How to connect a do-it-yourself washing machine

To connect a newly purchased washing machine, it is not necessary to call a specialist. You just need to find detailed instructions and listen to the manufacturer's recommendations. After that, you can find the answer to the question: "How to connect a washing machine?". But first, you need to purchase the right model and choose the installation location.

Where to put it?

Before you connect the washing machine to the sewer, it is wise to approach the choice of place. It is clear that such a unit requires the connection of water and sewage. Constant permutations are not always convenient. From this it is clear that before you connect the washing machine, you need to consider some factors:

  • The presence of a constant source of water.
  • Connection to electricity without adapters and extension cords.
  • Flat floor. Well, if you make a pedestal of concrete, as during the washing process there is maximum vibration.
  • Aesthetics. It is desirable that the car fits well into the interior of the room.
  • An opportunity to approach from any side.
connect the washing machine

Most often, these units are installed in the bathroom. This is a standard location because there is water access and a drainage facility. But there are also disadvantages. Since the room is small, you have to look for a miniature model of the unit. There is another point - this is increased humidity, which contributes to a disruption in the operation of the wiring and parts of the machine itself.

Kitchen installation

The machine is mounted under the sink or near the sink. Everyone understands that this room is rarely a large area. So, additional installation will interfere. Do not forget that the humidity level and temperature indicators can be higher than that allowed when operating the unit. Some make repairs so that they can be integrated.

Other premises

Sometimes itโ€™s convenient to place and connect the washing machine in the hallway, pantry and other utility room. There are also disadvantages. This is a supply of water. You will have to use various tricks to organize the operation of the device.

Ready to Install

How to connect a washing machine? After the acquisition, the machine is delivered to the house in its original packaging. The entire unit is fully protected and no damage is allowed. Therefore, before connecting the washing machine, the fixing bolts, nuts and clamps are removed. There are three main steps to follow:

  1. There are fixing components on the back of the wall. They serve for rigidity. They are being cleaned. In addition, they help fix all cords and hoses.
  2. After the wooden pieces laid between the tank and the body of the device are removed.
  3. The drum is fixed using the same bolts. In the kit there are plugs that are placed in the holes that appear.
connect the washing machine

You should not throw away the whole set of fasteners, because they may be required during transportation to the store or service. To cope with such a task at the first stage is not difficult.

How to connect a washing machine?

It is clear that before starting you need to perform the basic steps that will lead to the correct operation of the unit:

  • Using the building level, you need to correctly and evenly set the device.
  • Connect to a source of water consumption.
  • Make a conclusion to the drain of the drain hose so that the work program can be started.
  • For the motor to work, it is worth making the wiring.
how to connect a washing machine

To make it clearer, you need to consider each step in detail and find out the features of the work.


It is clear that, before connecting the engine from the washing machine, you need to consider all the features. Many say that the main thing is to make a sustainable foundation. The main requirements should be highlighted:

  • Only a horizontal surface is needed.
  • Swinging to the sides is not allowed.
  • Need protection against vibrations and other influences that occur during operation.

If the house does not have such a reason, do not install it somewhere. It is necessary to create a floor from a sand-cement mixture or otherwise strengthen the coating under the unit. Once the first step is completed, it is worth thinking about the further process. The machine is unpacked, the pedestal is ready, you can put it. Checking the horizontal surface. A large error cannot be allowed. Otherwise, the vibration level during operation becomes noticeable. You can regulate with the help of legs that can be twisted. No need to apply any linings, otherwise they will slip out and lead to trouble. The presence of tiles can be sealed with a rubber mat.

connect the machine

When the machine is fully installed, tighten the legs and lock. In order for the procedure to be performed correctly, you must follow simple rules:

  • Use legs. You can achieve stability of the machine if it is located on the most even surface.
  • When the floor has a large slope, it is worth using additional fasteners. This is an additional fix.
  • Before connecting the washing machine yourself, it is important to check the reliability of the installation. To do this, sway from side to side diagonally.

If each step was correctly observed, then even minimal swaying will not occur. When all actions are performed without violations, you can move on.

Water connection

It is believed that this is a difficult stage. How to connect the washing machine to the water supply? To perform this work, you need to do a number of simple manipulations:

  • Assess the location of the unit to correctly select the size of the hose, the necessary fittings and fittings.
  • When determining the length of flexible pipes, you need to pay attention to their place of fixation. Usually these are plots of furniture. It is important that the flexible pipes do not interfere with the view and movement.
  • Usually, the necessary component elements come with the machine, but in practice they are few. Therefore, you need to measure everything well and, if necessary, buy more so that there is no strong stretch.
  • Will have to buy a ball valve and valve. Without them, it will not be possible to fix the unit at the water supply source. Devices are selected taking into account the existing water supply design.

Most often, direct cutting into the water supply is used so that there is no additional load. Although sometimes use fasteners at the mixer.

how to connect a washing machine

How to connect a washing machine to the bathroom? The mortise clamp can be a great way to hook the machine to a water source. Everyone decides what is available in order for the unit to start functioning.

How to connect the electric motor from the washing machine?

To do this, you need to deal with wires of different colors present on the motor:

  • Two white wires come from the tachogenerator, we do not need them.
  • How to connect the motor from the washing machine? Brown and red go to the winding to the stator and rotor.
  • Gray and green are connected to graphite brushes.

Here's how to connect the motor from the washing machine with your own hands.

What will be required in the process of work?

In order not to stop, you will have to prepare the appropriate set of tools. Before connecting a washing machine, it is important to decide which pipe it will be mounted on. When making a connection with a metal pipe, you will have to arm yourself with an adjustable and wrench, as well as hermetic materials. As such, the Fum tape is used.

When working with plastic, you need to prepare more material. These are soldering equipment, suitable fittings, pipes themselves. Once everything you need is assembled, you can begin to work. How to connect the washing machine yourself to the water supply? The first thing that is done is fixing the hose. The latter is included. If it is absent, then it is worth buying. It is important not to save on length. To do this, elementary actions are performed:

  • The filter is fixed at the end of the hose. Its convex side should be at the outlet of the unit.
  • Secure the hose mounting location with a nut. This is done by hand. Do not use adjustable wrenches so as not to break the thread. Rubber seals must not be overlooked. They help make the structure airtight.
how to connect the car

Only after the procedures have been carried out, a hose is supplied to the machine and water is turned on. Here, everyone decides for himself which method will be relevant for his apartment. Important points are noted in full.

Toilet connection

How to connect a washing machine? Better to choose a quick way. It is used most often. There is nothing complicated in the process, so everyone will cope with the task. The source of water will be a toilet bowl. Here's what to do:

  • Remove flexible wiring.
  • Attach a tee.
  • Secure the hose through the stopcock so that water is supplied.

This method is suitable if the car is in the bathroom. With a different arrangement, this is unrealistic. The fact is that the distance of the hoses should be small.

Mixer connection

The method is simple and often used. You need to purchase a tee in which you can place the crane. We need to connect to a source of cold water. Many note that this method is simple and can withstand any load. But cons can not be ruled out. This is finding the hose in sight. The only option to hide it is to build a specially designed box.

How to join a plastic pipe?

Today, many began to use metal-plastic constructions because of their unpretentiousness, simplicity, and long service life. Need to make a cut. The wiring and tee are installed in it, after which the connection of the automatic machine is already done. To succeed in performing such manipulations, it is required:

  • Block the water.
  • Drill a hole.
  • Choose the right tee in size.
  • Make a cutout in accordance with the adapter.
  • Fasten the device itself and the nut.
  • Flare up in the joint.
  • Fit pipe to fitting fitting.
  • Tighten the connection as much as possible and do not forget about the seal.

Before making the insert, it is worth attaching the stopcock. So do the masters in order not to damage the pipe elsewhere. After that, water hoses are already mounted. When there is a soldering iron, then it fixes fasteners and pipes. Shut-off valves are always mounted for water supply and in case of emergency, so that it is possible to close the flow.

Sometimes itโ€™s enough just to place a source of water in any accessible place near the main pipe. Can I connect a washing machine this way? The answer of the masters is positive, but you will need a clamp from the clip with a threaded tap. When buying, you need to take along an indicator of the diameter of the pipe so that the fitting is the same.


how to connect a washing machine

An important point in the whole structure in the process of connecting the machine to the water will be a collapsible clip. Be sure to insert a seal to prevent leaks. The adapter is fixed and will cut off the water supply if necessary. A hole is made using a pipe. The tap for coupling coupling is connected. Everyone decides which device will be more convenient to use.

Fixing to the drain

After washing, dirty water should go somewhere. How to connect a washing machine? The video in the article will help answer this question. In the process, really apply any system:

  • Temporary. The hose goes to the toilet or bathroom.
  • Permanent design.

In the first embodiment, there is a hose that is fixed to the bathtub or toilet and is washed and drained. And the second scheme implies the presence of a drain siphon, into which the hose from the machine is introduced. Many bypass the siphon and direct the drain from the washing machine directly into the sewer pipe. In this case, the tee is fixed as an additional output.

The manufacturer always gives the maximum information in the documents about his device. It must be studied. When connecting to a network, there are no specific or unique techniques. This must be done safely. Once the actions are completed, you should perform the first start and consider the process. It is important that there are no leaks, both in the water supply and in the drainage structure. The operation of the machine should be uniform and smooth.


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