How to make do-it-yourself drainage wells

DIY drainage wells
To prevent the destruction of the foundation of your house and adjust the balance of groundwater, it is very important to equip your site with a special engineering structure, which consists of a network of perforated pipes and several wells. The drainage system is quite simple in its execution. Just read the instructions for its device and use some practical tips. Everyone will be able to build drainage wells on their site with their own hands, without resorting to specialized assistance. This, you must agree, cannot but rejoice, since it will significantly save your money. Based on this, today we will talk about how to make drainage wells with our own hands.

The main types of structures

Do-it- yourself drainage wells on the site should be based on their purpose. There are several types of designs:

1. Swivel . They are located in places where the pipe bends and sets the direction for the flow of water. It is installed at every second turn to provide free access to the entire system and its maintenance.

2. Lookouts . They are also called inspection. They make it possible to control the operation of the drainage system and carry out its cleaning by a pressure jet.

3. Absorbing or filtering . Usually presented in two versions - reinforced concrete rings or a plastic container. To implement water filtration, it is necessary to make a crushed stone layer. From above, such a well is covered with geotextiles, for example, dornite, and then sod is laid.

4. Collector . They are the end point of the entire drainage system. They collect moisture in the absence of other absorption systems.

Device and structure

do-it-yourself drainage
Whatever you want to make drainage wells with your own hands, remember that they all have a typical construction scheme.

  • A hatch that acts as a cover. Through it you can get into internal communications.
  • The neck is the bearing component of the drainage well.
  • Mine is the main component.
  • Bottom - all precipitation and solid particles collect on its surface. If the well is filtering, then you can do without it.
  • Pump - designed to pump out excess water, if necessary.

What is needed

If you want to make drainage wells with your own hands, then you need to know what materials are suitable for this. Today, such structures are made of concrete rings (plastic containers), special pipes of different textures and sizes, gaskets, a hatch and a plastic bottom will also be needed.

DIY drainage

drainage system
So, the materials are prepared, the device is understandable, now we will consider the stages of the construction process. First you need to make holes in the main corrugated pipe, which will be a shaft, for connecting drainage pipes. Next, special rubber seals should be installed in these places and strengthened with bitumen. Now attach the bottom to the shaft and be sure to treat the joint with mastic for reliability. We will prepare a place for the well. To do this, inside the drainage ditch, make a sand cushion with the addition of crushed stone. Fix the bottom with concrete. Now you can put the finished base there. It remains only to fill it with sand and gravel, compact it, put a cement circle on top and close it with a hatch. So your drainage well is ready!


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