how to make claydite-concrete blocks with your own hands

For the construction of a small structure, building material is needed, with which you can easily and quickly realize your ideas. For such purposes, durable and modern expanded clay concrete blocks may be suitable . They are light, hold heat well and with their help you can quickly build the necessary object. Few people know, but claydite-concrete blocks with their own hands can be made at home.

claydite-concrete blocks with their own hands

For the very process of manufacturing such blocks, you will need sand, water, expanded clay, cement, a vibrating machine, a steel plate. No need to exert much effort, the production of these products is a fairly easy and burdensome process. The composition of expanded clay concrete itself consists of sand, cement and expanded clay granules.

To get started, prepare the following components in the required proportions: three parts of sand, one part of water and one part of dry cement, six parts of expanded clay granules. Add this mixture to the electric concrete mixer in a certain sequence: water, expanded clay, cement. Thus, claydite-concrete blocks with their own hands are now in the initial stage of manufacture. Stir the solution for several minutes without stopping the process for a minute. The readiness stage is defined as follows: if you take the solution in the palm of your hand, then it should flow out of it.

expanded clay composition

As can be understood from the above, the manufacture of expanded clay concrete is not a difficult procedure at all, you just need to carefully monitor the sequence of laying components in a concrete mixer so as not to disrupt the technological process of manufacturing the mortar.

Next, using a pre-prepared vibrating machine, we form expanded clay concrete block. We place the steel plate in the mold, filling the prepared mixture. After we turn on the motor of the unit - the upper part of the machine should begin to vibrate actively. This is a necessary process. It is necessary that excess air comes out and the composition of the future unit is evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of the product. Do not forget to remove all excess claydite concrete mortar. Now claydite-concrete blocks with their own hands are already ready, it is only necessary to raise the plate with the block. Twist the handle of the vibrating machine well - and then the block will be removed.

production of expanded clay concrete

Now begins the final stage of manufacture. Soon, claydite-concrete blocks made with their own hands will go to dry. In no case do not rush and do not remove the steel plates ahead of time. A minimum of two days must pass before the expanded clay concrete blocks finally dry out. Only after this time will it be possible to release the block - and only then will it be completely ready for use.

The manufacture of expanded clay blocks at home will help to save the necessary money. Free money can be spent on the interior decoration of the room or for other construction purposes.


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