chocolate retained its popularity and occupied its own niche in the market of sweets.

Until 1960, the stork was the symbol of Marabou chocolate, but later it was replaced with the rounded letter "M". In 1993, Marabu was merged with Freya. Later, both entities were acquired by Kraft Foods. The quality of this chocolate was recognized by the King of Sweden, which already allows us to think about its perfect taste.

What is interesting is that even after the Kraft Foods corporation joined Marabu, the secret of chocolate and all the nuances of the recipe remained unsolved. Therefore, even on the Internet you will not find information about the technology of its manufacture.

Chocolate "Marabu" has gained worldwide recognition: in the countries of Europe, Russia and the East. The company launched into production a large assortment of tiles with a variety of fillings and tastes, which sometimes amaze even the gourmet sweet tooth.


Chocolate "Marabu" from Finland is rightfully considered one of the best and has an assortment of befitting status. In addition to classic milk chocolate, the company produces mouth-watering tiles with the following fillings:

  • with an orange;
  • with slices of strawberries;
  • with licorice;
  • with slices of almonds;
  • with hazelnuts;
  • with mint and almonds;
  • with whole nuts;
  • with pieces of caramel;
  • with blueberries;
  • with raspberries.

For lovers of dark chocolate, the assortment is also not bad:

  • with 70% cocoa content;
  • with an orange;
  • with mint;
  • with 86% cocoa content;
  • with nougat and hazelnuts;
  • with lemon and ginger;
  • with almonds;
  • with creamy mousse;
  • with raspberry slices.

In addition, there is a favorite of many white chocolate.

The composition of the classic Marabu chocolate without additives includes sugar, cocoa butter, grated cocoa, powdered whey (milk), skimmed milk powder, butter, whey (milk), emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavoring. May contain leftover nuts and wheat. The share of cocoa is at least 30%.

Tile Sizes:

  • height 100.0 mm;
  • width 215.0 mm;
  • thickness 10.0 mm.

100 g of classic milk chocolate contains:

  • fats - 31.5 g, including saturated 18 g;
  • carbohydrates - 59 g;
  • dietary fiber - 1.7 g;
  • proteins - 4 g;
  • salt - 0.53 g.

Energy value: 2255 kJ / 540 kcal.

Royal chocolate requires proper storage. It should be stored at room temperature, but it is better to put the open packaging in the refrigerator.

The most popular tastes

mint chocolate
  1. Chocolate with licorice. Everyone heard that liquorice is used to make cough syrup, but the fact that it is added to chocolate is a surprise to many.
  2. Chocolate "Marabu" with mint. The sweetness of milk tiles is pleasantly emphasized by fresh mint.
  3. With whole nuts.
  4. Chocolate "Marabu" with orange.
  5. With sea salt.
  6. Classic milk chocolate.
  7. With raisins and almonds.
  8. Classic dark chocolate.


Milk chocolate bar
  1. Chocolate "Marabu" with liquorice is either disgusting or joy. This unusual combination of tastes will appeal to the most fastidious sweet tooth.
  2. Chocolate "Marabu" with mint. The addition of peppermint caramel brings something unusual and attractive to this sweetness. The incredible taste of milk chocolate is complemented by the freshness of mint, which will not leave anyone indifferent.
  3. Marabu chocolate with sea salt is a very unexpected, but pleasant combination in its own way - sweet milk chocolate and salted waffles. Having tried once, you will once and for all be convinced that it is not only unusual, but also incredibly tasty.
  4. Chocolate "Marabu" with orange - an unforgettable and very pleasant taste of classic chocolate and slices of juicy orange. The most avid lover of sweets will not resist him.
  5. Classic milk chocolate will appeal to lovers and lovers of this product. Milk chocolate prepared according to all traditions has an incredible taste.
  6. The unique and rich taste of classic dark chocolate will forever fall into the soul of anyone.
  7. With whole nuts - one of the favorite species with fans around the world.
  8. Chocolate with raisins and almonds is a very delicate and soft combination. Sweet, classic and very memorable.


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