DIY rollt installation

Nowadays, many are interested in the question of installing roller shutters with their own hands. Professional installation is expensive, so people want to learn how to install on their own. Roller shutters firmly entered into modern fashion. They are installed on window and doorways, in arbors. Window is one of the variations of the blinds. Curtains have lost their relevance. Roller blinds attract people with ease of use. When they are raised, you can enjoy the view from the window. If necessary, they can be omitted, and shutters reliably protect from the penetration of daylight, as well as from neighboring eyes. Installing the shutter in the doorway will protect against noise and dust.

DIY installation


These elements have several advantages over curtains and other types of window decor:

  1. Perform several functions simultaneously. Decorate the room and also protect from sunlight and street dust.
  2. Great for homes with children and animals. If necessary, you can twist the shutters, completely freeing the window opening.
  3. A wide color palette allows you to choose any color.
  4. Easy to install by yourself. To do this, just follow the instructions. Installation of roller shutters does not take much time. This work can be done independently.
roller shutter nodes

Preparatory stage

Before installing the shutter on the windows, it is necessary to measure the window opening and decide how long the curtain is needed. It is important to immediately determine the color scheme.

It is necessary to carry out repair work on the slopes. It is important to know that it is better to carry out installation before finishing work, the same principle of work is observed when installing blinds on a doorway. When installing knots, shutters need to be accurate and accurate. These are the basic rules.

The key point when installing roller blinds is the type of installation. It can be installed directly in the window opening or on the opening itself. The second type of mounting is called the overlay. Based on the method of attachment, the final canvas size is determined.

roller shutter installation

What tools will be required?

Installation of window shutters requires some preparation. Special tools will be needed:

  1. It is necessary to prepare a drill.
  2. For work, you will need a screwdriver, bits.
  3. If it becomes necessary to cut the roller blind, it is better to use scissors for metal.
  4. It is worth preparing a marker in order to outline the attachment points.
  5. The construction level and tape measure are also useful.
  6. Do not forget about the hammer and screwdrivers.
  7. If the ceilings in the house are high, then you will need a stepladder to install the structure.

Nuances when choosing a type of control

Before choosing the type of control for the shutter, you need to study what it affects, as well as what kind of work you need to do before installation. Perhaps the features of the product during installation will be revealed. You need to be prepared for the fact that roller shutters with an electric motor require an electric cable to the installation site, as well as a switch in the immediate vicinity of the window.

installation nodes

What should be included in the package?

It is important to install the shutter according to the instructions. First you need to check the complete set of the product. You should count the details that come with the kit. Are included in the standard package of rollt:

  1. Box.
  2. Canvas with two guides.
  3. If pens were specified in the contract, then they must be present in the kit.

Fasteners are usually not included in the basic kit.

Where do the installation work begin?

You need to start work with a protective box. For this type of work you will need a drill. It is necessary to make holes, the diameter of which will be approximately seven to eight millimeters. These holes will be needed if surface mounting is to be carried out and fastening will go to the opening. If the installation is built-in, then the fasteners will be near the upper flange.

roller shutter installation units

If a person chose roller shutters with an electric motor, then you need to drill a hole in the back of the window box. This configuration is necessary for the output of drive parts.

How is the markup for installation of roller shutters?

During installation, holes must be made. Their diameter will be eight millimeters. Holes are usually drilled in guides as well as in the wall.

Holes need to be done, after ten to fifteen centimeters in advance from each edge of the guides. Others are indented a little more, not higher than forty centimeters.

How to assemble the frame?

Under the frame is usually meant a box. It comes with side covers. Guide rails are also included. It is recommended to install guide devices in the covers if there are no flanges on the tires.

The frame should be attached to the window opening. It must be trimmed with the help of a building level. For these purposes, you can use a construction plummet. The frame should be symmetrical with respect to the window.

Through the holes it is convenient to make marks for fasteners. It is necessary to make sure that the frame fits snugly against the window opening. If there are gaps, then they should not be more than five millimeters.

How does the frame mount?

The wall needs to be drilled at selected points. If the choice fell on a roller blind with an electric motor, then the frame will have to be removed. The wall should be drilled through. As a result, you need to output the electric cable. It will be convenient to fix the structure using self-tapping screws.

The next step is to check the level. It is worth calculating the difference in lengths along the diagonal. These values ​​are measured based on the extreme points of the guides. The obtained value after subtraction should not be more than two millimeters.

Basic installation guidelines

It is necessary to install roller shutters in the grooves of the guides. It will correctly install the canvas in the mounts from the rear panel. It is installed from top to bottom.

There are roller shutters with a spring-inertial mechanism. In this case, the installation has its own nuances. The spring must be tensioned first. To do this, rotate the drive shaft clockwise. The spring will twist. Based on the dimensions of the canvas, we can say how many shaft revolutions are required. For example, if the height of the shutter does not exceed one meter, then three turns will be necessary. When the height of the canvas varies from one to two meters, you will need to make five turns.

It is important to fix the mechanism with brackets. Traction springs can be hidden in the longitudinal holes of the shaft. When a person removes staples, you need to fix the shutters with your free hand. After these steps, you need to check how the shutters work. The canvas should fold easily. It should rise smoothly, while fully curled. If necessary, the spring and its tension can be adjusted by hand.

installation rollt hands

The next step is to fix the stoppers that fix the shutters. They should serve as limiters when lifting the canvas. After this, you need to put the front wall of the box in place. Holes that appear during installation can be hidden using decorative plugs.

The nuances of classic roller blinds

Many are interested in how the installation of roller blinds occurs. This type of blinds is usually installed on a wall or ceiling. This type of curtain is suitable for those people who want to close windows of a non-standard shape or large window openings.

The only drawback of this design will be that you can not open the window with the curtain down. Many for convenience hang shutters on a window sash. In this case, it will be convenient to open the windows without moving the curtain. You can find special mounting brackets on the market. Their main plus is the mounts. You do not need to drill holes under them. Plastic windows will remain intact.

Many manufacturers of plastic windows give a guarantee on their products. When a person drilled a window for installing curtains, the warranty will automatically be removed, since the integrity of the double-glazed window is violated.

When it is planned to hang roller blinds on the wall, you should find out whether the stucco will withstand the installation process of the shutter. If the coating is old, then it may crumble. To check the condition of the coating, you can tap on the wall. If the sound is deaf, then there is a high probability of destruction of the upper layer during operation.

Features mini-roller shutter

The mini-roller shutter has a tube diameter and the mechanism itself is smaller than in standard type roller blinds. Manufacturers provide for the installation of this type of roller shutter on a window. The curtains will be held on hooks that, when attached, do not need holes in the window. Now for installation of curtains it is not required to drill a frame. It is important to install shutters on a window in an upright position. You can check the position with an alcohol level. It is not recommended to install the curtain at an angle. In this case, it may curvaturely curl. Tissue blocking possible. She may crumple.

Many are attracted by the fact that a roller blind without drilling can be independently installed in fifteen minutes. For installation, only adhesive tape and clips are required. All of the above is included in the package of curtains.

DIY rollt installation

The mini version of roller blinds can be installed on plastic windows. Installation on wooden windows is also possible. This curtain option is convenient to hang in the kitchen, balcony. They are great for a children's room.


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