Wedding manicure with gel polish: fashion trends, photos

The most grandiose event in everyone’s life is a wedding! This day will be remembered for many years. They are especially anxious and thoroughly preparing for the day of the wedding of the bride. A snow-white dress, a flying veil, a luxurious hairstyle and fashionable wedding manicure - a wonderful image! Everything should correspond to one style, to be thought out to the smallest detail. After all, after years it will be so nice to view photos and see the most beautiful couple of newlyweds on them!


A little more than ten years ago, nail extension quickly broke into fashion. Girls sought to decorate and lengthen their nails to the maximum. The shape of the peaks, stilettos, sculpting, rhinestones, broths - all this, sometimes and at the same time, was present on thin girlish hands. But trends are changing, and in recent years, short, well-groomed nails coated with gel polish are in fashion. They look natural, natural. The color palette is diverse, manufacturers are trying to please the most avid fashionistas.

wedding manicure gel polish

Wedding manicure with gel polish is the best solution. Such beauty on nails will last more than twenty days. There is no need to tint and file, you can safely enjoy your honeymoon.

Classics of the genre

The ingenious invention of French fashion designers is French manicure. The nail is coated with a basic beige or peach varnish, and its tip is covered with white varnish. The look of the nails is well-groomed, aesthetic, but not striking. It was created in order to easily approach any outfit demonstrated by the model on the catwalk. After all, repainting nails in the pauses between changing clothes is very inconvenient.

Wedding manicure of the bride is very often performed in the form of a french. Of course, this is not just a white free edge, but a real work of art. The master can perform an intricate drawing on several nails. Actually, dazzling rhinestones will look on this day. Modest modeling also fits well into the concept.

wedding manicure photo

Gentle tones

In most cases, brides choose a dress and accessories in soothing colors. Peach, pink, champagne, light beige - the most popular colors for dresses. Wedding manicure with gel polish should fit into the image of the bride. Therefore, do not use flashy tones, too bright decor.

Romantic natures prefer pink, lavender varnish. Most often, floral motifs are used for decor. They are drawn with special thin brushes, complemented with pearls, beads, sequins. It turns out a festive design that lifts the mood. The bride’s hands will be in full view throughout the ceremony. The ring is a symbol of love and fidelity, the groom should put on only well-groomed fingers. After all, all the smallest details will be captured on memorable photos!

fashionable wedding manicure

Romantic image

This season in wedding dresses and accessories there is lace. Manicurists learned to apply it on the nails. It looks just great. There are stickers and films with lace patterns on sale that can easily be placed on a wedding manicure, made out of gel polish.

This design is especially suitable for lace skirts, veils, as if woven by a skillful spider. For a photo shoot, you can purchase a lace umbrella or wrap. Bright photos in the lap of nature will give the sea of ​​positive emotions to the newlyweds. And such a feminine and romantic lace manicure will definitely not go unnoticed.

A precious metal

The fashion trend of wedding manicure is the addition of gold and silver to the classic white color. First of all, the bride needs to decide which precious metal she likes. After all, mixing gold and silver is a sign of bad taste.

wedding manicure bride

If a girl prefers gold, then all accessories, up to clasps on shoes, must match the selected metal. White jacket with the addition of gold-colored decor is fashionable and stylish. A professional can depict rings on the nails of the ring fingers. The main thing is that the decor is not too voluminous and elaborate. After all, the image of the bride is tenderness and femininity.

Silver color nail decoration elements also perfectly complement the wedding manicure with gel polish. If the ceremony takes place in winter, snowflakes will fit well into the concept. They can be drawn in bulk on several nails. For the warm season, butterflies and flowers made in silver tones will be relevant. Shine and luxury of metal will add a highlight to the appearance of the bride.


Many girls prefer abstract designs on nails. An experienced craftsman with pleasure will realize an unusual drawing. It will turn out a very unusual wedding manicure. Photos will help to make a choice. You can combine several pastel colors: mint, beige, pale pink. This combination will add a little brightness to the image. Geometric shapes, lines complemented by rhinestones will look great. But it is worth considering that such drawings can only be applied to nails of medium length. For short plates, a classic jacket is more suitable.

fashion trend of wedding manicure


Wedding white manicure is the top of grace and perfection. It must be done very carefully. More recently, lunar manicure has come into fashion . The light base of the nail is highlighted in a different color and resembles the shape of a crescent. Hence the name - lunar! Fashionable women of the thirties chose this type of nail design. But over time, the trends changed, and they forgot about the lunar manicure for many years.

Brides give preference to moon manicure in this form - the main color of the nail plate is white, and the crescent is pink or gold. You can decorate in this way nails of any length, a manicure will look advantageous. The flight of fancy is unlimited here. Any combination of tones suitable for moon manicure.

Length is a delicate matter

Stylists say that the bride’s long nails look much better than short ones. They make the hand graceful, visually lengthen the fingers. And the choice of design options for such a festive manicure is huge. Modeling elements, scattering of rhinestones, pearls - on long nails you can create real masterpieces.

If the bride’s dress is not too elaborate, not strewn with stones and beads, you can focus on the wedding manicure. Photos of the master’s work must be carefully considered. Then it will be possible to quickly make a choice or come up with a decor on your own, having received inspiration from the works viewed. For a modest dress, a white jacket with a pattern of rhinestones will fit, which can smoothly transfer to fingers and a wrist. You rarely see such beauty, because it is a very painstaking work and a bold decision.

wedding white manicure

Beauty and practicality

Gel polish stays on the nails for more than two weeks. Therefore, the newlywed will not experience any discomfort and she will not have to spend precious time on her honeymoon going to the salon. The color palette is so diverse that you can get into a dead end. Listen to the advice of the master, because he already has extensive experience in working with brides. Discuss the design in advance so as not to spoil your mood on the eve of the wedding ceremony. Imagine, experiment, be beautiful and love yourself!


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